1805, Min Island


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Suspicion from the officers made the feeling of being in a tight area even more intense. Like Yaya, Nadech’s heart was about to burst, he would be caught any minute if he moved from this spot but he was this close to Yaya, his breathing was heavy, so was hers. The officers weren’t getting their questions answered and so they moved on, walking closer towards Nadech and Yaya. One pulled out his bat, readying himself to strike if he was to meet danger even though they didn’t need to be feared because for the moment Nadech had forgotten about them and was mesmerized by Yaya.

“What are you two…”

All of a sudden a woman screamed, “Thieves!!” Three thieves ran past the alley behind them.
The officers turned back around and ran to catch the thieves.

Yaya peeked out from under Nadech’s large hat to see what had happened, when she returned to meet his eyes again, he was in the same position, never left her eyes.

“Y-You were trying to get away from them?” she stuttered, surprising herself as to how nervous she was right now.

He didn’t answer, but only kept staring at her, his hand still pressed against the wall behind her. Yaya removed his hand he had on her waist but he moved it back to the same place.

“Are you going to leave me like this morning?” he asked.

“Who’s the one who left? You’re the one who just disappeared. And now you have me pinned against a wall…how will I be able to come up with a way to leave?”

Nadech smiled, knowing he was the wrong one. He grasps her hand and pulls her with him when he starts walking out of the alley back to the market street, but she stops.

“I could have turned you in.”

Nadech stopped to look back at her. “Why didn’t you? This was your chance.”

“If there is anyone in this world I want punishing you, I want it to be me.”
Nadech grinned and tightened his grip on her hand. “Oh trust me; if there was anyone, I’d want it to be you too. Come on.”
Finally walking the market streets together again, the thick black mustache and hat did wonders for him, no one suspected he was the “wanted” prince. Nadech stopped at a stall to purchase the items on the list Mr. Boonmee had given him. He finally released Yaya's hand. Her hand was sweaty; she wipes it off on her beige dress.

“Stay near.” Nadech warned her.

Yaya looked around at the villagers, she admired this market, and it reminded her of Min Island. Then something caught her eye. A drawing nailed next to a food stall had a drawing of a woman with her hair up in a bun. She looked back at Nadech, hoping he wasn't aware of what she was about to do. She left his side and walked up to the drawing. Her eyes widen when she read,

“WANTED, YAYA URASSAYA…Mistress of Crown Prince Pope Thanawaht”

Yaya tore the drawing off the stall's wall and ripped it in halves. She thought of every possible way as to how the news from the palace leaked. She was shaken with anger, breathing heavily. She stopped to look around and this time, every villager knew who she was, they were staring her down like a pack of hungry wolves.

Yaya walks quickly back to Nadech, who was still going through the mangoes, bargaining with the mango sellers in his disguised old voice.

Yaya walked behind him and whispered into his ear.“W-We should get going.”

Nadech sniffs the mango. “Why?”

Yaya nervously looks behind her at the forming crowd outside the mango stall. “We have to go now!!”

Nadech turns to look. Before the man carrying the long butcher knife was able to strike Yaya in the back, Nadech swung her around so she wouldn't get hit. He raises his hand to catch the man's wrist in mid-air, and punches the man in the stomach with his other fist. The man who seemed to be a regular villager, dressed like a fisherman was shocked at the power of this old man's punch.

“Why are you trying to cause trouble? This is a market area; we are just doing some shopping here.” Said Nadech.

The man stands up and points at Yaya. “Old man! You should be on our side, we don't want her in this market! Yasortorn's economy is suffering enough, King Aawat can't do anything and neither can his son, now we know why, because he's too busy with some whore like her! He doesn't pay attention to his people but to a woman like this! If we get rid of her maybe the crown prince will listen. Hand her over to us old man!”

The crowd cheers along with the man, raising their fists high in the air. Upon hearing these words, Yaya's mouth dropped open, she couldn't believe his words. “Get this straight, I have never..."

A woman interrupted her. “We heard you came from a ship that supplied women to brothels here.” Everyone in the crowd laughed. “We don't need women like you to steal our husbands! Give it up, aren't you better dead anyways with the way you live your life?”

Yaya formed a fist with each hand.

“GIVE HER TO US!” the crowd chanted repeatedly.

A storm was brewing in the heavens and rain came heavily down. It was like the heavens were working with these villagers to rid the world of bad people, Yaya was beginning to think she was one of them. Yaya stared up at the black clouds and sadness overcame her. Slowly, her feet started moving, she was giving in, and this hurt her to the core, being misunderstood this way. For this moment, she actually wanted to die, thinking if she died, she could escape Yasortorn. Even if she never saw her mother again, she could visit her in her dreams. Maybe letting these people kill her was a good thing after all. This was all she thought. The heavy rain drenched her blouse and dress.

