❤️[Ch3] Game Prattana (RakLakorn): Alek Teeradetch/Nychaa Nuttanicha


sarNie Egg
They do look pretty good together I feel like Alek really has good chemistry with most nangek he paired with! He looks good with Prang and Pat too.


sarNie Adult
They were super boring in their last lakorn. New and Prima stole the show lol I think they were sweet in Sapai Jao. Hopefully this one brings back the sparks they had in SJ otherwise I’m gonna be mad. I’d honestly prefer Alek and Prang reuniting instead of these two again though.
Those two were amazing and they had more chemistry.


sarNie Adult
Interesting it is Rak Lakorn Production, Did not they mostly do evening lakorn?
But I liked their previous lakorn and they did well!


sarNie Hatchling
i don't think there's going to be a kiss scene here...? with the covid prevention policy...
can someone please tell me if these two ever had a real kiss in that second lakorn of them together..? i didn't watched that one coz the plot seems not my cup of tea...