1. Princesa

    Always until the End (Klin Kasalong Fanfic the unofficial Klin Kasalong Part 2)

    Chapter 1 Rassaya weaved through the crowd, never letting go of her purse though it dangled under her arm. Wisps of hair hit her face. “Come on just a bit longer,” she heard Kristina say. Fire filled her throat and she stumbled. “Can we just rest a bit, it’s not like the guy is going to rush...
  2. ImQueen

    Re-Life: Promise Not to Love Again (JJ&Taew)

    Disclaimer: I am not a historian, so the story may contain false history records and information for the purpose of enhancing the story's plot. I highly encourage you understand that some of the historical facts are inaccurate and does not represent the real histories of the countries involved...
  3. oodrishsho

    Frozen Love (NY fanfiction)

    She is known as the ice princess. He is known as the cold-hearted devil. What will happen when the two of them are forced into a marriage of convenience? Can love bloom in two frosty souls? Or will they remain frozen forever? Starring Nadech Kugimiya as Kairan James / Kai Urassaya Sperbund as...
  4. nikki1786

    Man I Slept With

    Synopsis: Carlos married Sam to save her from the 'supposedly fiance'. She was a childhood friend, a best of friend and he respects her for that. But he didn't expect that she would give up herself to him during their honeymoon. But after that night, he needed to leave her because of his work...