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This is an interview that MarkMew did on April 30th with china's QQ platform.

Question 1:introduce your character in this drama.
Mark: I play Tianwat, is an architect, he is strict and doesn't talk much because once he start talking, it would something harsh, he will start scolding others and give orders to work. He also have a decisive personality.
Mew: I play Muey, is an interior designer, she is a very optimistic, always smiling girl but also a person that always have a plan in her mind. She had a crush on P'Thien since middle school and so she kept flirt (chase) with Thien since then.
Mark: hahaha, I've never seen you flirt

Question 2: what is the difference in working together between Rak Nakara and this drama?
Mark: The difference is very big, because we barely saw each other in Rak Nakara, only like one or two scenes. This drama is our first time act as a couple.
Mew: the characters in both drama have different personality and goes in different way in the story. The only similarity is that I like Mark in Rak Nakara, and in this drama I still like Mark.
Mark: Yea, both are women hahaha. Like I said, this drama is more pure, fresh, cute, and there are many new sceneries.
Mew: Yes, will feel great, and happy.

Question 3: Difference and similarity between you and your character.
Mew: similarity maybe being optimistic and love to smile, difference would be Muey is very good at cooking, housekeeping, but I don't know these in real life.
Mark: Just practice slowly will be fine. for me, similarity? fierce? am I fierce? (Mew: very serious person from certain time) Yes, I am very serious when working and loves pets, there's dog and cat in this drama.

Question 4: Any fun or interesting thing happened when filming this drama?
Mark: I like going to Myanmar.
Mew: Yes, Myanmar and the gangs group shoots, very fun. there was also ordering food competition, do you remember?
MARK: oh yes, the competition, I wanted to say this, in the set when we have nothing to do unless it was time to film, we would play games to eliminate the boredom by having everyone to order food, can have the same type of food but cannot tell others what food you order. (MEW: and then see who order the most delicious food) it's fun, you guys can try it at home. (mew: right now?) Yes.

Question 5: This mew's first drama after married, do you feel any changes?
Mew: actually not much of a difference, just that there is one more person being around me. But working still the same, I keep doing my own work, he keep doing his work, we both have our own work, not much difference. This is my first drama airing after we got married, it will affect fans inputting themselves into the drama, will be more into Muey this character, because Muey is married as well, married with Thien.
MARK: yes,yes

Question 6: Which actor/actress you want to work with? or what kind of drama you would like to act in?
MARK: with who? I want to work with everyone (mew:think of someone you haven't work before) oh meaning who I still want to try partner in working? I want to work with Margie because I haven't work with her before. (mew: didn't work together before?) yea, not yet.
Mew: I want to work with Mario and James Jirayu, never work with them before. What kind of drama?
Mark: I want to act hmm... Margie should be comedy drama, I don't think it would work if its dramatic, she is a very refreshing, clear looking person.
MEW: I want to act as a murderer or characters that are more complicated. (mark: ohh, you want to do action film?) No, no, no, (mark:don't want to?) nooooo (mark: tiring) I can't do it just by thinking of it.

Question 7: MARK went to China last year to film show, how do you feel about it?
Mark: Very happy that China had very good respond to our Thailand drama and films, is a good thing. There were fans waiting for us and welcoming us at the airport, very cute. Hope Chinese fans will continue to like us and like thai drama.

Question 8: Chinese fans love you two a lot, what are some Thailand tourists attractions would you suggest to them?
MEW: Thailand? There are many tourist attractions and sites, if you go northern, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, nice weather, delicious food, would hope everyone can try some northern thai dishes. Where to go for southern of Thailand mark?
MARK: Chumphon, is a very colourful city, there is waterfall, if someone like quiet, would like this city, and it's near the ocean.

Sorry if I translated inaccurate, I don't know thai, I just translated based on the chinese subtitle.
oh wow I didn’t know it was a live interview. I thought it was just an article! Now that I got to see their reactions hahahahaha hahahha it’s even cuter!!! Awww my dream team!!! LOL :):icon12:


sarNie Hatchling
oh wow I didn’t know it was a live interview. I thought it was just an article! Now that I got to see their reactions hahahahaha hahahha it’s even cuter!!! Awww my dream team!!! LOL :):icon12:
Mew said she wants to work with JJ and Mario! They are the two that I want Mew to work with the most!!!! especially JJ since suparburoot!!:love:


Trapped in MueyxTian's World! ❤️
Let's discuss;

why does Thien looks a tiny bit melancholy/sad here??
I think he can sense something lonely. Just her eyes make him wonder why they never taken selfies before.

if you guys went back to look at the carriage scene where Muey was crying and voiceover, Thian looked really sad too. Like he he was gonna cry lol

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