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  1. fun

    Good Times

    I finished this in three days. The female lead is very likable oppose to the lead male. I was quite disappointed with Hu Ge's character. The romance was included only at the last 3-4 episode but the buildup of their friendship was really nice. I just didnt like it how he jumped so fast into...
  2. fun

    [Mainland] Niravana in Fire

    How is there not a thread for this!
  3. fun

    [Mainland] Ballad of the Desert

    Starring: Hu Ge Liu Shi Shi   English title: Ballad of the Desert Final casting has yet been finalized. Forget prince charming and fictional Thai pra ek, I want my Huo Bu Qing!!!
  4. mRs.BiE

    [Mainland] Chinese Paladin 3 ICAN'T BELIEVE THAT THEIR COMING OUT WITH SEASON 3!! to those who are confused... Chinese Paladin is a drama series that is based on a game... i think there are 3 "sequel" to the game and the crew decideds to do the 3rd instead of the 2nd sequell... so...