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    [Ch7] Hak Lin Chang (Pasangyasorn) : Louis Hesse / Stephany Auernig/ Maggi Apa

    Stephany Auernig and Louis Hesse will be starring in the remake of Hak Lin Chang. Pete Thongchua starred in the previous version with Linda Gross. This will be action/ drama. It's about a former undercover cop who agrees to go undercover again to investigate the murder of a famous businessman's...
  2. krisayaporn

    [CH7] E'Pring Khon Rerng Muang (Nino Brother) : Jakjaan Akhamsiri

    อีพริ้งคนเริงเมือง   This is a remake lakorn from many many years ago. The previous version starred Mai Charoenpura as E'Pring. The storyline is set during Rama VII-VIII and World War II so around 1930-50s. N'ek is quite a raeng character. The lakorn is about her life journey from a young girl...
  3. krisayaporn

    [Ch7] Kard Cheuk (Dida Video Production)

    "Kard Cheuk" new lakorn from Dida Video Production.   It has two couple. Main couple is Es Jakkaja(pairing from Suer Sa Ming).   Supportung Couple รis Mik Thongraya and Bow Malada(Newbie)   and Big Krissada, I guess him as villain.