Nadech watched while Yaya departed from his side, and then began walking towards the man holding the long knife who tried attacking her before. The tears streamed down her cheeks, mixing with the raindrops on her face. Nadech grasps her right wrist, stopping her from going any farther. Yaya turned around and there stood the only man she ever loved, this dark moment she was experiencing somehow lifted from her shoulders when she saw Nadech's face, since seeing the mustache on him, it looked rather good for the first time.

The man lifted his knife once more, hoping to get her this time around. Nadech pulled her behind him, this time he stepped forward and stopped the man's second attempt to kill her. He wrapped his bare palm around the knife's sharp blade, instantly the blood from his hand gushed out, dripping down the sharp knife. Nadech clutched his teeth hard against the pain, the knife cut more into his palm, and it was starting to feel numb. He ripped his mustache off then took off his bamboo hat with his free hand, revealing to the villagers who he really was.


Before the man could finish his line Nadech kicked him in the stomach, sending him flying off onto the muddy ground with his knife in his hand.

“Careful with your words and what you were about to do.”

The crowd was silent. Nadech grabs her hand with his bleeding hand, he squeezes her sweaty hand and felt the sting of the salty sweat race into his wounded palm.



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All around, Nadech turned to look at every face in the crowd, showing everyone who he really was. Most had their eyes wide open, as if seen a ghost, others had tears in their eyes as if waiting for the return of their leader. The man stands up again and walks up to Nadech, he dropped his knife on the ground.

“What now? Are you with her? She has bewitched the whole palace!” the man yelled.

Nadech smirked, “Are you going to choose your words wisely? Or do you want a dislocated jaw?”

“This woman is more important than your own country? It’s like your betraying us for her.”

“Betray? Have you felt that way yourself before?”

The man thought for a moment, he hasn’t recalled being betrayed before; he’s living a good life.

Nadech shook his head, “Then I can’t talk to you, we have nothing in common, you wouldn’t understand where I am coming from because unlike you, betrayal runs in my family.” Nadech shoves the man aside to face the crowd once more. “Four years ago, I was meant to die on Min Island because of betrayal. Four years later, I return to Yasortorn as a fugitive because of betrayal. But today, I won’t have you mistaken my decision to love this woman…as betrayal to Yasortorn.”

Yaya turned to look at Nadech. This was the first time he’s said those words. Nadech releases her hand and walks to the drawing of him nailed outside a wooden house corner. He rips it off the wall. The rain damped the sheet of paper so much it washed away the top of his face, the ink was coming off.
“Prince Nadech…wanted...” Nadech tears it in half. “Looks like the palace is after me too, but don’t think I wouldn’t put up a fight till the end to prove that I am really innocent. So, anyone dare to take me into custody? If you can prove what I have done wrong...willingly, I will turn myself in but until then, I'm not feeling sorry for anyone who gets in my way."

Still the crowd was quiet. Nadech grabbed Yaya’s hand with his wounded hand again and they walk towards the silent crowd. He was ready to fight anyone who was even going to challenge him but no one dared. He was a prince after all, even though he is a wanted man, many respected his father late King Virote, they saw King Virote in him and didn’t dare turn him in. They all stepped aside as Nadech held onto Yaya’s hand; quietly they walked out of the marketplace, unharmed.
Heading back to Mr. Boonmee’s house, Nadech was beginning to feel faint; they stopped in the middle of the forest because the rain was tiring him out and he was losing a lot of blood from the deep cut in his palm. He sat down on a big rock on the side of the dirt road while Yaya flipped his hand over to examine the inch deep cut. Nadech squeezed his eyes and held his breath, it was painful.

“There is a bag of medicine you can apply to the wound…” he sighed uncomfortably. “…in my pocket.”

Yaya reached into his front pocket of his loose harem beige pants and pulled out a small bag. Inside were leaves, Yaya knew right away what to do with them. She had to soak them until the leaves opened up then apply it to his wound. It had been raining all morning, pools of water was trapped in large banana leaves. She dumped the content of the bag into the banana leaves and watched them open up. Yaya returned to his side with the medicine and a banana leave she folded into a cup full of rain water. She washed his wound using half the water from the banana cup then gave him the rest of the water to drink.

Nadech grunted in pain. The water gave his wound a cool sensation but went deep into his cut, reaching the painful nerves of his hand. Yaya pulled out her handkerchief and began wiping away the blood. Without a word, she applied the medicine, her eyes fixed on the wound. He watched her with admiration, until he noticed her cheeks were trembling.

Nadech reached for her hands to stop her from finishing. “What’s wrong?”

Yaya looked up at him, her eyes full of tears. “You knew about the scar on my back, didn't you?”

Nadech swallowed then nodded.

