kem hussawee

  1. Ntsuab-Ci

    [Ch7] Soh Wari (Ninobrothers): Kem Hussawee/Mookda Narinrak

    Looks like Kem and Mookda are confirmed! Thai spelling is: โซ่เวรี c as tagged Summary in Thai if anyone wants to translate, it'd be greatly appreciated! "สองครอบครัว ในธุรกิจโรงแรมระดับประเทศ แก่งแย่งแข่งขันกันมาตั้งแต่รุ่นปู่ จากมิตรกลายเป็นศัตรู...
  2. A

    ❤️[CH7] Hua Jai Look Poochai (Media Studio): Now Tisanart / Kem Hussawee

    Not sure what the drama is about, but I saw on Instagram that they've started filming (or imaging) so I thought it'll be a good idea to start a thread. I don't usually watch Ch7 dramas - in fact I only have a couple of Thai dramas under my belt - but I think this pairing is simply too beautiful...
  3. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    [CH7] Dtrakruat Tohn (Coliseum) : Kem Hussawee/Noey Paphada/Hone Thanatorn/Jammie Panichadar

    [CR: Channel 7 Drama Society IG] Didn't see a thread for it, if one exists let me know so I can merge.
  4. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    [CH7] Hiso Sa Orn (Mediascene): Maggi Apa/Kem Hussawee

    Is anyone else watching this? I love childhood love stories and addicted to this one! Maggi doesn't really fit the role, but still adore her. The ratings for this is killing all lakorns on air atm lol. Today's episode for episode 19 was 6.8.