chris wang

  1. aikoden

    Chris Wang is a Father

    Taiwanese actor/singer Chris Wang who is known as a former host for King of Adventures, and starring in The Fierce Wife, Love Family, Inborn Pair, etc... is a papa!!!!!!   sdlfkjklsfalksdjfkljflakdfjldsjfsdkalskj;faksd!!!!!!!!!!!   Call me late but I seriously didn't even know he was dating his...
  2. fun

    [Taiwan] Aim High (SETTV)

    Title: 22K夢想高飛  Pin Yin: 22K Mèngxiǎng Gāo Fēi English title: Aim High Genre: Dreams, Modern Director: Xǔ Pèi Shān Screenwriters: Wú Xiàng'ēn, Lín Yǔ Chén, Féng Bó Dì Episodes: 22 Broadcast Date: October 24, 2014 - March 20, 2015 Broadcast Days: Friday Replacing: Pleasantly Surprised           ...
  3. fun

    [Taiwan] Love Family

    For the past 4-5 weeks I went back to watch Twdramas, the ones that exceeds 50 episodes. This had 73 altogether. I actually like these long series even if it does drag, and sometimes it drags a lot yet I keep going for them.    Again it had a nice start, good middle but towards the ending, I...
  4. aikoden

    [Tawain] Inborn Pair (SETTV)

    True Love / Inborn Pair   starring: Chris Wang & Annie Chen     Two strangers, who never had much luck in the love arena, found themselves betrothed by their families. Figuring they will never find true love, they agreed to the arranged marriage. They bickered throughout their marriage. But...