“And you left these same leaves for me back then.”

Nadech nodded again.

“You aren’t like the one who worked for Yasa…not one bit.”

Nadech shook his head no and smiled. “Not one bit.”


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HELLO TO EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN READING MY FANFIC 1805 MIN ISLAND. I JUST WANTED TO THANK THOSE WHO ARE BEING PATIENT. I will finish this fanfic, no doubt. I love the story as much as those reading it and I don't want the characters to not have an ending which even I am anticipating while writing. Soon, it will end. Its more then half way complete. So please look forward to the last few chapters. It will be sad and maybe happy for all the characters. And so, here is the latest update! Krup Khun Ka!


In the forest, their silence turned the raindrops into nature’s own melody. Yaya was a little afraid to believe one person could change this much. Like a person reborn to be someone else. What was really going on, she couldn’t understand, she wanted answers now. Her tears dried and now she was serious. Many questions circled her thoughts until she realized she was giving into him with just so little she thought he’s done for her. This wasn’t how she was supposed to feel for him.
Nadech grunted, his curvy lips were turning pale, he lost more blood than expected, and he couldn’t feel his injured hand anymore. He closed his eyes to rest just a little. She stared at his resting eyes, this was her chance, and the sudden urge to kill him came back to her.

“I remember the last time you took care of me…I was unlucky and stepped on a sea urchin.” Nadech chuckles, his closed eyes made him look like he was talking in his sleep. This was her chance.

Yaya sealed his lips with hers in a deep kiss. His eyes lit up. She continued to kiss him, taking charge of the full kiss. Immersed with this kiss, even the pain in his hand suddenly disappeared, he brought both his hands up to position her head the way he liked it, now he was taking charge, kissing her like he’s always wanted to. Then he froze, he felt the touch of a cold blade at his throat. She was holding the blade against his throat. Their lips parted ways.

Nadech sighed. “I knew that was too good to be true.”

Yaya was trembling with the knife in her hand. “I…promised myself that no matter who you were, if you are associated with Yasa, I will eventually kill you.”

“Oh really? Look at you…hesitating to kill me.”

Yaya presses the knife deeper to his throat. Nadech reached up to sweep her messy hair away from her forehead. His fingertips caressed her cheek softly. “Did that kiss mean something to you? Is this why it’s hard to even hold a knife properly?”

“You’re a fool to even think that kiss meant anything.” Yaya gripped the knife tightly to show she wasn’t afraid of anything. “Think of it as my good bye present.”

Swiftly, he grabs her wrist, squeezing it until the knife dropped to the ground, he twisted her hand to her side. “That’s enough, I don’t ever want to hear good bye from you again.”

“Because you’re afraid it would come true?”

“Of course! I belong to you, you say good bye so easily when I know those words don’t exist between us.”

“Oh really? I beg to differ.” Yaya bends over to reach for the knife. He kicks the knife away before she could touch it. Yaya runs to pick up the knife and turns back to Nadech, running with the knife, pointing the knife straight at him.

From behind, a metal-like object the size of a mini rock strikes her head. The knife slipped from her hand onto the ground again. Nadech runs to her catching her as she fell. Nadech touched the back of her head for any wounds; indeed, blood was flowing from the back of her head. He looked every direction, to see who could have done this.

“Prince Nadech!” A villager stepped out of the forest.

It was a villager who Nadech remembers passing earlier that morning. Soon, more people who were hiding in the bushes and behind trees appeared in front of Nadech.

"Why did you hurt her!?!" Nadech yelled at the top of his lungs.

“Prince Nadech, we only thought of protecting you.” answered the villager who caused Yaya’s wound. “She could have killed you.”
Nadech looked down at Yaya’s face. She looked like she was fast asleep. “She couldn’t kill me, she was hesitating.”

“Wh-what?” asked the villager.

Yaya opened her eyes only to find out she was sleeping on top of what felt like hay and the place smelled of sweat. She looked left and right to get a better understanding of where she was, but the feel of pain behind her head stopped her, she covered the back of her head with her hands. This was when she felt the cloth that was wrapped around her head. Quickly, she sits up. She was sitting on the only bed in a jail cell. The only light beamed through a small window. Everything was rocking back and forth, she was going to get sick if this continued. She realized she wasn't on land, she was in a ship's prison cell.

FLASHBACK: The kiss she shared with Nadech in the forest.

Yaya touched her lips, the kiss felt so real just now. Someone was breathing heavily by the corner beside the window. There sat a person with a paper bag over their head.

“Who are you?” There was no answer. Yaya took a moment to examine if this person was dangerous to her, but the person was chained. Yaya searches for the extra pocket knife she always carries inside her shoe sock, a place not even an enemy would know she hid. Holding the knife tightly she walks towards the person. Swiftly, she removes the paper bag. The moment she laid eyes on this man, she held her knife under his chin.

