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방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Poor Porshe but I think it's about time he gets back to working out. I know that his body probably isn't fully ready to go back and exercise again but it'll be a good start to getting back into shape if he does it a little at a time. 
As for Amm, I thought he was cute and single when I first saw him in Leelawadee Plerng. I didn't even know he was dating, because he would always post pictures of him with either his nang'ake or other girls on his IG. I guess he's not as good of a guy like that I previously thought. I did find him annoying at one point. It was when Koo Wun Lun Pan Ruk had their opening ceremony and the boy was literally all over Kwan. It was so annoying. If I knew that he was dating then, I would of had found him to be somewhat unfaithful due to the way he was acting. I don't know. That's just my view on it. 


sarNie OldFart
Vimalee said:
Just read at Pantip Thai Forum that Khun Chai Kai Tong lakorn has to stop filming for one month in order for P'Ek Porsh Sarun to lose some weight.
Is this true?   I don't know much about CH7 actors or actresses, haven't watched any CH7 lakorns ever since they banned them on YouTube.
Yes, they told Vee too. 


sarNie Adult
Prakaidao said:
What's with all of Push's news lately, it's all over my newsfeed, but it's in Thai... =\
So from what I heard, Push invited some of his and Jui's fans to be extras while they were filming Game Maya. These fans weren't paid but there were also other extras who were paid to be there.
I don't know if this is important but somewhere along the line, Jieb, the director, said to the fans that they work even better than the paid extras.
Then there was a scene where they had to move to another location (??) and the paid extras were moving very slowly. So Push, with his microphone in hand, said "Those extras who are paid, please do something worth your pay." Apparently, he said it as a joke but the paid extras were offended.
Does all of Thailand hate him now?


sarNie OldFart
^No, all of Thailand doesn't hate him. Push still has a HUGE fanclub that will support him through thick and thin, so no worries for him. It'll pass. It always does.
Poor Push, though. Anyone who knows Push would know that he's such a goofball. He throws jokes all over, at people, with people, at himself. I wouldn't take it too seriously but then, everyone has their own version, interpretation, feelings, and opinions of things.

Edit: After watching the group of extras tell their story, you can tell that they're actually risking their jobs to stand up for themselves. It'll be very sad if they no longer receive any small jobs after this incident because we all know that to go against someone as popular as Push or a production like Jieb, it means doom for them. They're not gonna gain anything from holding this press conference to tell their sides of the story but hate and being blacklisted. Ain't no one gonna care if they ever see these extras on television again. So I actually think they're pretty genuine in their complaints. They just want a simple apology from Push in which they haven't received yet. Well, they said Push indicated an apology but it wasn't a direct apology. Haha. Oh, come on Push. Whether it was a joke or not, people's feelings got hurt in the end, so yes, you need to truly apologize for belittling them.

I think Jieb, Push, and the production crew were being bossy that night towards the extras. Thus, the jokes slash insults came out from Jieb first and then a production crew member, and then, lastly, Push. They should have never joked about something like that. I wouldn't have found it funny or taken it lightly either. It's just not something to joke about, period. I think the extras would have been fine if they were put on blast only once but thrice? Oh, no. That's too much. I don't mind that Jieb or Push praises their fans but please don't compare and don't say crap especially crap that deals with money. That's no longer a joke but mean below the belt insults. It's like 3Zaab, the way how they treat Lek isn't funny anymore. They're mean and rude. I think Push must have been high off the love of his fans like high and mighty that he went a little too far with his "jokes." I mean, Push used a microphone and said that crap. How embarrassing it must have been for the extras to have considered not taking their payments because of what the crap was said about them three times from three different people.

And what's up with the production calling them to apologize but Push hasn't? So in a way, maybe it may be a bit true that perhaps Push isn't really as jolly as he appears?! He should have personally apologize by now. I hope he's not having an ego or power trip right now. Lol

Anyway, life moves on. I hope Push reflects on this and leaned his lesson.
I hope the extras get what they wanted, a sincere apology from Push.


