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Son Songpaisan: Son is Thailand’s superstar and is still on the rise. He is arrogant, hard to please, and is thought to be selfish by his acquainted. But only very few knew that he isn’t what he appeared to be.

Mos Patiparn: Mos Patiparn, or Gun to his friend, is a cop in his county, a small neighborhood by the coast. He is very well like in the neighborhood as he show kindness and generosity, though he likes to act indifference and act mean.

Vill Wonarot: Vill is a kindergarden teacher in Gun’s county and is one of his few closest friends. She is an avid fan of Son Sonpraisan and love to recite his songs to her students.

Best Athicha: Nalin Athicha is the daughter the second wife of a rich diamond seller in Bangkok. When her parent died, she is under the care of her loving stepmother and stepbrother. Because she didn’t want to be a burden to her brother and stepmother, she agreed to marry her friend, Nat Thephussadin, who is an incurable playboy.


Son Sonpraisan is a rising star in Thailan who is bossy and somewhat hard to please. He had just fired another manager, leaving his friends and coordinator in frustrations. When he returned to Bangkok from his promotional tour, Son found himself missing his first and only love.

Vill Wonarot is an avid fan of Son Sonpraison. Ton Chayathorn had been friends with Vill for a few years and his love for her is growing stronger by the day. Having decided to marry her, Ton goes on a campaign to win her heart. But little did he know that he would up against something either he or Vill can control—the fact that Vill’s heart is no longer hers to give.

Nalin had been stuck in a loveless and unsteady marriage for about a year. After she caught her husband in bed with her best friend, Nalin ran away without money or connections. Pregnant with no money and contact, Nalin ended up fainting in front of Gun’s house. Having chased a drunkard all night, getting scold by his boss for damaging public property, and having to return without dinner, Gun was annoyed to find a woman asleep on his doorstep. But being a cop and a good Samaritan, Gun was forced to bring her in for the night.

Nalin was surprised to wake up in a strange house with an angry stranger just waiting to kick her out. But having nowhere to go, Nalin asked for an extended stay only to have Gun refused. Fortunately, before he was able to get of her, one of the neighbors walked in and confronted Gun with a heated argument. Relenting to her, Gun agreed to let Nalin stay until she can find a job.

Chapters Index

Chapter 1: A MANAGER FOR THE STAR - 4/30/10
Chapter 2: VILL'S No. 1 STAR - 5/3/10
Chapter 3: The Final Straw - 5/3/10
Chapter 4: An Inconvenient Night - 5/7/2010
Chapter 5: An Unwelcome Guess and One Unhappy Host - 7/11/10
Chapter 6: A CONSTANT PROPOSAL - 7/12/10
Chapter 8: AT FIRST SIGHT - 11/25/11

NOTE: If anyone had noticed, I've written this story in a way that you are able to read completely two separate stories (i.e. Son and Vill's story, Gun and Nalin's). That was how the story orginated anyway, two separate stories. But in the process of submitting it on this site, I felt that a fifteen chapter story will be too short and managing two different threads will be a little too much (considering i had the other two fanfics to complete also). So I decided to combine the two. Thus, combining the characters, having them make special appearances in one another. So if you just happen to like one story over the other, keep in mind that the tittles that are all in caps are Son and Vill's stories and the whatnot is Gun and Nalin's...or just read the whole thing.


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FOREWORD updated! Enjoy. Let me know if it's good enough to start a storyline.


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it sounds REALLY good.
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I edited some of the character's info and the foreword. as for the story, i'll be submitting the first chapter sometimes this week.


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This is not much for starters, but it's only the beginning. Enjoy the story and leave comments after. I think you gals already know i like that. lol. :D


-----Tokyo, Japan. Photoshoot Studio------


Everyone in studio paused whatever they were doing and turned to look at door that leads to the adjoining fitting room. “Here we go again,” someone mumbled and shook his head while the others laughed and then returned to what they were doing before the commotion. It was a usual occurrence and nobody paid much mind to it anymore.

