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Hello everyone, so this is my second Fanfic... I am still writing Our 1 Year Marriage, so don't worry ka. I heard many people didn't really like the chemistry between Mark and Mint's first drama Pathapee Leh Ruk, so i am going to write my version of it. Idk but i was just watching Thara Himalaya and got many ideas when i was watching the parts of the 3 brothers so i hope you guys enjoy. Bare with me na.

Pathapee Leh Ruk Or Pathapee's Love Trick
Credits to my BCF @Fantastic_27 All rigths reserved.


Mark Prin Suparat as Pathapee Adisuanrangsan (Din)

Mint Chalida Wijitwongtong as Chaaim Vongwainitsapkhunkit (Aim)

Nadech Barry Kugimiya as Akkanee Adisuanrangsan (Fai)

Yaya Urassaya sperbund as Ajjima Adisuanrangsan (Jeed)

Boy Pakorn as Wayupak Adisuanrangsan (Lom)

kimberly Anne Voltemas as Thipthara Wasuthep (Nam)

Aum Atichart Chumnanon as Phuwanate Wasuthep (Phu Ben)<<<---Optional

Kong Sorawit Suboon as Nat (Dr.Nat)

Maneerat Kumoun (Ae) as Pem

Gubgib Sumontip Leungutai as Milk (Mew)


sarNie Egg
Chapter 1:​

There she came running out of the Airport all happy taking of her shades, she took a deep breath "Home sweet home"​

She turned around and saw her father "DAD" she screamed out leaving her suit case and running towards her brother. She jumped into her​

brothers arm as her brother spung her around. She kissed her brother many times on the cheek. "Enoguh" he puts her down.​

Tonsai: You been gone to american for only 3 years and your still the same old baby i remember huh?​

Chaaim: even if i am a baby or a big baby, your still gonna love me.​

Tonsai smiled at her and hugged his sister again. "I'm glad your home na" Chaaim smiled to hear from her big brother again.​

Aim ran down the stairs, wearing a long dark blue skirt that reached her ann;e and a white muscle shirt tucked in her skirt and brown​

flats, with a straw hat, wearing her shades and a brown bag. "Ni Aim where are you going huh?" her mother stopped her. She turned around​

looking at her mother. "Uh&hellip;.Uh" her mother puts down her fork "Uh-UH-UH, what huh honey, come have some food"​

"Mai ka Mae, i am going out na"​

Pie: To where huh? (she said coming down the stairs)​

Aim: Out?​

Pie: To where huh? You only been here for a day and your not spending time with family huh?​

Aim: (she went to go hug her sister's arm) Kor Tor ka&hellip; But i really want to see my friend.​

Moke: Who?​

Aim: Uh&hellip;.Family Adisuanrangsan

Pie: (she smiled) Don't tell me you still have a crush on P'Din chai mai.​

Aim: Uh&hellip; Chan bai lao​

She lefted the house and drove off to the Adisuanrangsan's.​

Jeed was feeding the cows when she saw a women appear out of now where. "Kor Tor Na ka How may i help you"​

Chaaim turned around, she didn't know who this girl was, "Uh&hellip;..I'm here to see Khun Pathapee ka"​

Jeed: (She smiled) oh, usually he's at Taralin Resort but today he's here. He must be at his home eating. Would you like me to take you there.​

Chaaim: Uh. Ka​

Jeed: ka&hellip; SAK.SAK!!!!!!​

Sak: Kab Jeed​

Jeed: Please feed Fai's Cows na, i'll be back​

Sak: Kab Mrs.Adisuanrangsan​

Chaaim: Adisuanrangson, Uh family Adisuanrangson only has 1 daughter.​

Jeed: Kor Tor you don't know me, I am Jeed, Akkanee's wife.​

Chaaim: P'Fai Taeng Yan.​

Jeed: Chai ka, How do you know Fai.​

Chaaim: Gun Peun ka​

Jeed: Oh. Ka let's go na.​

She walked Chaaim to there beautiful blue house. Jeed walked in but Chaaim stood out side just looking at the house.​

