❤️[GMM25] Girl2K (GMMTV): Aom Sushar / Off Jumpol / Toyy Pathompong / Utt Uttsada / Fiat Pattadon


sarNie Oldmaid
There are 5 shows left from the GMMTV 2020 lineup (including this) that's certain to air.

"A Tale of Thousand Stars" will air on 2021, and I can see this replacing "Tonhon Chonlathee".

I can see "Friend Zone 2" and "Wake Up Ladies 2" replacing the timeslots that "Hook" and "The Underclass" will vacate.

For this and "Oh My Boss", perhaps GMMTV can experiment on airing this on weeknights after the primetime dramas. Anyway, both Aom and Mook are familiar faces to primetime audience.