1. pinkdisney32

    [A Royal Series] Jao Ying Tasanee: A Royal Selection (Ch 3.1 Up! 6/25/14)

      [A Royal Series]    Jao Ying Tasanee: A Royal Selection [Part 1]   Written by: candylover32 [aka pinkdisney32]   *Author's Note/Comment: The following material is fictional based. All names and places are made up and/or are actual Thai names. This fanfiction was inspired by "The Selection"...
  2. S

    sudsapda going on 30th Collection 2012

  3. S

    Scarred Heart (Roy Plae Nai Hua Jai) UPDATED-CH.3

    Only a chapter or two left of Poo Dee Gammalor. Going to put Soi Haeng Rak on a hold because I find it kinda hard to write because the storyline involves time traveling. Like most of you here, I miss Ann/Ken and ATEAM in action so it inspired me to write this fanfiction. Hope you enjoy it...
  4. D

    From Paul To Sritrung - Chapter 2 up

    OMG I am so :heart: this couple so can't stop thinking about them. :coverlaf: