❤️[Ch7] Buang Sabai (Pordeecom) : New Wongsakorn/ Tubtim Anayarin / Green Atsadaporn


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It's likely going to be Tubtim and Pooklook. I wish Min and Pooklook were in this lakorn instead of Nang Thip since the characters are more challenging.


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About two lifetimes horror story, I am watching Rueun Payorn subbed on a facebook channel and my Win is not bad ! I watch it before sleeping and so far I am not bored. It is not perfect but it works for me. I hope Tubtim lakorn here will be even better :)


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People are often born with different fates. Like, Putjip the daughter of Khun Luang Date who has everything her heart desires. Different from, Kaew, a child born to a slave wife, Khun Luang refuses to acknowledge. A secret that is not really a secret, that causes Mae Im, Kaew's mother to be whipped to death. The slave daughter carries vengeance in her heart. One day, everything will become hers. Putjip ends up taking a lowly slave Nai Ming as a lover, and Khun Tape, the adopted son, who just came back from studying overseas, takes Kaew as a wife. All of the events would bring shame to the family and lead to tragedy. Putjip blames herself for being the reason, she uses her Sabai (Cloth) to hang herself at the Magnolia tree. Her spirit would become trapped and await with vegeance to clear her feuds.

Other leading girl will be Green Asadaporn


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Mon Dieu... Oh no I can't !! How does this shitty actor manage to get tons of roles wasted on him while ch7 is destroying Now career ? How ? Give the role to Es for f..k sake ! Ch7 needs to get their sh.t together !


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I hear that there's a lot of praise for Tubtim's acting even though it's just one episode in. But I can't really watch knowing that it's almost certainly going to be a bad ending for her character.