Yaya smirks. “I have to thank the person who put us in here; they must really hate you too.” Bai shook his head, his face turned white as he watched Yaya press the tip of the knife at his throat.

“Let’s go home to Min Island.”

Min Island, Yaya hasn’t heard those two words for so long, they sounded mysterious to her. Yaya was staring at Bai, his lips didn’t move but those words, they were definitely Nadech’s. That voice came from behind her, she turned around and there was Nadech outside the jail cell, his hands behind his back, and he was dressed in uniform, like a real prince, leaving for battle.

Yaya gasps, now she holds the knife up against Nadech. She looks back at Bai then Nadech. “What…what’s going on? Yaya raised her voice, “Who is-?”

"Bai, you have seen him but you have never heard of him."

"You mean to tell me, he has been parading around town pretending to be you?"

Nadech nods.

"What makes you think I can trust you?"

“What did you say?”

"In this world, there are many people who look alike, he could be a victim just like me, being fooled by you. So what if this was the guy, you know, the one I have really been after all these years? It wouldn’t matter. Wann died because of you! If they weren’t after you, they would have never been after me! It was all because of you and me that Wann died!! If I had never met you! I would be by mother’s side still on Min Island! I would have never known how awful Yasortorn is!"

“Are you done? I’ve heard enough. Even if I never did anything wrong, I was as much a victim as you were. It was still because of me, right?"

“When we return to Min Island, I never want to see you again so return to Yasortorn without me, forget I was ever married to you. If I can get home to my mother, this is all that-.”

Nadech interrupts her. “You can stop now!” Yaya was silent, his voice startled her. Nadech lifted his face up to stare at her; his face was tense, his eyes piercing into hers. “So bitter about everything, what did Yasortorn turn you into?” He promised not to show any sign of sadness so he smirks. “We will go back to Min Island, only then will you listen to my stories. I hope this trip back to Min Island will somehow change you. In the meantime, I have decided, you should serve you sentence. Don't you expect to be the bitter one out of us two."

"You put me in here?"

“You tried to kill a Prince, for a punishment more harsh, you would have received a death sentence.”

“After all I have been through…losing…” Yaya’s eyes glistens with tears. “Even losing the chance to kill you, I do deserve the death sentence.”

Nadech was speechless; did she hate him this much that she wanted to die? He was overcome with sadness, the kind of sadness that struck the heart, but he had to be stronger.

They couldn’t stray away from each other’s eyes, for more than a minute, the prison cell fell silent, the intensity built up. Their own heavy breathing filled the air along with the squeaking sounds of mice.
Nadech was turning to leave but stopped.

“Even after all this, I won’t give you up even if you drive me away. I really can’t…I will try even harder to get your attention, work even harder to find you if you decide to leave, so don’t think about running away. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you, understand? For now, I think you have wanted to meet this person, so I’ll leave you two alone.” Without another word, Nadech kicks the cell door opposite Yaya’s loudly to get whoever’s attention. Leaving, he slams the door behind him.

Yaya wasn’t sure what he was doing. She looked into the cell in front of her, it was so dark, and it was hard to make out who Nadech meant to wake up. Then, a shadow rose, certainly it was a woman, Yaya could tell by her long hair.

“Who are you?” Yaya asked.

The woman didn’t answer; she continued to walk towards Yaya, stopping only when she couldn't go on past the locked cell door. The candles lighting the hallway separating them revealed her face finally. Her eyes looked up to meet Yaya’s. Yaya’s eyes widen, a tear dropped down her cheek.

“You…you…how could you be…”

Wann fell to her knees; her clothes were rags, her hair a mess, her face bruised. “Yaya…oh Yaya! Please accept my apology.” She brought her hands together pleading and sobbing.

Yaya was breathing heavily, thinking this was all a dream. Surely, Wann died in front of her. A person can’t rise from the dead. Gathering all her strength to speak.

Yaya asks, “You’re apologizing? I don’t understand…why?” The tears wouldn’t stop now. Wann was afraid to admit, she was in on the scheme as well. Yaya was waiting for her to answer. “Tell me…” Yaya was angry now, she was catching on and this puzzle was starting to shape out. Yaya screams, slamming her hands against the door, “Why are you quiet?!! You…along with Yasa!?” Her eyes were swollen from the tears and her face in rage. All Wann could do was stare down at her trembling fingers. Yaya screams out a cry.

Standing outside the prison entrance Nadech took a deep breath as he heard Yaya’s cries.


