1805, Min Island


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CHAPTER 22: ONE DAY OF LOVE….(WARNING: This Chapter is PG-13 or R LOL)
AT Pim’s house after preparations for tonight’s event were underway, Pim watched Nadech practice with his sword under the scorching summer sun. Nadech was preparing to enter the palace tonight, disguising himself as Bai once more. He will reveal King Aawat’s evil plans to the King of Min Island.
At lunch, all is silence between Yaya, Nadech and their mom.
Pim put down her spoon. “Is it true, you both haven’t had a proper wedding?”
Yaya and Nadech both looked at each other. Nadech looks back at his mom. “Mom, I think it’s best we do it after everything has past."
Pim nodded. “Is that so? I was hoping everything could be done...today."
Nadech puts down his spoon, knowing his mother was afraid of the worst that could happen when Nadech meets his Uncle. “I know you are afraid about the fate of this mission…but…I won’t sit back and watch Min Island fall. If I don’t defeat Uncle now, I will be living a life chasing after him because I decided I can’t forgive him. The peace that comes after defeating him…there is nothing I yearn more.”
Yaya watched him as he spoke. She was mesmerized by his determination.
“So, the only way to live happily with mom and Yaya…I have to get rid of anyone who is given a chance to hurt you. Even if…if it kills me, trying to protect the two women I love most in the world…" Nadech smiled. "I will take my chances."
Pim looked at her son, tears glistening in her eyes. “Hearing that from you reminds me so much of your father. For so many years, I thought there was no one left like your father.” Pim smiled.
“Our wedding will be the first thing we do when we return.”
By this time, Yaya was also in tears, there was so much love, and she felt the special relationship they all shared. Nadech noticed her tears then wrapped his arm around her shoulders, bringing her side forehead to clash with his. Yaya felt so safe. Nadech used his other hand to reach out to his mother over the dining table, inviting her to hold his hand. Pim placed her palm on her son’s and Nadech squeezed their hands together.
"Keep Yaya safe...already, I have a wedding dress waiting for her."
Nadech nodded. “I promise, we’ll return to you...Mom, prepare to have the happiest life, just the three of us.”
Yaya returns to her room, immediately, she walks to her window and stares at the ocean, feeling the breeze. Tonight was getting closer by the minute, she will pretend to be the helpless Yaya Pope turned her into once more, she will be married to Lord Bai. Nervousness overcame her. Yaya closed the window before changing into Yasortorn clothing for tonight’s event. Yaya put her hair up in a bun, leaving her naturally curly hair down at the front. After removing all her clothes, she pulled the long silky royal blue dress up her legs stopping at her waist when she heard Nadech closing the door behind him after entering. She crossed her hands over her bare chest. He stopped, eyes widen when he saw her naked back in front of him.
“I’m sorry…for barging in like that. Excuse me.”
 “I’ll be out in a few minutes.”
Nadech turned back to face the door. “Uh…ye..yes…I’ll wait out there.” His legs felt numb, he’s seen her backless before when he had to apply the medicine to her scars, but this time around was different, this time their love was stronger then ever and the need to want each other more than ever. Nadech’s hand was twisting the door knob but he stopped when he heard her struggling in the back with her dress.
Yaya was having a hard time buttoning up the back. “What is wrong with this? The buttons--darn…” she muttered.
All of a sudden, she felt his warm hands close around her bare shoulders. She felt him move closer to her from behind. Nadech threw her a blanket to cover her naked front. “Don’t turn around until I finish buttoning up the dress.” He whispered close to her ear. He stared at her bare back, thinking how he was not going to want her while buttoning each one. Nadech cleared his throat, trying to focus. He was beginning to work his way up.
 Yaya slightly turned to get a glimpse of him. “Tonight…if for whatever reason we lose each other, promise you won’t stop searching for me.”
Nadech stopped; his eyes looked up, he could tell she was scared of what will happen.
“Everything feels like it’s going in a circle…seeing Yasa brings those nightmares back. I am afraid if I go back to Min Palace, it will remind me so much of the day I lost you…I wish all this—“
Nadech wrapped one arm around her stomach pulling her to him. He buried his face at the side of her long neck, inhaling her scent. “We can lose each other more than a million times and I will still find you…”
Yaya was touched by his words. Tears were wailing up in her eyes. "Really?"
“Even if we had to pick up from the beginning over again and again…every new beginning, my love for you will only deepen.” Nadech closes his eyes and sighs. "A moment like this...we will have so many of them..."
Yaya smiled, relieved to hear this.
Nadech lifted one of the sleeves up her bare shoulder. Yaya stops him from completely covering her shoulder by touching his fingers. Yaya drops the blanket he gave her to cover her front. Slowly, she turns around, Nadech has never been so nervous in his life; he looked down at her face. She was almost completely shirtless in front of him, the sleeves still clung onto her arms, just barely covering her bare chest. Yaya touched the right side of his face, tiptoeing, she kissed him. Nadech was startled by her actions but he reacted quickly, wrapping both arms around her tightly. He lifted her off her feet as they continued to kiss, deepening each kiss. He kissed every inch of her neck while making his way to the bed. Her hands skimmed through his hair.
Gently, he sat her down on the edge of the bed, he kneeled one knee on the ground in front of her, Nadech looked up at Yaya, and she caressed his cheek again, wanting him more than ever. Not wanting to hurt her, he wanted her to make sure this was what she wanted. Without any words, their eyes told each other what they wanted. Nadech wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his head just below her breasts. She bent down and fully kissed him again, his fingers touched her cheeks as each kiss was mounting up to something greater. Standing from where he was kneeling, they never once released each other.
Always careful and gentle with Yaya, Nadech laid her on the bed. Undressed now, his naked chest covered hers. He kissed her eyes, cheeks, mouth, and nibbled on her neck making the passion inside come to life. During this moment, they have discarded all the hardship they will encounter, they had each other as if there was no war or battle around them.
