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This poem uses older language, so it's a little more advanced. But I did my closest. :)

"ด้วยจิตอธิษฐาน แม้ว่ากาลจะผ่านไกล
อย่าคิดจะมีใคร ขอให้ใจถูกจองจำ
ชาตินี้พี่รักเจ้า เพราะโง่เขลาเชื่อน้ำคำ
ชาติหน้าพี่จะกำ หัวใจเจ้าเอาไว้ครอง"

With prayer, no matter how time has passed by
Don't let them have anyone, let their heart be tied/connected
This life time, I love you Because I was stupid to believe in words
Next life, I will keep (guard) your heart to keep as mine


This part, they just talk about how they will read this author's books in every life time (in the whole galaxy) lol because it is that good!


sarNie Coma
I look forward to ep12!! Hopefully there will be some sweet scenes! :p

I am not sure if there are longer synopsis of Ep. 12 given in thai but the one i read which was translated into chinese is longer. If I may... and hopefully that my chinese translation is good enough. it says...

Thien and Moei because real husband and wife after spending the night together

Poldetch and Yada appears in the couple's life again.

in the morning, Moei went to discuss with P' Ri about Poldetch wanting to meet Tian and decided to meet him (Poldetch).

After her conversation with P Ri, Moei went to the dining hall. Kaewfang sent a photo she took of Tian and Moei to her friends and they started gossiping; saying that Moei is having an affair with Tian. Moei appeared as if she was not bothered.

After that night, Tian changed as if he became a different person and sticks around Moei and becaused he missed his wife, he decided to look for her in the dining hall. He asked Moei to return to their room and was stopped by KAng and Toom. but to no success.

Mdm Sajee suspected that her son is in trouble and arrived in Dawai.

Moei, Ri, Mon were discussing about meeting Poldtech (and I think they meant that Mdm Sajee was also involved) but Tian was not allowed to go and they want to solve this issue by keeping Tian in the dark.

Moei became Poldetch's revenge bait / target and tied her arms and legs and warned about causing more harm (molest).

Yada warns Tian that Poldetch wants to kill him and Moei and Tian anxiously went to look for Moei.

Moei warns Poldetch that she witnessed him pushing Tian's car into the river in attempt of murder.

Tian connected and related back the incident and realized that Moei had saved his life. But he does not know the full story yet i.e that she was almost drown (I think that's what they meant about the full picture)

Moei used Tian's laptop and did something about removing emails from Poldetch's dad company ; (not very clear) and threw it into the sea to destroy all evidence.

Mdm Sajee learnt about the gossip and rumors circulating about Moei and also got to know about what happenned to Tian and Moei (their physical intimacy). She then ordered for Moei's belongings to be moved to her (Sajee)'s room and that Moei sleeps over at her room.

How will the story develop?.....
Thanks for sharing :).


Trapped in MueyxTian's World! ❤️

They doesn't show us this right, or am I missing this moment.
We've never seen this part. it was never aired. But the person who posted kind of joked about it, how p'Thian wanted to pick the flower (Muey) since ep3 because he was holding his private area and nodding at Muey. lol :p

I don't know if they'll show us this scene. :/ A lot of people are wondering too. :p


Can’t get out of Tian and Muey’s world
Do you guys really think Muey will go study abroad? I’m not feeling it. I don’t know if they would have time for that. Have there been pics of her showing studying abroad?
Idk they mention it too much like Tian says she can’t escape him and Muey’s like you can’t always keep me with you all the time


Can’t get out of Tian and Muey’s world
I can’t believe I woke up to all of this. It’s so overwhelming this hurts lmao I’m going to bawl. Ugh! Tian kind of deserves it though that jerk, but I can’t be mad at him. What a freakin twist I like this better than the novel (though I love the novel) I felt like novel Muey didn’t have the rights to herself like everyone chose it for her. Idk how to explain it.


Can’t get out of Tian and Muey’s world
The fact that this lakorn is going to make me hurt both ways ugh! Now I’m going to cry for both leads. Screw you lakorn world making me shed my tears :mad::BangHead: i can’t wait for the upcoming episodes. It’s going to be emotional.

and Tian needs a hug in the above pic! So does Muey even know that Tian followed her when he sent her to Tada and why he moved to Dawei (I know he was suppose to go there in the first place)


Can’t get out of Tian and Muey’s world
If they play that song reuang jing by sin singular when he cries or when he realizes he’s wrong, I’m going to freakin bawl my eyes out. Because when he ran after her and that song played, my heart felt for him I literally wanted to jump through my phone and hug him.