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Your BACKKKKK!!! I miss you and your FF so much. 5555. Welcome back na ja.
This is surely, such an amazing update nenee. Awwwwww Yaya finally
knows the truth. I can feel her pain! Being betray by someone you love is the
most painful thing any human can do.Same with Nadech, he must be in so much pain,
knowing Yaya wants to run away from him. What he said to Yaya before he left the
cell, really tells he love her so much and do not want to leave her side. I just wish she understands that.

Thank you so much Nenee. I can't wait to read the next chapter. I'm so sad knowing that it will
end soon. If there's a prologue, there is epilogue. Lol... I will stay tune to the end of your Amazing FF! :)


Holy macaroni! That was something else, Neena! I loved it! I've been patiently awaiting your continuation of this story. Thank you so much for updating. This was fantastic!



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Neena, you don't know how happy I am to see you back. I missed you na and not just your ff. This was such a great update and I loved how the story is progressing!

Poor Yaya and Nadech, both of them have suffered so much, and I hope both will find happiness and peace at the end.

Thank you so very much!


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After Nadech arrested Yasa and his men, Nadech seized the ship, releasing more women who were locked away at the bottom of the ship. The very last cell he opened.

“Hello? Everyone here?”

It was dark and there seemed to be no one. Nadech turned to leave the cell.

A small voice called out to him. “Help me…please don’t leave me.”

Someone’s hand gripped onto Nadech’s ankle, frightening him. He looked down and saw the thinnest and dirtiest hand.

Nadech has established himself as a good leader among his men. His followers were Min Islanders along with men who were against the Yasortorn monarchy. Men who knew the current King did many wrongdoings as well as murdering Prince Nadech’s father.

Wann opened her eyes, the first person she saw was Nadech standing beside her bed, staring down at her.

“Wann…Wann…” Nadec h repeated the name like he was memorizing it.

She knew his face, it was Bai, she thought. “Bai…you just uttered my name.”

“Think carefully, will Bai actually speak to you?”

Wann’s eyes widen, she sat up on her bed. “You’re not him…Prince Nadech.” She knew now she was caught. Looking at Nadech’s eyes, she knew he understood everything that was going on.

Nadech smirks, sick of how the only victim in this scheme was Yaya all along. “You…lied about everything, you played Yasa’s puppet all along, didn’t you?”

Wann brought her hands together, pleading with him. “I was so wrong…I now know I was wrong!”

“I don’t understand why you are saying this to me, you were wrong, but not towards me. You are not important to me whatsoever. Do you know who you have caused the most pain for?”

Wann sobs.

“Do you know?!!” Nadech yelled.

Wann sobs even louder.

“I have never met a woman as innocent as Yaya. Even now, she feels the burden of not having the strength to protect you back then. She wanted justice for you…” Nadech was disgusted. “She wanted justice for you…really? That poor stupid girl.”

“I have committed a sin against Yaya. All these years in Yasortorn, I have only experienced life as one of Yasa’s prisoners…I now know…I know! Please I must meet her! Let me meet her.”

“Do you know what you turned her into? This isn’t the right time. If she was to meet you now, she wouldn’t be able to handle it.”

“Please, I beg of you, my heart is about to explode from all the sins I have created. I want to die!”

“Do you think I will let you die? No, I will make sure you live your life to pay back Yaya, because of you… I miss her so much.” Nadech’s eyes glistens. “I miss her so much its unbearable.”

Yaya’s eyes and nose was red from the crying.

“I can tell, Nadech really loves you, if anything, he only wants to protect you as much as possible. Even myself, he tried to protect, knowing how your temper is, he put me in this cell to protect the both of us. Don’t have bitter feelings towards him because of me.”

Feeling embarrassment, she didn’t want to mention Nadech anymore, “I have grown up a lot since coming to Yasortorn. Unlike a little kid who doesn’t know how to hold a grudge, this place has really turned me around. The time span between now until I could forgive you will be long.”

“I know.”

“Between you and me, there is a chance I could learn to accept your apology because deep inside my wish was a moment like this, meeting you again…having a conversation. Knowing you were doing okay if not the best.”

Wann finally smiled.

“Don’t smile. You think this is over? There are many more girls out there, struggling to get Yasa’s nightmares out of their lives. Just like how I never gave up on you, I am not going to give up on them too. I want to kill Yasa as much as anyone else who has been cheated by him.”

“I was a fool to love a man like him but…there is someone you must know about…”


“Prince Pope Thanawaht, he’s the mastermind behind everything.”


“You don’t know how corrupted Prince Pope is.”

Yaya rolled her eyes in disgust.

Pope was fixing his tie, looking at himself in the mirror. His bedroom door flew open. King Aawat and two guards behind him stormed into his room.

“Leave us.” King Aawat ordered the two men. They leave, shutting the door behind them.

Pope switched to fixing his sleeves, ignoring his father’s presence.

“We are here on Min Island to bring back my daughter-in-law. Act the way I want you to and we won’t be in any trouble, understand?” said King Aawat.