The sun was setting and soon the banquet will begin. Nadech got on his horse while they prepared a palanquin for Yaya. Into the night, they made their way to the palace accompanied by Nadech’s army who will sneak into the palace to warn the King of what King Aawat was plotting. Yasa rode beside Nadech, memorizing what he was told to do once they enter the banquet. Once more, Nadech has transformed into Lord Bai and Yaya, his wife who hates him.
King Aawat was sitting alone in his room, staring out the glass window out at the dark ocean. He sighs, feeling the sharp pain in the chest return, he clenches his chest. A strong wind blew, sending powerful waves clashing against the shoreline. He looked outside and saw a fast lightning flash, the sky was clear though, no sign of any storms.
“You can’t scare me, Virote, like those waves returning to sea, you too disappeared as quickly.” He has been sick with an unknown condition, only he and a handful of people closest to him know. “Watch me take over Min Island, something you couldn’t do because of your weak heart. Even if I was to die from this illness, it won’t be able to kill me quick enough, I will make sure if this island isn’t mine it will be Pope’s. I will stay alive to watch that happen.”
This was a masquerade; everyone wore a mask, the atmosphere was elegant. There were royals not only from Min Island but many traveled from Parawat and other distant lands. Pope was in a black tuxedo. His black leather boots covered his calves. Pope’s hair was combed back, looking sleek. To cover the top half of his face, he wore a white mask made from fine porcelain, tied in the back with white ribbons to keep them from falling off. He held onto his wine, his mind was absent from everything.
Everyone awaited the Princess’s arrival. When the tall entrance doors opened up, one by one servant girls entered the banquet; it was hard to tell who the princess was really, because every girl was disguised from the mask they sported. Pope stepped out onto the red carpet where the girls were coming from, watching all the girls passing him by.
Finally, walking towards him, there was that familiar walk, Pope looked up at the woman he was sure was Ja. Speechless, she was beautiful in her decorative porcelain pink colored mask. He was starting to remember those glossy lips she had when her lips parted. The gown she wore was made from the finest silk; it fit every part of her body well. The servant girl walking in front of Ja had tied a ribbon to Ja’s hand to help guide her into the banquet. The servant girl stopped only when Pope was in front of her. He held out his hand, the servant girl knew what he wanted. She gave him the ribbon.
Not knowing who was guiding her now and why she was stopped, Ja reached forward for the servant girl who she thought was in front. Unexpectedly, Pope took Ja’s hand. Princess Ja froze, knowing who was in front of her now when she felt his muscular hand close around hers.
Everyone in the room clapped. The King and Queen smiled. They had found each other at last.
After their first dance, Princess Ja wanted to leave the party, the servant girl was ordered to bring her outside. They past the front doors, where people in carriages were still arriving, when voices of the people arriving began to fade behind her, Ja took off her mask.
“Don’t stop no matter who tries to stops you, understand? Follow this road out of this place…please, I beg of you.”
“Yes..Yes, your highness.” The servant felt sorrowful towards the Princess.
The servant continued to guide her out past all the incoming carriages. They walked on the dirt road leading to the last gates before leaving the palace grounds. Ja tripped on her long dress a few times but she pulled the ends up to make it better for her to walk. Pope caught up with them. He caught Ja’s arm and turned her around to face him.
“Where are you going?” Pope asked. He looked at her face for the first time tonight, her face was so pale, and she looked sickly from the morning sickness she was enduring.
“Let go of my arm.” She answered angrily.
To the servant he ordered, “You can go back; the princess will be safe with me.”
The servant nodded and left Ja with Pope.
 Ja heard her running away. “Hey, where are you going! It was an order not to let anyone stop us!!” Ja yelled back at the servant.
Pope releases his strong hold. Ja steps back away from him.
“You’re trying to run from me?” He knew she wouldn’t get far since she was blind.
Ja held back her tears. “I assume you believe because of my disability I won’t be able to. However, thanks to my disability, I am unable to see you...so this pain I feel in my heart will eventually ease as time goes by…”
Pope stared at her then looked at her stomach. “You look sickly, there is something you aren’t telling me...”
She didn’t know he was aware of the baby growing in her womb; she’s decided not to tell him, she thought if anyone, he wouldn’t want to hear it from her anyway.'
“What is there to hide?” she shot back.
She interrupted him. “What you see here, it’s all I can offer you…a part from being a princess, I am just a blind girl who will never be able to look at you straight in the eyes.”
Pope remembers saying those same lines to her. “You kept those words inside this long.”
“Try being in my shoes for once…what would you have done? When the person you love tells you they don’t love you, do you go over the edge and kill someone?” Ja shook her head. “I keep those words inside…to be able to face you and show you I can live on.”
The truth was he did go over the edge and kill someone because the person he loved didn’t love him. The difference between them was she was able to heal from his hurtful words by giving herself confidence, peacefully, she hasn’t sinned.
“You…changed a lot.”
“That's what being hurt does to you." Ja turned away from him before the tears started.
All Pope heard was a horse neighing and suddenly beside the pole lit with a candle at the top showed two horse shoes flying high above the Princess. "Watch out!!!" Pope screamed.
It was so close, the huge black horse in front of her was startled and was ready to strike her head on but the person riding, stopped this from happening, turning his horse the other direction, back into the dark where the street candle light couldn't shine. Ja fell back on the dirt road, ruining the bottom half of her dress. Before she knew it, someone had their arms around her. Pope eyes widen when he saw who was in front of him, helping the Princess.
"Bai...wha-what are you doing here?"
Nadech bowed his head. Yasa appeared from behind Nadech.
Pope smiled. "Yasa. What on earth is..."
Finally, Pope looked down  at where Ja fell and there was a familiar person, Yaya kneeled before the Princess.
"Your highness."
Ja raised an eye brow. "That voice...I know it."
Yaya smiled and when Pope saw this he was jealous that she could even still smile.
"Yaya...I am Yaya." Yaya looked up at Pope with disgust.
Pope looked up at Nadech who he still believes is Bai. Nadech never once blinked, staring at his cousin. He clenched his fists.
For a long time, there was silence and the intensity grew among them as they watched each other.


