❤️[CH7] Ngao Boon (Kantana): Om Akapan/Pim Pimprapa


sarNie Oldmaid
So what is this about? I don’t see any synopsis.
You can find the summary here. Credit to Thippy. This is her blog.


sarNie Adult
Pim looks different here than the other lakorn that she did with num as the ghost... or is it just me. LOL. I like watching horror lakorns but i'll wait until there is more episode. I thought they were married already but i read the summary and they are gf/bf instead. interesting that they already matched up the couples. The hungry ghost are scary.


sarNie OldFart
It’s a rumor but the way she said things seems like it’s a possibility. She has her lakorn airing but haven’t heard of any other projects afterwards. Usually seems like when they don’t have any other projects filming they probably are. If she is that’s just keeps adding up all the Ch7 stars that left
Yeah, seems like she’s not getting that many projects and ch7 keep getting new actors in, it’s hard to complete with. Pim has improved on her acting so she’ll fit right in as a freelance actress. I think Min might be next, she doesn’t have any projects in queue.