“Is the talk to invade Min Island on tonight’s agenda as well?” Pope asked.

King Aawat smirked. “I’m not that evil. If you behave with the Princess, you will later find out it was the easiest way to make this country Yasortorn territory.



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His father was silent.

“Father…have you cared about anything else?” Pope asked again.

His father smiled and rested his hand on his shoulder. “We will bring back my daughter-in-law today after the party. You have to be a good person for her in order to win Min Island.”

When his father said this, Pope knew this was it. His own father cared about taking over a country more than his own son’s feelings. He sat down on his bed, knowing he could never love his wife, but the thought of his wife now made him feel at ease, more than ever.

King Aawat, the Queen and Prince Thanawaht went to Min Island to take back Princess Ja after she left Yasortorn because Pope told her he didn’t love her. She was heartbroken and hasn’t been back to Yasortorn since. The palace was in chaos as the King and Queen of Yasortorn prepare a party to welcome back their daughter-in-law, Princess Ja.

MEANWHILE, on Nadech’s ship, sailing towards Min Island.

The guard gave Wan a plate of dinner in her cell. Yaya wondered when she was going to get dinner. The guard opened her cell door.

“Prince Nadech would like you to prepare dinner for him. He also said, he couldn’t imagine you sleeping in this cell another night so they have prepared a room for you.”

Yaya was afraid to face him now. She was led into the ship’s small kitchen to begin preparing dinner. After finishing she served it on a tray and went into his cabin.
Nadech was sitting behind his desk, his hand Yaya had wrapped the other day with her handkerchief was supporting his head from falling onto the desk as he was napping. Yaya walked closer to him, she could smell the wine he consumed. There was paper scattered all around his desk, he was working so hard.

“Why did he ask me to make dinner for him when he’s already sleeping?” she sighed.

“Mmm…” Nadech mumbled in his sleep.

Yaya set the tray on his desk quietly. She looked at his face. A tear drop dripped down, falling off the tip of his nose. Nadech took a deep breath as if trying to stop himself from crying.

Nadech was half drunk and talking in his sleep. “You…you don’t know how hard it was…just to reach you. Please…don’t run…don’t run away…”

His head falls onto his desk, the right side of his face slammed hard against the wood of his desk. He couldn’t feel it though because the effects of alcohol. Yaya was startled, she was starting to see how much Nadech loved and missed her. For the first time in a very long time, she was thankful. Yaya walked to his side getting a view of his face. She crouched down to stare up at him. Slowly, she place her palm on his cheek, she remembered, it was the side she slapped numerous times that night they first met each other again.

“Did I cause you so much pain, that even in your dreams you are afraid I would run away? I was an idiot, causing you so much pain…” Tears were developing.

Yaya undid the handkerchief he had on; she redressed the wound with new medicine before leaving him.


Yaya came out of the room Nadech had prepared for her the night before. She saw the little huts built standing on top of the ocean’s surface near her homeland; she has finally reached Min Island. Overjoyed, she had tears in her eyes and the only person she could think of now was her mother. Nadech stepped out of his room, which was right next to Yaya’s room. She turned around and there he was staring at her with those big eyes. But he didn’t say a word, just walked past her as if she wasn’t there. She didn’t have the courage to stop him.

After anchoring the ship, Yaya got off the ship and headed straight to her mother’s place. She was running, this was the fastest she has ever run in her life.

“Mom!” She searched the kitchen, no sign of her mom. “Mom?!!” she searched the pig pen, no sign of her mom. Yaya ran to the garden her mother tends to. Her mom was in the garden, she was about to shout after her mother but someone was hugging her. Yaya stopped. It was Nadech hugging her mother. Her mom was in tears, sobbing on Nadech’s shoulder calling him her son over and over again, saying how happy she was to see him well.
Yaya made her way to her mother’s side. “M-Mom?”

Pim looked up and as soon as she saw Yaya standing in front of her, she reached her arms out to Yaya and embraced her so tightly.

“Oh my dear!” She sobs. “I thought my heart would die waiting for you. My baby.”

“Mom.” Yaya cried, hiccupping. “Mom.”

Nadech and Yaya looked at each other, tears in both their eyes.

They returned to Pim’s house, after the talk with Yaya, she has finally learned that Nadech is Pim’s real son. Pim was once the Queen of Yasortorn. She also learns the truth about King Aawat. Nadech leaves them and Pim tells Yaya about how Pope tried murdering Nadech to get Yaya to himself.

At breakfast, Yaya sat still beside Nadech at the table. Yaya stole glances at Nadech, today he was different though. Has he finally had enough and given up on her? The words her mother just told her echoed through her mind.

“Pope and Uncle Aawat are in Min Island right now.”