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Thank you so much neena for the update! Been waiting for this to happen for a while now. hehehe.<br />
I love how Nadech tells Yaya, " We can lose each other a million time and I will still find you". Such<br />
a touching line here!   <br />
 <br />
Update soon na ja! :)</p></blockquote>


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HELLO!! THIS IS NEENA! I AM BACK!! SORRY FOR THE LONG DELAY IN MIN ISLAND...I WAS STUCK SOMEWHERE TOO!! And i couldn't get back into this site...so I made a new acct. Sad. But here I am. Continuing from where I left off...HERE IS CHAPTER 23!!!


King Aawat made the finishing touch to his tie before the banquet began. He sighs, his memories traces backwards.
FLASH BACK. A Few hours before, when King Aawat was sitting alone in his room, he experienced that strong wind, sending powerful waves clashing against the shoreline. There was a sudden knock on his door after he cursed at his dead brother Virote that he will stay alive to see Min Island become Pope’s property. The door burst open; the person at the door was his loyal servant. His face looked terrified.
“Your majesty!” The servant runs to King Aawat and kneels in front of him. “Your majesty!”

King Aawat was confused and getting rather angry with his servant’s attitude. “Tonight will be a joyous occasion. I will finally get what
I have always wanted and you show up here in this state of fear? Are you looking for a death sentence?!”
“The..the late King Virote, your majesty!”

“WHY ARE DO MENTION HIS NAME! You really want to die tonight!”

“Your majesty…I… I saw her with my own eyes…and…”
“WHO? You fool!!”

