lego li

  1. aikoden

    [Taiwan] Love at Seventeen (TTV)

    Starring: Lego Li as (He Hao Yi) & Nikki Hsieh as (Ai Li Si) Who's watching this one? *waveshand* There's only 2 eps out so far but oh goodness, Lego's character is adorable~~. I loved the misunderstanding between his character HaoYi and AiLiSi in the beginning. Anyways...
  2. fun

    [Taiwan] Aim High (SETTV)

    Title: 22K夢想高飛  Pin Yin: 22K Mèngxiǎng Gāo Fēi English title: Aim High Genre: Dreams, Modern Director: Xǔ Pèi Shān Screenwriters: Wú Xiàng'ēn, Lín Yǔ Chén, Féng Bó Dì Episodes: 22 Broadcast Date: October 24, 2014 - March 20, 2015 Broadcast Days: Friday Replacing: Pleasantly Surprised           ...
  3. fun

    [Taiwan] In A Good Way (SETTV)

    When it ended, I started episode 1 and thank goodness I waited. Waiting 6 months for a drama to finish would kill me. This is so good. I finished 4 episodes in one night so far. I personally like this more than Reply 1994 and 1997.