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    Silver Lining [Yadech] Ch17.2 UPDATED 12.9.13

    *Yes I know I have 2 other FF but I can't resist writing FF's. This time I am writing a Yadech story. Enjoy na, I promise I'll update my other 2 within this week* Chapter 1: "Mom, but I don't want to get married to a women I don't love," Nadech said politely wondering if his mom will say...
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    How Can Evil Fall In Love?

    How Can Evil Fall In Love? By: Rebeccaya Main Characters:   Mint Chalida Mint is a mean and jealous woman.  She's also very rich and fashionable.    Mark Prin Mark is a playboy.  He is also a kind man once you become his friend and he's rich.   Minor Characters:   Barry Nadech Barry is a...
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    Surprise, I Love You! - A 4+1 Superstar Fanfic--- COMPLETED

    Just a short little love story for Valentine's Day. Hope you guys enjoy it!   Surpise, I Love You! Surprise, Phom Rak Khun!   A 4+1 Superstar Fanfic   Starring: Yaya & Nadech, Kim & Mark, Margie & Boy, Taew & Mario, Toey & Ken P.   Summary   This year for Valentine's Day, the guys want to...
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    Im Sorry

    Im Sorry presents.. Mint Chalida Yaya Sperbund Aff Ann   Mark Prin Nadech Aum Ken   CHAPTER 1   All it took was 2 weeks.. I fell for him instantly. Everything changed after he told me that he had to go back to the Marine. 4 years he'll surely return. He said " no baby dont    cry, we can send...
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    Talay See Dum cover- Lisa & Pat

    *screams* This is totally too adorable! Just wanted to share to Thai music fans and Yadech fans Game Rai Game Rak fans, whatever! This is just soo adoarble I just had to post!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=x7WNaxkOmWc#!   No copyright intended!
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    Even if the Sky Tumbles (Tau Hai Fah Pung Salai) - CH.9 [27APRIL2013]

    Well, here goes nothing. I'm not perfect. I make mistakes so please forgive my spelling and grammatical errors. Hope you guys enjoy this.     Tau Hai Fah Pung Salai (Even if the Sky Tumbles)     Starring: Kimberly Voltemas Mark Prin Urassaya Sperbund Nadech Kugimiya Mint Chalida Mint Natwara...
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    love,passion to conquer it's heart (Ch10 Updated 5.19.13)

    PassionConquerA Fanfic Written By 2 Authors: Fantasic_27 & Cool:)       Mark Prin Suparat   Yaya Urassaya Sperbund   Noona Neungthida Sopon   Bie Sukrit        
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    Nothing is Eternal

    ©jjinxx Nothing is Eternal *Starring* Nadech as Athit Yaya as Sasithorn ** sneak peak “You’re doing it wrong,” she scolded. “Oh move over and stop being so bossy,” he rolled his eyes, making her drop her jaw in offense, “This isn’t rocket science. Only someone as clumsy as you would have to...
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    Unexpected Love ( Chapter 2 up! )

    * knock knock Mark: who is it? He shouts from the other side , being lazy & not getting up from his couch to check. Mint: it's me! Open the door , hurry its cold out here! Mark: okay okay! ( He opens the door , not blinking once. He looks up to Mints face and down to her feet. She was wearing...
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    The Marriage Contract [R-RATED]

    A/N: I haven’t written a story in ages so bear with me I need to get my focus :P but the story is planned out so hopefully this mean I won’t get writers block. It is R-Rated and if you read my other R-Rated FF you know I can get quite detailed… I will spoiler tag them so...
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    (Completed) DECEPTION & LOVE: Short Story: Romance, Suspense Genre

    Deception & Love Nadech = Prajak Yaya=Vimada & Nisa He grabbed me harshly and pulled me up towards him. His face hardened and now clouded with anger and darkness. I swallowed down my fear as I did not want him to know and give him the satisfaction of my weakness. This man who was my husband in...
  12. jjinxx

    Myth - One shot . complete

    We were chatting about Greek myths at Yadech.com -- I believe due to hanjieun30's ff title -- and there was a request for a myth fanfic. So here it is. I hope it is okay. >< Hades and Persephone was never told in a romantic angle, at least not that I know of, but don&rsquo;t you think the whole...
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    True Love?

    True Love? Preview: Enlarge this image Mint: What is true love? I don't know and don't believe in it. Once I did and I was wrong about it. I sure have never believed that there a such thing as true love. Mark: I believe that when it come to the one you love no matter how hard it is you'll...
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    Secret Love‏

    Mint and Mark know each other where since went the were little. They are like to best friends, Mark always talk about the girl he like to Mint. Mint have a secret that she never tell it to Mark. Chapter one Mark: Mint, who do you like?? Mint: Mark why do you what to know?? Mark: well because I...
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    A little love, A little music

    poster by phone_O5 thank you so much! Writer's note: hey guys so this is my first FF, excuse my bad grammar and punctuation.. hehe so this is going to be another yadech story, like pretty much yadech fanfic there is out there.. i hope you like it and tell me what you think.. ideas of story...