Jeed: Come!!!​

Chaaim: Mai ka, I don't dare to go in​

Jeed: Bai ci, mai thong hau​

she went to drag Chaaim into the the house. "This is the living room, there out their eating i'll go get Din na" She hook her head Yes.​


Din looked up "what"​

Chaaim sat there on the couch "I can't do this, i need to leave" She got up from the couch and left the house walking out slowly looking at pictures then exits.​

Fai: A womem​

Jeed: Ka, she's sitting (she turned around and Chaaim was gone) Oww where did she go?​

Everyone from the table got up to see where she went "She is maybe outside" Lom said "Let's go" Din and the family went out the entrance.​

Jeed: Where are you going?​

Chaaim stopped "Owww i'm dead for sure" she whispered. "You said you wanted to meet P'Din"​

She turned around "Chan-" she paused when she saw the whole family including Mark. "Owwww" she turned around​

Lom/Fai/Din: CHAAIM​

Chaaim: Chan thy lao jing jing (she whipered to herslef)​

Din walked to her as he was 2 inches behind her. "What are you doing at my house huh? To tell me that you are really a lesbian"​

Chaaim got pure mad. "Chan-" she turned around and notice that both there nose were touching, looking into each other's eye's. Din loved her eye's​

it's been long since he had a relationship with his last girlfriend. She moved away from him, as Din snap out of it.​

Chaaim: I am not a lesbian, unlike you who almost got rape by Sala (she laughed)​

Din: Ni khun (he grabbed both her arms) Take that back​

Chaaim: Never​

Din: Take it back​

Chaaim: MAI!!!!!!!!!!​

Din couldn't do anything besides push her away. She smiled at her. Lom came up to Din putting one hand on his shoulder​

"Chaaim, how have you been huh?"​

Chaaim: Good.​

Lom: Where were you for almost 3 years huh?​

Chaaim: In america​

Lom: Why?​

Chaaim: To study the living of being a hotel management.​

Fai laughed and went up to put his hand on the bother side of Din's shoulder.​

Fai: Management. (Coughed) Din has a hotel maybe your can be his little worker chai mai​

Din: Ni Fai?​

Chaaim: Mai ka&hellip;.. I am going to work at my father's hotel.​

Din: Me and your father are good friends​

Chaaim: But me and you are not, i am going to make sure Mic Mike Valley gets to be thailand's number 1 resort.​

Din made an angry face at her, but she just smiled "A crazy person like you will never win"​

Chaaim: Watch me&hellip;. Bye na P'Din (she kiss this cheek)​

Din: Owwww Ni khun,​

Lom and Fai laughed there as off, Chaaim also did to as she lefted​

Din: You guys think this is funny huh?​

Fai: uh chai.​

Lom: good fan (He high-fived him)​

Din: I just got kissed by a lesbian. AWWWW!!!!!!!!​

He ran to the bathroom rubbing it off.​

When he looked at the mirror seeing his reflection.​

"Don't think i will ever let a crazy girl like you, to ruin my resort."​


Damn you're so good, I was laughing so loud when reading this, I like the lakorn the way it is, but i'm open to other versions as well.


sarNie Egg
Ep 2.