Meanwhile, in the adjoining room, a young woman paced the floor while fanning herself with a magazine to blow off some steam. Reclining on the couch before her was a young man playing with his iPod, shuffling through the songs, as if he was oblivious to the woman in front of him. “I can’t believe we’re going through this again. I swear I’ll be in the mental hospital pretty soon if this continues. Why can’t you at least tolerate the new manager? It’s his first—Son? Son!” She gritted her teeth in frustration when she realized that he wasn’t listening. “Son, if you don’t listen to me this minute, I’ll gladly murder you on the spot!”



The young man looked up at her. “Did you say something, Aerin?”

Aerin narrowed her eyes at him, her temper flaring. “I said—” she paused and leaned down over his reclining from and snatched the iPod and headphone from him. “that I vow to grab that salad fork and stab it up your ass if you keep this attitude of yours.”

Son grimaced. “Ouch.”

Getting up from the couch, Son walked to the window. “Damn lady, you’re so harsh. It’s not like I’d killed someone.”

“You’re killing me, you idiot! I’m the one who’ll be apologizing to the president for the consequences of your actions. How can you have the face to fire a top-class manager that the president hired for you? Out of all the idiocy, ugh! I’ve never been so steamed up in my life, not even when you fired your 55th manager.”

“Relax, woman,” Son said casually, as if nothing was happening. “The guy was an idiot. For a manager, he can’t even manage to follow a simple rule. He was lucky I let him go without a problem.”

Aerin rolled her eyes. “Son, you gave him two bloody black eyes and called him a walking stick.”

Son chuckled. “What am I suppose to call a skinny bag of bone? You know, I still regret letting him off easily by calling him a walking stick. I can think of a much better one right now.”

I can think of a good one for you, too, Aerin thought to herself. “Be that as it may, you shouldn’t have punched him.” Aerin walked in front of Son and looked up at him. “What am I suppose to say to the president? What if the manager guy plans to sue you? What if he takes this to the press? What would happen to your career?!” She watched as he contemplate that for a moment and then gaze back down at her. He gave her a lopsided grin, one she had learned to be familiar with. “Oh, Son, you are a devil incarnated. Son, you k—Son? Son! Come back!”

“Tell him the truth. He knows me well by now.” With that, he disappeared out the door.

Aerin slumped into the couch. “Damn that idiot.”

“Aerin, what happened? I just saw Son left. You two argued again? I heard you screaming earlier.”

Aerin looked up to find her assistance entered the room. She turned away, her hand messaging her head, hoping to ease her growing headache. “Son fired his new manager again.”

“Already? But it’s not even one day yet?”

“He would have fired him in one second flat had the president didn’t hire the poor guy.” She replied dryly. “He mixed up Son’s outfit for today’s shoot so Son gave him two black eyes. Ugh! I’m going crazy! What am I suppose to tell the president, Po? He’s expecting me to report the guy’s progress to him by the end of the day!”

“I think that you should tell him the truth. The president wouldn’t be surprise. Son is his nephew; I don’t think it would be much of a problem.”

“That’s not the point. Related or not, he’s still Son’s president. How can he explain to other dara’s if he keeps letting Son getting away with so much?”Aerin, threw her body back onto the couch in disgust. “Some nephew he is. Sometimes, Po, I swear that I want to rip that face of his and crush it in a blender. Right now would be the perfect time. Too bad the devil escaped.”

Po laughed. “Sometimes I wonder how you two ended up working together. He doesn’t get along with anyone, especially the manager. From what I observed, Son hated all the managers that come to work for him. They always do something wrong. Hopefully, we can find someone who he’ll like.”

“Po,” Aerin said to catch the woman’s attention. “Son doesn’t want a manager. He don’t like to have people bossing over him all the time. Remember the one he fired for just getting him the wrong drink? That devil wants to do anything he pleases without having to look anyone up. He doesn’t understand that he needs a manager to oversee things that I don’t have time for. It seem that I’m the only one that can tolerate the bastar—” she paused as a though came into her mind. A smile formed on her face and her headache suddenly disappeared. She jumped up from the couch. “That’s it! I will have to find someone whose sassy enough give back as good as he gets. Someone more like me.”

