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  1. madeph

    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    is it january yet??? ........ Ann and Ken again! yayyy!! too bad Ken is married. boooo-uuurnnsss
  2. madeph

    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    i'm still giggling over episode 11! lol Mart and Ann are sooo good together! the shooting and stuff happens in episode 12, i think. My mom thinks Mart is going to die and Ann has a miscarriage. :( I hope not.
  3. madeph

    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    i second..third..fourth..or whatever the idea of Tik and Ann!! I don't know what's the hold
  4. madeph

    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    i know! i want ken and ann to do a real kiss! he's done it with Janie so many times...not fair! lol i didn't go through the entire thread but did anybody notice Mart was like cupping ann's butt when he tossed her onto the bed during the raping scene. i just thought that was funny. I'm sad that...
  5. madeph

    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    LOL his lips latched onto hers realllly well! who said it wasnt real??! I love Ann because she's not afraid of that kind of stuff and actually agrees to kiss in numerous lakorns, and boy, for a second or two she was kissing him back. Mart had lip gloss on him afterwards. :lol:
  6. madeph

    Ken Theradeth:Ken-Theeradej

    wowwie!! :drool: i think he has the hottest biceps in the biz and it seems that he's getting hotter as he ages. I was hoping for more pics as i scrolled down, tinah. :lol: thanks!!
  7. madeph

    Kongjuk Lai Dork Bua

    awww. i've missed Joy!!! I'm in an Aum-mood right now since i just finished Thee Tetra Koon. :wub: one more month!!!!!!
  8. madeph

    Pleng Din Klin Dao

    I would have to disagree with you, Rainy. I don't think all of Noon's lakorns are oscar-worthy but she has done pretty good ones. She's a very complete actress and her talent shines through depending on the types of roles she gets. All celebs get bad and good roles. From the ones you pointed...
  9. madeph

    Rahut Risaya (PolyPlus)

    i think they missed that detail, sarN. They should have someone like you to look over the movie before airing it. :lol: and that woman with Biya looks like the woman who always play a bitchy mother in lakorn. It's frightening to think she might be his gf. *shivers*
  10. madeph

    cee and amy

    i'll join the club of cee and amy! :) i went through the pics and is it me or did Amy get prettier compared to a year ago? They're not afraid to show off their relationship and i absolutely love it! :wub:
  11. madeph

    Fah Hin Din Srai

    it's worth the watch...for me anyway. :wub: if you like easy going drama then this is a good one. i loved it and 32 episodes was perfect. and there are lots of jib and pai scenes, as well as oh and amy.
  12. madeph

    X Piya [not for the lil kids... again]

    he is very good eye-candy, but his voice bothers me. it's WAY too deep but he is a guy so
  13. madeph

    X Piya [not for the lil kids... again]

    wow...weird....i would have never thought. i dont think there's anything wrong with this shoot at all. This is SOO much more artistic than the Utt one. *hihe* he has a gorgeous body though.
  14. madeph

    Joy,Vicky,Khem on "Poying.." talkshow

    i LOVE Joy and Vicki! i'm so happy to see those to girls back onscreen. To me, they're so much better than some of the newbies nowadays. i dont understand why theyre not doing more lakorn.
  15. madeph

    Celebrity Fund-Raiser

    who decided to pose for this? for a very brief second there i thought that was Cee.
  16. madeph

    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    i've never seen the other two versions of it but i'm PSYCHED to know that Ann and Ken has a new lakorn together and it's going to be something of this nature. I hope we get to see this early next year. <_<
  17. madeph


    To be honest, i don't think Jui look that old for her age. She may look more mature but not old. Granted, im a huge Jui fan so i'm being bias. :rolleyes: i think she's 23 actually. ^_^ There's a lot of celebs who look either much younger or older than their proposed age. I just look at how...
  18. madeph


    I seriously i had a mini heart attack when i read it, but then i realized it's April Fool's day. Good one, guys! <_<
  19. madeph


    do you guys have a good animation program that will make import/open wmv files to make movie animations? Jasc was suggested but it doesnt open wmv files. :(
  20. madeph

    Kom Kohn

    yeah..Dan can't sing...neither can Jui! :lol: i'll give her credit for trying since the song was kinda hard to sing, especially when you're a girl trying to sing a guy song. ahahaha