Mrs James Ma
Idk what happened. What Push said is a bit offensive to paid extras. I was his fan (Im bored of seeing him with those N'eks now lol) So I know he is a funny guy. He jokes always. I think he did not mean it.


`my dragon's blood is blue`
The extras said it wasn't the fact that he said something but it was the words he used that offended them. It didn't sound like a joke at all (to them). Push said he wanted to make everyone more lively and cheered up because everyone was already tired from the long hours of filming. But the extras were upset more than being cheered up. Some of those extras are his fans but now they don't like him. They have deleted the pics they took with him.

I don't understand why ppl are so rude to extras. I thought it was only in lakorns. How professional.


sarNie Egg
Apparently..Dj Push needs to grow up and become aware or the word "mature". I think he can become a manly man but as of right now I hate him and is very annoyed of him because I want to be honest here. You guys could hate me for hating him but I don't care. Dj push is getting on my nerves. Yes he is an actor but his popularity doesn't make him the king of the Industry that he have to announce rudely to those extra. I feel like he speaks without thinking. Judging from all of the sandals that he had in the past. I feel like he is not a great man after all. To me. He is like a kid who is hungry for attention. He will do anything to plead his fans even though if it means that he is unwilling to do so. Dj Push needs to learn from his mistakes and improve himself or his future of acting will be done. If he wants to stay in the industry longer than he better think before speaking and make better choice.


sarNie Egg
There might not have been a whole lot of truth to these allegations of looking down on extras if those extras where not willing to risk future jobs to speak out about his behaviour. He shouldn't belittle other people like that even if he was joking other people didn't see it that way and have made it clear that felt insulted should he be the better man and just apologise??? If he thinks he's too big of a celeb to say sorry than he deserves ppl to anti him. I am disappointed in Jiep the producer as well, would not have happen on an Ann T production.


sarNie Adult
Hmmm, well this is not going so well. There's always more than one side to the story and we'll never know the truth. He's trying to joke, and extras are offended. I'm not taking Push's side but to me the extras seems to be very sensitive, very unprofessional.

Well the hosts are still pretty rude on Alek's recent appearance, but were a bit more considerate. I don't know, I find it so rude and disrespected for Alek, they've been belittling him on a lot of his appearances. If it was an American show I believe they would've been called out already. I'm surprised that some "harsh" fans from Thailand hasn't commented on their rudeness, where are the "strong" fans when you need them, lol.


`my dragon's blood is blue`
Sometimes Lek does look very uncomfortable on 3zaap. I don't think the hosts intentionally hate him or anything though. They adore him enough to keep inviting him on the show. He's the only guest that has been on the show the most times. If Lek was really angry he wouldn't appear. I do however think the hosts can be a little insulting sometimes but I'm sure they've spoken behind the scenes and understand what's okay for Lek and what's not.


sarNie Juvenile
On 3zaap, I would laugh about the jokes they make about Lek. Not in a rude way, but because I see the jokes as an act of love. To show that they really adore Lek. Yes, I agree that sometimes the jokes go too far, but I don't see the show personally insulting/attacking him in anyway. To me, Lek just seems to take it in and laugh about it. I do feel a sense of "uncomfortableness", but I think he understands. I believe that in his heart he knows that they adore him. :) 


sarNie OldFart
i understand what everyone is saying...i'm very sarcastic and love to joke and through stuff around that it come off as offensive sometime when it's not, so I have to be very careful.
My family knows how I am and don't take offense....Though i learn I need to be very careful even with friends...unless they know me for a extremely long time and know that's my persona and don't take offense w/my jokes (taking verbal shots)


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10 Thai celebs with highest IG followers
1 Aum P
2 Chompoo
3 Boy Pakorn
4 Mai Davika
5 Woonsen
6 Ploy Cherman
7 Margie
8 Kim
9 Yaya
10 Mario

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