The thought settled, Aerin gave Po a devilish smile, one similar to the one Son gave her earlier. “Po, when I find that person, Son will rue the day he fired all 55, no, 56 managers.”

----Phom Pre, South of Bangkok, on the coast (It is a fictional location. Doesn’t exist.) ---

“This is it, Parn. Look, your mom is here.”

A little girl, about 5 turned from her teacher and smiled as her she saw her mother coming toward her. Excited, she pulled her hand from her teacher and ran toward her mother’s waiting arms. From a distance, her teacher watched the two embraced, exchanged greetings and then walked to her. “Was she difficult today, Vill?”

“Parn is a good kid like always. Right Parn?” the teacher asked the little girl, who smiled and nodded. Vill and the mother exchange some words and soon, they bid farewell.

Vill watched as mother and daughter walked away hand in hand. She smiled as she remembered the days that her mother would pick her up from school. It’s been so long ago, but she can still remember their conversations shared during their walk home. When the last of her students finally went home, Vill bid goodbyes to her fellow college and left the school. It was her turn to return home.

The town of Phom Pre is a relatively small neighborhood. Everyone knows one another and was always pleasant. It’s not unusual for people to stop and converse with each other as they continue on their daily lives. Today was no exception. Vill found herself being stopped by people left and right. Some are the parents of her student, hoping to catch up with their child’s progress while others are old friends she used to work with or elders who had known her since she was an infant.

“Where are you hurrying off to, Vill? So you’re not stopping by Uncle Pae’s shop today?” An elder uncle, known as Uncle Pae by everyone, is a popular figure in the town. He knows everyone, and everyone knows him. Vill had always loved and respected him since her memories of him goes way back into the days when she used to get treats and candies from him as a little toddler. Uncle Pae had always let it known that he loved her like his own daughter.

Vill smiled as she walked into the small, but popular shop that sells everything from food to everyday items. “Hm, who says I am skipping your shop. I’m here now, aren’t I?” she teased. “Hmm, today Uncle Pae looks so happy. What’s happening?”

“Why can’t I be happy?” he asked with a chuckled. “I’ve got you a little surprise. Wait here.” Vill shook her head as her uncle happily rushed from the room and into the adjoining room behind the counter separated by a blue curtain. As she waited, Vill distracted herself by reading the various titles on the magazine rack. A moment later, her uncle returned. “Here it is…my little present for a special someone.”

Vill arched her brows in question as her uncle handed her a little rectangular packet, beautifully wrapped with a blue ribbon. “What is it?” she asked.

“Open it.” He urged.

Curious, Vill removed the ribbon and ripped the wrapping paper to reveal a CD. Turning it around to see the front cover, Vill was awed to find that it was a brand new single of her favorite artist. “Uncle…this…”

“It’s the new album by Son the Star,” her uncle finished for her. He came behind her and placed his hand on her head. “I know how much you wish for this when you heard about it. So I asked my friend from Bangkok to pre-order one for you. It just came out today.”

Vill was speechless for a moment as she looked at the CD. “Kae Kor Mee Tur,” she read the title. “It’s his new song. The one he composed himself. Oh, this is so…so…” Excited, she turned to her uncle and hugged him. “Thank you. Thank you. I love you so much.”

Laughing, her uncle hugged her back. “I knew you’ll like it. Take it as your early birthday present. I know that there can be no better present for you than this.”

“It’s the best present anyone had ever given me.”

Pulling back so he can look at her, he gave her a teasing glance. “You said that about every present you get. Don’t laugh. It’s true. I’ve been to enough birthdays of yours to know.”

Vill laughed and shook her head. “I’ve always love everything you give me…no matter what it is.”

(Note: The song Kae Kor Mee Tur is the same song from Bie the Star. Song romanji and translations credit to raymond_obsessed. Just pretends that Son wrote it in here okay. I chose it because it goes with the storyline.)