Hesitatingly, the servant answered, “P-Pim, Your majesty…and…with her was…”

King Aawat was waiting for him to finish what he was going to say but the servant looked so scared. “Spit it out!”
“I saw someone who looked like Virote...I mean...Prince Nadech with her."
“Nadech? How is that possible? Nadech isn’t alive.”

PRESENT TIME. King Aawat rubbed his chin, he was becoming nervous about the outcome of everything that was planned to happen tonight. He and Pope have already prepared an army to attack the Min Palace at the crack of dawn. While everyone is asleep after the banquet, the assault on Min Island will take place; the King of Min Island wouldn’t know what hit him. This was the plan. However, the mention of Pim and a Nadech look alike gave him a very bad feeling, it was too late to turn back now, and they would have to go according to plan. After being told what the servant said, he ordered the servant to guide a group of soldiers to where he saw Pim and Nadech to
Aawat walked into the banquet hall. He came face to face with the King of Min Island who was having a grand time. Aawat walked towards him with a smile on his face, imagining the terror the King of Min Island will go through at the crack of dawn. On his way, he passes his daughter-in-law Princess Ja and her servant. He also bumped into his son, Prince Thanawaht. Pope bowed to his father before heading after Princess Ja out of the palace. King Aawat was getting more nervous by the minute, he watched as his son followed Princess Ja out the ball room.
The night was getting late. Guests were enjoying their time on the dance floor, but neither Princess Ja or Prince Thanawaht were to be found anywhere in the palace. King Aawat and the King of Min Island were laughing and enjoying the banquet, at times in deep conversations. King Aawat was distracting himself from the news he received earlier.

Many guests who arrived after Pope and Ja disappeared, were eager to meet the married couple. There were whispers among guests wondering where the couple was. Now, even their parents wondered where they had disappeared to.
Finally, after a long wait, the announcement that everyone was waiting for, Pope and his bride were entering the ball room once more to do another dance. When they entered, everyone in the ball room turned in one direction, to the doors. There, stood Pope and Ja, their masks
off, holding each other’s hand. Pope led his bride into the ball room.
He stopped to apologize. “Sorry to have kept you all waiting.” Pope bowed.

Yasa, Nadech, and Yaya walked into the hall behind Pope, they had their faces masked. The music begins and Pope placed his hand on Ja’s waist and his other hand holding onto hers. They do the waltz, dancing gracefully with the melody of the music. Ja following his lead. Others join in and soon the ballroom was filled with dancing couples, looking like a scene right out of the Nutcracker. King Aawat was curious about the three strangers who entered the ball with his son and daughter-in-law, but he couldn’t let his curiosity ruin anything. This
wasn’t the time to do anything out of the ordinarily. He stayed calm by his Queen’s side.

Nadech and Yaya join the dancing crowd while Yasa turns back to leave the party but he is stopped by Nadech’s men who are all disguised with masks, standing with other guests, keeping an eye on everything, awaiting Nadech’s queue. Yaya looks up at Nadech as they dance. Even through the masks they wore, their eyes spoke a million words. Yaya steps closer to Nadech and wraps her arm around his, embracing him intimately, holding him tightly as if she was to lose him, she laid her head sideways on his shoulder. They were close enough for him to feel her rapid beating heart. They danced, hugging one another.

Meanwhile, Pope was still dancing with Ja but he was watching every step Yaya took. He’s had enough, they were smiling to each other and now they were hugging? The music stops, this was his chance to show his friend “Bai” a lesson.  He gives Ja’s hand away to her servant. Quickly, Pope walks over to Nadech, turns him around and punches him in the face. Nadech’s mask breaks in half. Confusion swirled everyone’s mind as they watched the Crown Prince of Yasortorn turn violent.

Pope grabs Yaya’s hand. “Come with me!”
Nadech wouldn’t let go of Yaya’s other hand.

Ja squeezed her hands into fists, knowing who Pope was speaking to. While everyone was watching in disbelief, Pope grabs Nadech’s
collar with his free hand, bringing Nadech closely face to face. Nadech’s mouth was cut from shards that broke from the mask, he wiped the blood off casually beneath the broken porcelain mask.

“Did you forget what your duty to me is? Don’t act that way in front of me. You’re just an idiot but you remind me enough of him to want to kill you too.” Pope whispered.

Nadech swallowed, he rolled his eyes and nodded. Obeying him.

Those eyes haunted Pope for a second; it reminded him so much of his cousin. Pope smirked, brushing off the thought. “You fool…don’t look at me that way or I really will kill you.”

Pope was dragging Yaya out of the ballroom even when everyone was curious as to who this masked woman was. Pope past Princess Ja and inside, he thought, why was he leaving in this manner? but he continued to walk and pass her, there was no turning back to begin with. Princess Ja held in her tears,knowing she was left behind.
The King of Min Island was ferocious, why was his son-in-law acting this way towards another woman in front of his only daughter. 
“What is the meaning of this?!” He yelled at King Aawat.

Aawat bowed his head, “I…on behalf of my son’s foolish act. Please accept my apology; I am sure he has a perfectly good explanation for his actions tonight.”
“A good explanation?!! You must be kidding! He doesn't have respect for my daughter which means he has none for me!”
Aawat bows again. “Please accept-.”

Before Aawat could bow again, the King of Min Island already rushed out to the dance floor to join their daughter with his Queen behind him. It was chaos in the ballroom as people questioned the events of what just happened. King Aawat was curious about the strange man who his son just had a fit with but the masked stranger already disappeared like think air.

Pope dragged Yaya out to the gardens where Yaya use to spend her days with Princess Ja when she worked as a seamstress for Min Palace. Her mask she threw away long before they reached the gardens.  No one was around. Yaya unsheathed the hidden knife under her belt and holds it against the right side of his neck. Pope felt the cold blade against his skin and slowly he turns to face her. Yaya’s stare
was the scariest he has ever seen.
“If time could turn back and you changed your ways…I wouldn’t have a reason to face you in this manner. I am sure there was a certain point where I could forgive you for everything but then…you killed Nadech.”

Pope’s eyes widen. Pope takes a few steps closer to her. “How could I have- Where did you hear-.”
Yaya twists the knife in her hand, one small move and Pope will suffer from a deep cut. “Even now?!!” she yells.
“Yaya what has gotten into you?”
Yaya’s eyes glisten with tears. “Even when you know a knife will pierce your neck and you could die…your last words are lies?!”

“It was obvious, to you, he meant everything. To see you happy…I couldn’t let that happen. You were my first love…And you broke my heart.”

“And so I was to suffer the consequences of your lies for the rest of my life because I was your first love…” Yaya scoffs. “Well, you succeeded, I have lost something in the past that has made me completely miserable but not being with you in the end brings me the greatest happiness I could ever wish for.”
"I could have made you happy if you gave me a chance!"
"You had your chances at true happiness Pope! Although it wasn't what you were looking for...you had it. You could have learned something from the woman who gave her whole heart to you but didn't hold on to her tight enough…now the pure love she gave to you, do you think you deserve it?”
Immediately, Pope thought of his wife Ja, her love to him was pure and innocent, had he realized earlier. Yaya lowered the sword. He watched her lower her sword.
"Answer me! Do you deserve happiness after what you've done? Come to your senses Pope!" Before he knew it, he suffered a harsh slap across his left cheek. Yaya repeated what she had done, this time to his other cheek. Pope groaned in pain trying to protect his face from her incoming hits. Each hit began to feel harder as her hands turned into fists. She walked forward, forcing him to retreat as she beat him with all her might.
Meanwhile, Nadech's followers have escorted the royal family to the the King and Queen's bedroom chambers. It was the safest room in the palace, with most privacy,
“What on earth is going on?” the King demanded after one of Nadech's guard locked the door.

Nadech finally takes off his mask. The King’s eyes widen upon seeing Nadech for the first time. “Prince Nadech…you were the one who disappeared… a convict in Yasortorn.”

Nadech walks up to the King, facing him. “A convict, thief, murderer, captain of a sex trading ship…you name it, I pretty much have every
bad name in the book. However, before we get to the point of why I am here, I want to make sure you don’t mistake me to be any such person.
"Who are you then?" aske the King.
"I wish to protect this island as much as my father did."

"Protect? What on earth is going on?!"
“Your majesty, you have to give your orders or by dawn, Min Island will be attacked by the Yasortorn army led by my Uncle. On the southeastern beaches, he already has an army waiting for his orders to attack the kingdom. You must believe me. My forces aren’t powerful enough to take on this attack; you must inform your whole army.”

“You are accusing not only the King of Yasortorn but my daughter’s father-in-law of invading my land?! Prince Nadech, what proof do you have?!”

“The truth!" Nadech yelled. “Your majesty, I bring you only the truth, it is my only defense. My father was his eldest brother but…Uncle Aawat was able to erase him from this world, I am his nephew, he’s had many chances to kill me but instead raised me. I realized, it was worse than my father’s fate. Do you know why? Because I lived like a fool being lied to every single day of my life, your majesty…like my
father and I, you are being fooled. And like my father, I wish to protect Min Island, isn't that good enough for you?"
The King was nervous, walking back and forth, rubbing sweat off his forehead. He pours himself a glass of water by his bed side and gulps the water, emptying the cup in seconds. “If your words are true like you say they are, other than your army who are our other allies?” he asked Nadech.

“I have come to terms with King Puwanas and he has agreed to send reinforcement.”

The King coughs and nods. “By dawn…” He continues to cough. "By dawn, you say..."

“What’s wrong with father?” Princess Ja asked after hearing her father cough so much. She tries walking towards the direction she heard her father coughing.

“I’m…okay.” He coughs one last time and blood pours out of his mouth.

Everyone rushes to him, his Queen screaming as she caught him. Princess Ja knew something was wrong when she heard her mother. Nadech runs to the water the King just drank and knew right away that the water was poisoned.

Back at the gardens, Yaya throws another punch and Pope falls back onto the ground, killing half the plants, his face bruised and bloody. Something made him not fight back; he continued to remember his wife’s sad face when he walked out of the ball room with Yaya. He let Yaya beat him until she was tired. Yaya kneeled in front of Pope, her knuckles aching, breathing hard. Soon he heard her softly cry.
“Today, I came here, hoping to kill you...for Nadech." She sniffs. "I really can't…you deceived us both, but Princess Ja loved you wholeheartedly without knowing anything. Only she has the right to take your life."

Pope wipes the blood on the corner of his mouth. Tears streamed down his cheek.
They hurried and put the King in his bed, the family doctor was called in to figure out the antidote to cure him. Princess Ja touched her father's face, feeling the blood dripping from his mouth. She hears her mother sobbing beside her. Ja knew her father was in grave danger, the atmosphere of the room turned chaotic.
The King finally utter Nadech's name. Nadech rushes over to him. "Yes."
"Please protect Min Island...please do what you can for Min Island."
"Yes, your majesty."
A few feet apart, Pope and Yaya stood in the garden court facing each other in silence as the moon rose at its highest. Pope replayed the words Yaya just said and for the first time, he felt the need to say he was sorry for everything to his wife. Something was stopping him from leaving.
"You have let her lived long enough son."
The tip of a blade touched the side of Yaya's neck and she froze. Pope looked up and behind Yaya, stood his father holding the sword up against her neck.
Once more, Pope felt the cold tip of a blade on his neck and stopped himself from moving. Nadech kept of the point of his sword at Pope's neck as he circled up to stand next to Pope, turning to him. His eyes intensely staring at Pope. King Aawat couldn't kill Yaya now, he would lose his only son. Nadech looked at his Uncle and Yaya as she  struggled to stay focus with King Aawat's sword pointed at her neck.
"Bai!" Pope yelled. "Have you gone mad?"
Nadech looked at his cousin again and sighs. "How long has it been? 4-5 years?"
As if he's seen a ghost, Pope's face turned white. "Nadech?"
Nadech smiles and nodded. "There is something I learned between us...you aren't destined to kill me."



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As the moon was making its slow descend, Nadech held his sword against his cousin’s neck while he watched his Uncle hold his sword against the woman he loves. One move from either of them would mean they will lose two people who mean the most to them. Pope couldn’t take his eyes off Nadech, it was so surreal, and the moment Nadech spoke those words, he felt he had lost everything in life.

“How-.” Pope swallowed. “How could you be alive? I saw you…you fell off the cliff.”

Nadech turns to look at his cousin. “You only watched me fall…but did you have any idea what was going through my mind? I just kept thinking, how was I to die, leaving you with my woman.”

Pope’s eyes widen.

“And thanks to you for being matchmaker for Lord Bai.”

“Bai?” Pope turns to Yaya. “Nadech being alive as Lord Bai…you knew all along.”

Yaya admitted, “Just for him to stay alive…if it meant I had to hide it from you, I was willing to for him.”

“You can never trust a woman my son.” Aawat interrupted. “They can ruin the hearts of men, even destroy a family.”

“Speak for yourself, Uncle. If anything, you bring only destruction and dishonor to the royal family of Yasortorn. You are unworthy of calling yourself the King of Yasortorn with all the sins you have created!!” Nadech yells in frustration, tears at the end of his eyes.

From behind, Nadech’s men have already surrounded Aawat, they force his hands behind his back as his sword held against Yaya’s neck falls to the ground. He struggles but he was old and too weak to stop Nadech’s men from twisting his hands behind. Yaya runs to Nadech’s side safely. More men come out of the shadowy areas around the garden; these were all of Nadech’s men. Pope and Aawat weren’t expecting this ambush. Nadech released Pope and his
men arrested Pope.