Chaaim: (She sat on the chair) Paw ka P'Din is such a- (Her mother blocked her mouth)
Mali: Dont even think of swearing
Chaaim: (she smiled) I wasent i was gonna say he is a impolite man.
Mali: Well honey (she went next to go sit to her husband Moke) You guys always hated eachother back in the high school years right.
Chaaim: Chai ka mae.....I cant believe i even liked him for so long. Uh Mae ja (her mother stopped her sipping) Pie Tonsai you ti nai?
Moke: There at the hotel ka.
Aim: Then.i will be going na
Her dad shook his head yes as Aim exits the house "We have one crazy daughter chai mai Mali?" Mali laughed "Chai ka"
The entire family went to go sit in the living Din sat fown making a big sigh while Faii n Lom were standing by the door "Fai ka i am going back to work na" Fai looked at his wonderful wife Jeed "No you should go have some rest na. You been working all week" Jeed pinched him "Im going" "Dai Dai rak khun mak na" Jeed smiled at exits the house back to the farm. "Honey why are so harsh on her huh?" Din looked at his mother like she was right "Mae ka shes worst then you think you know that she makes me wanna wanna" "wanna what" "Strangle her" Fai n Lom laughed "Strangle, Yeah right" Moments later Nam came in "Strangle who huh Din" Everyone looked at her and smiled and hugged her "how you been honey" her mother asked "Di ka Mae" she looked back at her brother "Who huh Din" "Chaaim ka" Nam was thinking "Oh Chaaim that""Lesbian" he got up and drove away to someonewhere. "YOU CRAZY BROTHER"
As Jeed was still at the farm she was coming down the stairs when she stopped half way n sat down thinking of Din being so harsh on that women
Din: Ni Fai?
Chaaim: Mai ka….. I am going to work at my father's hotel.
Din: Me and your father are good friends
Chaaim: But me and you are not, i am going to make sure Mic Mike Valley gets to be thailand's number 1 resort.
Din made an angry face at her, but she just smiled "A crazy person like you will never win"
Chaaim: Watch me…. Bye na P'Din (she kiss this cheek)
Din: Owwww Ni khun,
Lom and Fai laughed there as off, Chaaim also did to as she lefted
Din: You guys think this is funny huh?
Fai: uh chai.
Lom: good fan (He high-fived him)
-end if flashback-
Fai saw her she looked week. He went up the stair to where she sat and sat next to her putting his ark around her "Now whats wrong with my Jeed huh?" Jeed sigh and looked at him. "Why was P'Din so harsh to her" Fai smiled "Dont worry about them they been that way since high school" "How" "you wanna know" she shook her head many time wanting to know. "You know i cant say no to you chai mai?" she smiled at him.
Fai well it started when Chaaim and Din were having a compitition of hotel managment
-Flash back 11th grade-
Person: Everyone gather around i have big news for all if you guys.
As everyone gathered around. "Arai" Din asked
Person: I want to annonce to you that theres people in New York City are allowing a full scholarship to go visit the national hotel managment study hall and all those others stuff.....
Din: Pick me?
Chaaim: Pick me?
Both Aim n Din looked at each other with evil. "That full scholarship must be mine P'Sat" Aim and Din said at the same time to Sat.
Sat: Its base on a project. One of you need to come up with a great way to make.a hotel better how things can grow and be produced kow jai mai?
Chaaim: Di ka. That prize must be mines and only
Din: No must be mines and only
Chaaim: Chan
Din: Chan
Chaaim: Chan
Din: Chan
Sat: OOoOOwWWW to loud.... i need it by next week na.
-End of flashback-
Jeed: So this started by that so who won the prize
Fai: Din won

Jeed: And what did she do
Fai: She stole his project of hotel managment and claimed it her so Din went in empty handed.
Jeed: OWwww she seems to evil chai mai?
Fai: Chaaim is a very nice women its just Dib who makes her mad anywho after that day he spreaded a rumor saying she was a lesbian becuase he saw her sleeping with a girl and kissed her cheek.
Jeed: Oh.... so it started by Chaaim losing to the managment scholarship
Fai: Chai ka.

Fai: After a day from returing the project Din won the prize witch made Chaaim very mad she then started a plan to ruin


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^^^Whew...I was reading it yesterday and it was repeated...luckily you edited it...btw its getting good


^^^Whew...I was reading it yesterday and it was repeated...luckily you edited it...btw its getting good
Lol same......... Now your a mteam stalker lol Yay..... Do you get to changed your title up on top of your profile pic.