Dtong yuu yang rai kaa toong fah chaang waang bplao
Have to live as useless, the sky is so empty
Mee dtae kwarm ngao kuey klai chit bpen ngao tid dtua
There is only loneliness awaiting as a shadow nearing (me)
Nub dtaang dtae tur pai nai jai chun gor plan muet mua
Ever since you were gone my heart instantly blurs
Ying moang saeng fai sa luang nai hua jai ying reum salai
The more (I) stare at the misty light, my heart greatly begin to shatter
Tur pai yuu nai gun kid teung chun reur bplao
Where are you (?) do you miss me (?)
Kwarm jeb room rao kwarm ngiap ngao mai kuey kleet klaai
The harass agony, the loneliness never ease up
Mai wah tur yuu nai ya hai roo hai tur cau jai
No matter where you are (I) want you to know, want you to understand
Chun khong mai mee kwarm mhai hak mai mee tur muern gao
I’m meaningless if without you here like before

*Mai wah bang ha nan mee mak mai tao rai
*No matter how many problem there is
Dtor hai soong sia tao rai laek dai samuer
Even if to loose everything, (I) can always exchange

**Kae koh mee tur kae dai pop tur ja jur rueng dai mai wan
**Just to have you, just to see you, encountering anything, (I) won’t fear
Tur nan kue raeng haeng saeng tawan
You are the power of sunshine
Hai chun kao dern ya pop dtaa gun sop sai dtaa gun kid teung luer kern
Letting me walk forward wanting to meet (you) face to face, to stare at one another’s eye, miss you very much
Muer rai kwarm hang hern ja jop sing long sia tee
When is this estrangement going to end (?)
(Soh loh yang yao nang)
(Have been down for a long time)
Ai oon ja om got waew data tee ohn oon
The warmth from embracing, the acquiesce eyes
Kue pap saton bok hai kon ha tur tor pai
Is the picture telling (me) to continue searching for you
Took krung tee moang fah ya dta gohn hai tur cau jai
Every time I look at the sky, I want to scream so you’’ll understand that
Chun kong mai meek warm mhai hak mai dai tur keurn ma
I am meaningless if I didn’t get you back
(Repeat *, **, **)

Vill closed her eyes and leaned back on the green grass. It’s been so long since Son had compose something new, especially of his own. She wonders what inspired him to write this song. From the sound of his voice, he seemed so lonely and sad.

Opening her eyes, Vill watched the clouds float by and can hear the distance laughters of children playing in the distance since her iPod was set on low. It was wonderful to end her evenings like this, laying on the green grass in the park…listening to Son’s voice and his beautiful music.

--------Tokyo, Japan. Son's hotel room.---------

“I already booked the flight for you. You have to return to Bangkok first. I would have gone with you, but the upper reps wants to go over the photoshoot results and the contract details,” Aerin explained as she handed Son the tickets. “I’ll be back about a week from now. We’re keeping your return a secret from the public, so you’re returning alone.”

Busily leafing through the pages of some latest mag, Son didn’t even look at the ticket she handed him. He placed it on the coffee table, his eyes never leaving the magazine. “We’re finish here. The contract and reps shouldn't take that long. What’s keeping you here?”

“Finding you a new manager,” she stated dryly.

That gave Son a pause and he looked up at her. “You’re still at that? I though you would give by now. Give up; it’s not going to work.”

Aerin rolled her eyes, too tired to start an argument with him. Regardless of her thinking otherwise, she knew that Son would never warm up to the idea. Fifty six fired managers already given the testament to that. “Remember to keep a low profile,” she said and left the room.


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wow, you're really good at writing.
you must ace it. lovee this fanfic so far.
I love that song by Bie. :)
hehe.., Son a singer, he's hot. haha xD
Son seems a bit mean but seeing him mean is too cute :)
loving it so far.
please continue :)


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Son's character is such a spoil superstar, 56 fired managers. lol.
I wonder if Vill's gonna be his new manager. Waiting for more.


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A small chapter update. Enjoy. :)

Chapter 2: VILL'S No.1 STAR
“So this is where you are.”At the sound of a familiar voice, Vill opened her eyes and found herself staring into the face of her friend-of-five years. “I’ve been looking all over for you.”

