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    [ONE31] Nee Sanaeha: Ice Paris / Noona Nuengtida / Nus Nussaba / Pete Thongchua

    There's a post in Pantip listing down all the ongoing and upcoming projects of One31, and I came across this: I haven't found anything about "Sunset Sunrise", but I saw some posts from @artexact in IG (who's said to be directing this drama) He has a post with Lilly, with the hashtag...
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    [ONE31] Bad Genius The Series (GDH559 / Nadao Bangkok): June BNK48 / Jinjett Wattanasin / Nana Sawanya / Ice Paris

    The series version of the box-office hit "Bad Genius" airs next year over at One31. The director will be the same person who directed Project S: Skate Our Soul. Photos of the rest of the cast: