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Ahh ok. Thanks for the update.

Ok, so the next thing I’m gonna share is a short film with Pon and Fern, and omg I am loving them together. This was just released today, I’m not sure where to share it, so I’ll just post it here.

Awe, cute, but Pon’s character is . Will there be a part 2 to this shorts?
I’m not sure. I hope there’s a part 2, I felt like they just left us hanging because in the trailer, it shows that Pon meets Fern again when he gets off the train.
Oh wait! I just checked and I think the second half will premier on the 25th! Yay! http://instagr.am/p/B2whE95Aw5w/
yeah, I saw a clip them bumping into each other so I thought there’ll be a part 2. I thought Fern got married when they showed the picture of her dressing in a white dress towards the end.


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Matt has got a new lakorn with Nine ! Not bad. Hopefully she plays a role like in Fah Krajang Dao. I miss her playing roles like this


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Ahahaa the first thing i noticed was his username. Urassayas and Kugimiyas Not sure if it's a coincidence or what
I noticed that too lol it’s probably not a coincidence since he’s only following Yaya besides his mom and his FC’s account.


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What happen to Pretty Girls fo? Lalabel she's has a child. What can go wrong dressing sexy going to house parties that they paid you to drink beer. What happen if you can't drink? They should banned those pretty jobs. I don't see a purpose. It's a scary job
I’m a bit confuse with your story but isn’t this about the girl who died? I only glimpsed through the story, it goes she died, they did the autopsy have CCTV evidence and all but cannot catch the culprit because powerful is at work and want this buried? Right?


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Look at his post here from July...

Cupid Candy

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RIP Hem. I was so shocked to see this on IG this morning. I think he was quite depressed for a while. His last IG post was chilling.


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RIP HEM. Just saw the article.

There was a 'scandal' about him evading mortgage on his condo. He struggled financially etc.
Death by suicide is so heartbreaking (it is heartbreaking in general though)