❤️[ONE31] Sai Lub Jub Klin (The One Enterprise / Bear in Mind Studio): New Wongsakorn / Marie Broenner / Jes Jespipat / Natt Aniporn


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I was so hoping to see Marie pair up with Jes. I don't understand why Jes have to be second p'ek. He did well playing p'ke role in "Taley Rissaya and in Cheewit Puer Kah Huajai Puer Tur."


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Looks like the initial feedback here is positive, if my basis would be the several threads just for the first 2 episodes in Pantip.

Off Topic: The Baifern drama (and to a lesser extent Layla, Thida Yak) is kinda "trending" there as well. The Baifern drama has at least 2-3 threads per episode.


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No full episode uploaded yet in the One31 YouTube channel, but I'm contenting myself with the clips for now.

Looks hilarious, more on Marie's character actually! Will they have shirtless scenes every episode? (And I guess New should have his own given that he's showing his bod off in his IG :cheer:)



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Ratings for Episode 1 and 2: 1.3 and 1.2, respectively

In comparison, these are the ratings of the first 2 episodes of the previous dramas that aired on the same timeslot (Fri/Sat 2045H/2030H)

Ruk Mai Leum (Oab/Camilla) - 1.1/1.1 (IG: @rakdaradotcom)
Kaew Khon Lek (Cee/Rome/Noona) - not available/1.8 (all-time high) (IG: @rakdaradotcom)

The previous 2 dramas both premiered on a Saturday.


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
The ending ost is ยอมแพ้ (Surrender) by lomosonic is releasing on the 19th.
The other ost is by Porsche Chalisa. I haven't figured out the title yet. :p :facepalm:


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Nielsen TV ratings (from @noomayadrama's Twitter page)

7/5 - 1.3
7/6 - 1.2
7/12 - 1.4/1.0
7/13 - 1.0
7/19 - 1.1
7/20 - 1.0
7/26 - 0.9
7/27 - no episode

I'm not sure why there are two numbers for the 7/12 episode. I didn't see any change in schedule during that day.