❤️[Ch3] Roy Leh Marnya (Maker J Group) Pope Tanawat & Bella Ranee


sarNie Adult
I think there is something wrong with the script writer head...LOL
Read somewhere script writer changed midway, that’s where all the irrational Nim and Aim came out. Aim was smart at the beginning without the boon koon and sibling symphaty, suddenly she changed to someone who wanted to save Nim?

CH3 really need to train their scriptwriter to keep up with time.


sarNie Oldmaid
This ended with a 5.3. I was hoping a 6 for Bella but that’s still awesome for Ch3. One of the first lakorns I didn’t tune into for my girl Bell. I don’t know, didn’t seem like my type of lakorn plus from some of the comments I feel like Waawa was really a main lead. I like Plerng Boon though but Janie was also one of my favs lolz. Sounds like Jai Rerng was a little better than Nim. Congrats to the team once again! Ch3 didn’t do too great this whole year but this and Mark’s lakorn didn’t do too bad in ratings for them 2020.



sarNie Adult
Considering this is at the end of the year getting 5.3 and rural folks to tune in is a bonus. Online views is surprisingly very high.


sarNie Adult
I stopped watching several episodes back when it became the All About Nim show. I tuned in for the ending and I see Nim still doing the same stuff. Should've known better with MakerJ. I can't think of a single lakorn of theirs I enjoyed all the way through. Hopefully Bella and Pope has done their time with Maker J and can move on permanently.


sarNie Adult
At least Pan Kaew was funny and human as a villain. Nim is just dull and the most irrational is having Aim put her in Aim house. God, she already slept with one husband, it went downhill from there.

They could’ve have expand on Aim and Ramil as event organizer and lawyer if they want conflict, but nope the ship sailed without much story.


sarNie Egg
I have to agree, I stopped watching when Aim was taking Nim back. I only watched the end to find out that Nim died -.- Anyways I felt like it dragged so much, they should have wrapped it up when Nim was about to commit suicide or after that somehow. The blindness and such got me annoyed so I stopped watching lol. Anyways Bua and Phet are so cute ugh! I wish hope they have another lakorn with them as the leads! Also when will Bella and Louis get one? lol they've been acting together in so many lakorn, they need one smh. so much chemistry but they never get together.


sarNie OldFart
Just finished this lakorn. The first half of lakorn was good, but 2nd half fell flat. Agreed that Nim scenes dragged and Aim’s blindness scenes was unnecessary. Pope and Bella got too comfortable with each other that I don’t see them as lovers, more like bro and sister. I don’t really feel the spark in here. Bella and Louis makes a more believable couple. The girls acting was good and Louis was great. Pope on the other hand didn’t really shine in here, he under performed a bit.