janine chang

  1. aikoden

    [Mainland] A Weaver on the Horizon

    Title: 天涯织女 / Tian Ya Zhi Nu Previously known as: 衣被天下 (Yi Bei Tian Xia) / Clothing the World Also known as: 神話織女 (Shen Hua Zhi Nu) / Mythical Weaver Genre: Romance Episodes: 36 Broadcast network: NNTV Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-14 Air time: 20:30 cr:dramawiki  
  2. aikoden

    [Taiwan] You Light Up My Star

        cr: dramawiki
  3. Coca

    [Mainland] The Four

    I don't know ,, when this drama on air but I want all friend know that GUI GUI will become play this drama also I hope that it will on air soon
  4. aikoden

    [Movie] A Moment Forever

    This is Peter Ho & Janing Chang's third time working together. :D :D :D  This time though, it's a movie!   credit dramapot.  http://www.dramapot.com/2013/0705/peterhojaninechang-newmovie/       It's set to air sometime next year of 2014.
  5. aikoden

    [Mainland] Le Jun Kai

    Peter Ho and Janine Chang reunites for the second time for this drama.       credit viki   It's currently on-air!   Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlI38xHW4Vc credit: havudong
  6. aikoden

    [Taiwan] Real Love Please Ring the Bell Twice (CTS)

    credit:  dramawiki
  7. PhoneO_5

    [Taiwan] Sunny Happiness

    Xiang Yun Jie (Mike He) is a manager of a hotel who somehow ends up marrying Fang Yong Yong (Janine Zhang), his employee, through a contract marriage. She helps Yun Jie when his 8-year old son suddenly appears into his life. Also starring Li Yi Feng as Xiang Yun Chao  
  8. aikoden

    [Taiwan] Black & White (PTS)

    This drama just started airing and i have to say so far i'm enjoying it.. I lost interest in Vic for quite some time already but this drama made me hooked on him again .. lol.. here's the synopsis.. credit to viikii.net Pi Zi and Ying Xiong are two cops who are as different as day and night...