1. maimyang

    [Song] “Love” by Jana Kramer (2014)

    I hope one never stops believing in Love. This music video to the song is great.. it shows love, not only romantic love between couples. But love between family members like mother and daughter. Love between nations. Love for others another race, ethnicity, age, social class, and so forth...
  2. S

    What Thai song are you currently listening to?

    "What Thai song are you currently listening to?"  
  3. lubsiab08

    Bollywood in different language

    Found some videos Bwood in several languages, do share more if u come upon. Let's see how far Bollywood or Indian entertainment reach the world. Enjoy this topic! :)   Bollywood songs in Khmer  ...
  4. lovestar

    What's this song??? the melody @ 6:40 the melody @ 6:03 i've already asked in the sixth sense...
  5. C

    Translation help!! Is it a lakorn or a boran song?D;

    Hey guys, I need help. I am so grateful if you can help tell me what it means or if you know it's a show or movie. Can you also tell me what the actresses or actors are if possible?:D Please, anything will be fine ;-; I just would like to know what the song means in English so that I can have an...