“He has to be somewhere right now, take him back Yaya.”

Yaya nodded and walks back towards the palace with Pope following, two guards holding him at sword point.

Nadech walks up to his Uncle who was now tied up.

Aawat looked up at Nadech with a blink expression.

“At first, I…didn’t want to believe it…” Nadech shook his head. “If not a lot…a little of my blood runs in your veins, so I still, even until this day wonder…what good of it was my father’s death at your hands?” Nadech’s tears spill down his cheeks. “What good of it…when my father knew the rightful King was you and he…he…was willing to give his only brother the title of being king just so he could be with my mother and raise me as his son.”

Aawat seemed unmoved by Nadech’s words. Like he was in deep thought, remembering the day Nadech’s father died. Nadech grabs Aawat’s collar, bringing him up to face him.

“Tell me! What good of it?!” Nadech shook his Uncle.

Aawat looked into Nadech’s eyes. “Between him and me, it was always survival of the fittest. You are really his son, I can see it in your eyes, it’s the same weakness my brother had.”

“You’re wrong, because you have raised me; I have learned to be a sinful human being as well. The weakness you say I take after my father’s only fuels my hatred and vengefulness towards you. I will watch you suffer in my hell…have you live between life and death in the darkest shadows ever known to men until the day you meet my father for the punishment awaiting you in death.”

“If you are smart, you will let me go…if you want your mother to be alive the next time you see her."
Yaya escorted Pope back to the King’s bedroom. Outside the unopened chamber doors, Yaya says, “Those who love you, can only give you so many chances...if you go into this room with all your senses, opening your heart, be the same Pope I once knew with a pure heart. Seeing what love was really like once more, towards Princess Ja.”

Yaya turned around and walked away from Pope. The guards open the bedroom doors and he walked inside, clueless about the tragedy he was about to see.

Ja was with the King’s lifeless body lying on his bed. Pope was shocked to see his wife sitting at the foot of the bed, motionless, like a statue. He continued to walk towards her until he saw the white face of the dead King lying on the bed. Shocked overcame him.  Ja unsheathed the dagger by her side, when she heard his footsteps coming closer.

“Prince Pope, is that you?” She asked.

Pope stopped.  “Ja.”

“It’s just you…”

“What…what happened?”

Ja shook her head. “They say…Father is no longer with us. He’s lying on the bed, it’s like he’s just sleeping. At times like these, not being able to see truly is a gift, I can't imagine the hardship my father went through.”

Pope was silent.

“Did you know I was having your baby?”

“Yes. I knew.”

Ja smirks. “I really wanted touch their fingers and hear their cries, but…how…how did someone who isn’t worthy of my love or…” Ja touches her belly. “my baby’s love become my husband?” Ja holds up the dagger. “I never want to hear your voice or let my child see you! Ever! Your voice will haunt me forever!!”

Pope runs to her, slapping the dagger out of her hand and hugs her tightly from behind.

“Stop it!!” Pope screams. “Please, I beg of you!”

“NO!! Why, out of all times, do you stop me now?! WHY??!!” Ja struggles to break free from Pope.

“I promise, I will take care of everything!! Everything!! Just please don’t do this!!”

Ja breaks down, sobbing. “Oh Father!! Why?!! Why do you have to leave me in this state? I have no one to go to!! FATHER!! Please let me go to my father!! I can't listen for his voice anymore!!”
Yaya returns to the gardens just as Aawat was being escorted back into the palace dungeons by the guards. She searches for Nadech but he is nowhere to be found. She runs out to find his horse was gone.

“Where has Nadech gone?” she asks a random guard but they refuse to tell her for Nadech have warned them.

Nadech rode through the night, holding a flaming torch in one hand. Some of his men rode behind him as they race towards his mother’s home.

Back in the palace dungeons Yaya confronts Aawat about Nadech’s whereabouts.

“You are no better than those who belong to be locked up. I will take pride in cutting you into pieces if you don’t tell me where Nadech has gone.” She threatened.

Aawat smiled. “Of course, I have sent him to say farewell to his mother.”

Yaya slaps Aawat in the face. “If you hurt my mother, I will make sure you suffer more than anyone you have ever sent to the gallows.”




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Nadech tied his horse to the tree outside his mother’s backyard. All the lights were lit and Nadech could hear the men inside his mother’s house. They were awaiting him for sure. Nadech signaled for his men to move on in quietly closer to the house.

Someone came out of the house to use the bathroom; Nadech came behind him and slit the guy’s throat before he could call for help. But another man who was watching out for his friend Nadech just killed saw and yelled.
“They’re here!! They’re here!!”

