oom eisaya

  1. Koy123

    [CH3] Khoi Hug Jao (Love Drama): Krating K / Oom E / Namfah T / Joonior K

    Krating and Oom will take the lead in this lakorn that takes place in the province. Other casts are Namfah Thunyaphat, Joonior Kajbhundit, Ying Anada, and Tae Chayapat. Credit to: https://www.thaiupdate.info/krating-oom-ch3-new-drama/
  2. Koy123

    [CH3] Keb Pandin (Paujinjong): Pon Nawasch/Oom Eisaya

    Credit to rightful owner
  3. xdanavelvetx

    ❤️[CH3] Kaew Klang Dong (Raklakorn): Oom Eisaya & Mai Warit

    I remember that were a thread for this lakorn but I can't find it anymore. So I decidied to create other one. I'm so happy that Oom and Warit are pairing up. I love their chemistry in that lakorn with Mew. At first I wasn't fan of the storyline but now I'm kind excited to see this. I can't...