Pim dropped her spoon. “A-Aawat?”

“He’s not turning back now; he’s finding a way to take Min Island. And I am going to stop him.”

“No!” said his mother. “I will not let you fight for Min Island, not my son.”

“We have to stop him; father protected this island for you.”

“And look what happened to him!!” Pim screamed. “He’s gone!”

Nadech yelled back. “Make yourself sound reasonable! You think I can’t carry on what father left behind?!”

Pim shook her head. “You don’t know what your uncle is capable of doing. If he can do something as horrible as ending your father’s life…and you are your father’s son, what makes you an exception? He won’t spare you.”

Nadech stands up, frustrated with what his mom is telling him. “I refuse to stand and watch them take Min Island from you or anyone who calls this place home. To the very end, I will find a way to end this once and for all.”

Angered, Nadech leaves the house. He revisits a place only he and Yaya use to go to. This place where he would be able to scream out his greatest heartaches, Nadech sits alone, one knee bent up, tucked under his chin. Yaya knew he was there, still afraid to talk to him after being wrong about everything, but it was now or never. Yaya comes to sit next to him, even now, he wouldn’t look at her. Yaya put her hand on his shoulder, turning him so she can take a better look at him. He saw her crying face and couldn’t stand to see her cry anymore. He reached out to wipe them away but she stopped him, holding his wrist.

“Have I ever told you just how much I wanted this nightmare to end? Before waking up, if you did wrong, I was determined to punish you. If I was wrong, I would say I was wrong. Then beginning where we left off, fully awake now, it would be me and you, returning to our old selves again.”

Nadech just stared at her, lost in words.

“We returned from that nightmare, we are back to our old selves, right?”



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Oh I love it so much Neena. Thank you so much for the update.
I miss your writing a lot! It feels good to be reading this again!


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Tears dropped down Yaya’s face. She reached for his hand bringing it to lie on her lap, she held it tightly. Nadech felt the tears fall onto his hand. Nadech turned to finally look at her; she had her head down, staring at her hands and his.

Yaya finally said, “I hurt you with these hands…”

Nadech was watching the woman he loved cry.

Yaya looked up at him. “All this time you were in front of me…and I…I was wrong not to protect you too.”

Even without a smile on his face, his eyes showed how very happy he was at this moment. She was who he has been waiting to see for so long. Yaya couldn’t control her feelings any longer, she burst out crying, showing how very sorry she was. Nadech squeezed her hand and stood up while Yaya was still sitting on the hard ground. She looked up at his face but the sun behind him shined so brightly, she could only see the shape of his head and shoulders. Slowly Nadech pulled the hand he held onto up towards him, naturally Yaya stood up. Her face stained with tears. Now, she could see his face clearly. Nadech covered her cheeks with his palms and wiped her tears away. He came even closer now, wrapped his muscular arms around her shoulders, his fingers skimmed down her long black hair, he closed his eyes and inhaled. Yaya, in return wrapped her arms around his body as if she never wanted to leave him again. Finally, the hug that felt so real and warm after all the misunderstandings they’ve been through.


“Shh…” Yaya closed her eyes and laid her head on his shoulder.

“Are you tired?” Nadech asked.

“This was what I imagined would of happened four years ago.”

“Four years ago?”

“You didn’t know how much I wanted to see you. It was the day you were leaving Min Island so I ran all around town looking for you, if I found you then…”

Nadech was waiting to hear more.

Yaya opened her eyes, her head still laying on his shoulder “I would have let it all out…how I came to love you. How many times a day thoughts of you came and went. How…I couldn’t give my heart to Pope because of you…four years ago, if I found you, I would have said this to you.”

Nadech released her from his arms and stared down at her. He smiled and she smiled back.

“You found me now, are those same words you will say to me?”

Yaya shook her head. Nadech raised an eyebrow.

“I will tell you, my husband’s name is Nadech...and not a single moment from now on will I not think of how he's doing."


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Toooo goood to be true!!!! Neena why did you have to stop? It was getting sooo good n finally Yadech are reunited from a misunderstanding! Cant wait to know what will happen next :)


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CHAPTER 21: The Last Night

Late in the morning, Princess Ja was beginning preparations for her return to Yasortorn the next morning. Prince Thanawaht, and the King and Queen of Yasortorn have come to take her back to Yasortorn. Princess Ja wanted to stay on Min Island, she knew Pope had no love for her. She wasn’t going back to the man who never loved her. Inside, she kept her sorrow, not revealing to her parents why she ran back home to Min Island. She didn’t want her family to worry about her. Her mother gave her a long talk the night before, convincing her to return.

Ja stood outside her balcony alone, she can’t see the ocean in front of her but the breeze and smell of Min Island was always wonderful. This was what she would never forget; tears were streaming down her cheeks. This time, she was really going to miss Min Island, she doesn’t know the next time she will be visiting her homeland. Then there were footsteps approaching her from behind. Ja turned around.