Nadech runs to the man and strikes him with the sword and soon enough, Aawat’s men came running out of the house, fully armed ready to fight Nadech and his army.

Nadech fought with his fellow army, losing some in the battle. It felt forever until he reaches inside the living room where his mother was tied up lying on the ground. Nadech rushes over and unties her. The first thing he does, hugging her tightly.

“Mom…mom, you’re going to be all right, I am here, I am.”

Pim opened her eyes and smiled. “Nadech…are you okay too?”

Nadech nodded. “Let’s get out of here mom.”

He bends down to pull his mother up onto her feet.

Pim gasps. “Look out!!” She moves Nadech out of the way so he wouldn’t get hurt.

Nadech looked at his mother’s face that had turned white, second later blood gushed out of her mouth. He was staring at the sword that pierces through her waist.

“MOM!!!” Nadech screamed. He punches the man on the side of his head so hard, his eyes turned bloodly, killing him in seconds. This was Aawat’s eunuch who found Pim’s true identity as Nadech’s mother.

Nadech made sure the man was dead before returning to his mother’s side. He took the sword out of her waist and had to watch her endure the pain. Nadech cradled her in his arms as he cried.

“Please…please don’t leave me mother…please.” He bud his forehead with hers. “Please.” He looked up, praying for a miracle.

Pim smiles, she touches Nadech’s cheek. “I’ll be okay.”

Nadech shakes his head. “How will you be okay? I won’t be able to take care of you. I told you, when your daughter-in-law and I return we will live a happy life, just the three of us…I..I yearn for that so much.”
Nadech cries.

Pim breathe heavily as she endures the pain. “I was so excited too, having you two, living with you happily but…either way I will be happy…I…I…will get to join your father at the horizon…so don’t be sad, my dear. I get to be with those I love no matter where I am.”

Nadech hugs his mother tightly, crying a river.

“Yaya’s dress in the chest by my bed….please have her wear it…I want to see her wear it so much.”

Nadech nodded.

“Promise me you will have a wedding so big on Min Island I will be able to see from above.”

Nadech nodded.

Pim smiles and closes her eyes, dying in Nadech’s arms.

Aawat’s men retreated from the house but they weren’t done yet, they lit torches and threw them at the house. The house lit up in fire and smoke in just minutes. Nadech was oblivious to this until he felt his men tugging at his clothes, pulling him away from his mother. He fought his way back to his mother’s side, bowing his head at her cold feet. They continued to fight with Nadech to get him out of the house before it all went up in flames.

Some were trying to put out the fire but it was no use. They dragged Nadech out onto the grass where it was safe. He sobbed for his mother out of anger and frustration. He felt he had lost.

Nadech looked out at sea, the sun was rising. There was something new about this new sunrise, it felt free and he could feel warmth from it. It was like the sunrise was covering the darkness and pain he was feeling, shining light into his cold heart. It was like his father was there to say, your mother’s with me, your duty to protect her is now mine.  

Yaya smelled the fire as she rode alone towards her mother’s house and becomes even more concerned. She arrives at the burnt down house and quickly jumps off her horse and runs towards the house.

“MOM! NADECH!” Yaya screams. She spots Nadech and runs towards him.

Nadech stops in front of her. “You can’t go near the house.”

Yaya’s confused. “Why? Where is mom? Not until mother’s safe.” She walks pass him but Nadech captures her arm and swings her back in front of him.

“She’s safe so please, don’t go.”
“Safe? As in how?”

Nadech shakes his head. His tearful eyes told her everything.

The moment Yaya sees those tears in his eyes, she knew something was wrong. “No…she’s not safe, you’re lying to me.” She cries. “Mother’s not safe!”

Yaya tries running from Nadech but he wraps his arms around her shoulders so she wouldn’t go to the house.

“MOM!!” Yaya screams. “MOM!” Yaya tries hard to escape from Nadech but it was no use.

Yaya’s strength made Nadech unstable; he fell and sat on the grass bringing her down with him. He tightened his grip on her shoulders. She sobbed loudly.
Nadech grew silent, watching his burnt down home, he laid his face on Yaya’s back as he too quietly sobbed away. His tears streaming onto her shirt.



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hi neena thank u 4 this awesome update, love it so much and its so sad ! at least yadech r together, feel so sorry for his mom ! thank u 4 writing this amazing ff, wif appreciation !


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awwwww tat's soooo sad!!!! Y?!?!?!?!? they were expecting to be happy @ the end........awwww tat made me cried. poor yadech, hopefully things will be better