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  1. Alice

    Pope Thanawat Praises Ploy is His Type of Girl

    source from daradaily  http://www.daradaily.com/news/38529/read/   anti-fans reckon Pope/Ploy is the next koo-jin    Mew Nittha announce at her latest event with P'Pope @S&P 40th Anniversary that she already has a boyfriend so fans can stop coupling her with P'Pope  now Pope says he adore Ploy...
  2. Alice

    [Ch3] Sapai Jao (Broadcastthai)

  3. aikoden

    [FF] Tung Tung Tee Roo (Although I Know)

    Oh my dear goodness, I've been away from the FF for a while.. but I found my old Mteam FF over at Mteam forum lol.  Never completed it but.. I think I'm going to finish writing it now since I recalled my storyline.  hopefully *crossesfingers*  It's like 2 years old...   I based the title off of...
  4. Alice

    [Ch3] Ruk Ok Rit (GOOD FEELING)

    credit thanks to Thip@spicyforum http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/17819-ch3-unknown-title/   I'm excited congratulate on their 2nd lakorn but I'm sadden they deserve a better company not GoodFeeling    my prediction Pope will be meeting Ploy next
  5. Alice

    Pope Thanawat&Mew Nittha (CHEEWITRAK Vol.32 no.1594 April 2013)

    credit magazinedee
  6. Alice

    Pope Thanawat (C.LIFE MAGAZINE Issue 12 April 2013)

    Credit: FB:C.life Magazine and picpost
  7. T

    Even if the Sky Tumbles (Tau Hai Fah Pung Salai) - CH.9 [27APRIL2013]

    Well, here goes nothing. I'm not perfect. I make mistakes so please forgive my spelling and grammatical errors. Hope you guys enjoy this.     Tau Hai Fah Pung Salai (Even if the Sky Tumbles)     Starring: Kimberly Voltemas Mark Prin Urassaya Sperbund Nadech Kugimiya Mint Chalida Mint Natwara...
  8. P

    The King of Hearts

    Something new...Something different...There's a lot of Yadech FFs here so I decided not to add to it. One of my previous completed was   Yadech so I want to try something new and...hot? I dunno. My previous unfinished FFs on my other account are gone. 1) I couldn't log into my  ...
  9. S

    Soi Haeng Rak (The Necklace of Love) *UPDATED CH.1*

    Soi Haeng Rak (The Necklace of Love) Genre Historical, Romance Cast First Generation: Ploy Chermarn as Princess Saengkham Rome Patchata as Prince Adithep Chompoo Araya as Princess Areeya Om Akkapan as General Ekkarat Pope Thanawat as Direk Second Generation: Aom Sucharat as Manee Ken Phupoom...
  10. S

    Poo Dee Gammalor *COMPLETED*

    Poo Dee Gammalor (Fake Poo Dee) [POSTER CREDIT TO PHONE0_5] Cast Yaya Urassaya as Airin, the stubborn and feisty tomboy who is Airada's younger sister Barry Nadech as Wiwit, the charming playboy who is Wanrop's younger cousin Kim Kimberly as Airada, the sweet and mature older sister of...
  11. Alice

    [Ch3] Rattanawadee (LakornThai)

    http://th.wikipedia....%B8%97%E0%B8%A2 2nd part of Prissana pra'nang Pope and Matt don't know how much i can trust this source
  12. L

    Chocolate Sood Tee Rak (Chocolate Love Recipe)

    This one is inspired by Noona's MVs "Only You" and "Hai Jai Kow Gaw Yung Raw, Hai Jai Auk Gaw Yung Jum". I thought Noona and Mark looked cute together so this idea then came to mind. I had to write it up before I forget so here ya go. UPCOMING and I will post after I finish Fad Tarng Pope and...
  13. C

    No Strings [Ch 1]

    Hello everyone. I have a fanfic I wanted to share. The fanfics stars some of my favorites. I ship Mark and Toey together and with anyone else. I don't know what the fans who ship them together call them by, but I kinda like JaRin. Hope you enjoy it. ---Cloudie Title: No Strings Genre...
  14. C

    [Ch3] Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Broadcast Thai) : Pope Thanawat / Bella Ranee

    credit to Shampoo @spicyforum.
  15. Alice

    [Ch3] Samee Tee Tra (ThongEntertainment)

    ช่อง3 ได้บทประพันธ์ "สามีตีตรา" ถ้ารีเมคคิดว่าใครเหมาะกับบท กะรัต และ สายน้ำผึ้งคะ ฉากนี้แรง เชือดเฉือนกันได้ถึงพริกถึงขิงมากๆ ทราบมาว่าตอนนี้ช่อง3 ได้บทประพันธ์เรื่องนี้มาแล้ว คิดว่าใคร เหมาะกับบท "กะรัต" และ "สายน้ำผึ้ง"คะ กะรัต-หม้ายสาวหลายสามี เปรี้ยว วีน เหวี่ยงและแรง ไม่ยอมใคร...