“You came back already?”

Pope just returned from a hunting trip with Ja’s father. “I heard you didn’t have breakfast this morning.” He was carrying a tray with the afternoon lunch.

“So you came to check up on me?”

Pope cleared his throat. “I wanted to…”

“I am leaving Min Island tomorrow morning. Returning to a place I will be calling home but it isn’t home at the same time. How can someone eat?”

Pope set the tray on the table outside on the balcony. Between them, they have never had a conversation that started or ended well. He wasn’t going to force her to eat, knowing how she was at the moment. Pope turned around.

Ja knew he was behind her, she carefully turned, hoping to get his attention before she heard him close the door behind him. “How is the easiest way to keep you out of my heart?”

Pope turned back. Face to face now, he saw the tears on her face.

She waited for his answer but there was only silence, “Tell me…how.”

“When you forget me, this is the easiest way.”

“If I was to return with you tomorrow, I will continue to be your wife for the rest of my life. I will hear your voice in the bedroom next door to mine…we will play make belief in front of everyone. This is the easiest way to keep you—.”

Ja placed her hand on her forehead, feeling dizziness, she lost balance and was about to fall back. Pope ran to her, pulling her by the arms forward. Ja’s forehead clashed onto his chest. She fainted in his arms.

“Ja! Ja!” Pope has never been so scared in his life.

He carried her to the royal doctor of the palace. The doctor counted her pulse on her waist. He smiled.

“Doctor, what’s wrong with the Princess?” Pope asked eagerly.

The doctor laughed. “You look worried sick…but it’s really nothing."

Pope raised his voice. “Nothing? She fainted just now.”

“This is common.”

“For a person who’s well?”

“For a woman who’s expecting, your highness.”

Pope froze when he heard this. He just stared at the doctor. Pressure from both their parents lead to this, every night since Pope arrived on the island, they were put into one bedroom together, and something was bound to happen sooner or later.

Pope entered the room, Ja was fast asleep. He first noticed how pale looking she was. He pulled up at chair to sit by her bedside. Staring at her for a long time, he was beginning to notice how pretty her forehead and nose were shaped down to her neck. Slowly, Pope reached out to touch her stomach and his baby growing inside her but he stopped himself, he pulled the blanket up to cover her arms.



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On the grassy cliff they have made their own little hiding place, Yaya and Nadech lay next to each other on a blanket, listening to the ocean waves. Everything was calm and peaceful. Yaya had her back turned to him; she lay on her side facing the ocean making her hands as a pillow. Nadech was resting, on his back, his arm on his forehead to create shade from the scorching sun. The wind blew Yaya’s long hair into his face, tickling his cheek and nose. Nadech turned to his side, facing her back. She felt him move so before he could make himself comfortable lying next to her, Yaya reached behind her for his arm to place under her head, she took his other hand and wrapped it around her stomach. Nadech stared down at her, what a bold move she just pulled. Nadech laid his head on top of hers, pressing his cheek against hers.

Together, they were brainstorming ways to stop anything horrible from happening to the people of Min Island. The worst thing that could happen was invasion from Yasortorn but Nadech hasn’t heard anything about an invasion from his spies. Nadech, somehow had to notify the King of Min Island, who at the moment had no clue his uncle, King Aawat had ambitious plans to take the island.

Yaya and Nadech returned to their mom’s house to hold a meeting with supporters and spies.

“Tonight, Min palace will be holding a masquerade as a farewell ball for the princess. According to Min traditions, Prince Thanawaht will have to unmask his bride in order to take her home. This is the perfect opportunity for us to get inside the palace, meet with the King and alert him of King Aawat’s intentions.”

One of his spies brings a beat up Yasa into the room; he pushes Yasa to kneel in front of Nadech. Seeing Yasa angered Yaya, but she couldn’t do anything to him yet.

“As of now, my cousin still believes my flesh has turned into a skeleton buried somewhere deep at the foot of that cliff he pushed me from. Do you know why I kept you alive this whole time?”

Yasa swallowed.

“The same way you and my cousin played with me, I will use the same method as well. Tonight, you will play your role as Captain Yasa once more and if you blow it off, I’ll make sure you never set sail again.”

THE BATTLE BEGINS! END OF THIS SHORT CHAPTER. THE NEXT TWO OR THREE CHAPTERS WILL BE THE CLIMAX AND END. However, I will be on vacation for the next two weeks and out of town...won't be able to update...so see everyone after the new year!! Can't wait for the ending!!! Spoilers: I have it in my head and a few people I love will...eventually...disappear...we will have to see how I write it and my mood!! Bye Bye Ja!!