Vill smiled and sat up. Looking around, she realized the sun was midway across the sky. “It’s afternoon already?”

“If you were expecting the moon at this time, I suggest you sleep for many hours more.” Came the reply. As expected, it also comes with some teasing. “Of course, you should go home and sleep on your bed instead of green grass in the middle of the park.”

Vill shook her head and pulled the iPod headphones from her ears. “Give me a break, Ton. It’s the weekend.”

Ton Chayathorn is a handsome young man whom Vill met at college. Their unexpected meeting occurs when Vill was asked to tutor him in his worst subject. They developed a steady friendship and had been there for one another ever since. But lately, Ton had been hinting that he wanted more than just friendship, so Vill is not sure of what will go on with their relationship. After all, Vill only love him like her own brother.

In the meanwhile, the subject of her thought sat on his haunch next to her. “What are you listening to?”

At the thought of her favorite artist, Vill suddenly felt herself becoming animated. “It’s Son P’s new album. Uncle Pae bought it for me yesterday.” She rummaged through her purse for the CD and then handed it to him. “It’s an early birthday present.” Then she went on to talk about the new song that Son composed and how much she likes it. As she talked, Ton shook his head and smiled knowingly. Vill is nothing if she’s not an avid fan of Son P.

Ton took one look at the CD and rolled his eyes. “I should’ve thought of this. Too bad Uncle Pae beat me to it.” He gave the CD back to her and Vill asked him why he was looking for her. “Well, it’s the weekend and I plan to take you out for lunch. Your mom says you’re out so I thought this is the only place you’ll be…listening to Son P.’s new album”

Vill rolled her eyes. “My mom told you I got the new CD?”

“Of course,” he said with a smile. “Now, want to go out and eat? My treat.”

------TWO HOURS LATER-------

“Noodles was great,” Ton said as he strolled down the street with Vill in towed. They had just left Vill’s favorite restaurant. “I don’t think I’ll be able to eat dinner tonight.”

Vill shook her head. “Your fault for eating two large bowls,” she said.

He stopped. “Excuse me, looks who’s talking. You ate three. It’s a wonder you haven’t gotten fat eating as much as that.”

Vill gasped at his teasing and they started to exchange remarks back and forth. Before they knew it, Vill was chasing Ton down the street, her purse out and ready to hit him. Ton laughed and ran ahead of her, occasionally running backward to stick his tongue out at her.

Suddenly, in the middle of the chase, Vill paused to look at something through the store window. Surprise that she had gave up chase and he walked back to her. He followed her stare into the shop and found that it was a book store. It wasn’t a surprise to also find that she was staring at a certain book, a superstar’s photobook to be exact. Vill entered the store as Ton followed, a knowing smile lingering on his lips.

Ton leaned on a nearby shelf and watched Vill, who was ogling the book with undivided attention, with amusement. For as long as he knows Vill, she is not the type of girl to hang on idols or is interested in media entertainment. Therefore, it was surprise for him to find that she loves Son P. But then, he guessed that all girls have at least one idol, and Son P. just happened to be Vill’s.

Sighing, he walked up behind her and peeked over her shoulder at the pages. The photobook, titled Son of Tokyo, featured Son in a variety of poses in various places of Tokyo. It was a typical shoot, Ton don’t know what’s so amazing about it. He guess girls like that sort of thing. He cleared his throat, loudly for the purpose of Vill hearing him. “If only you shower me with the same love. I would die a happy man.”

Vill paused at Ton’s teasing and turned around to face him. “There is so much to love about Son P. His music for example, are beautiful and heart-warming. Then there is his acting and his modeling. He’s not famous for nothing.”

Ton leaned down, bringing his face closer to her for the purpose of teasing. “But he’s also arrogant, hard-to-please, and very stubborn,” he informed, repeating what he had read on the effect from a gossip mag.

Vill was not going to let that hanging. “That only makes him human,” she countered good naturedly. “All great people have their faults. Remember Beethoven?”

Ton rolled his eyes and shook his head. “What you’ll say for the guy. He doesn’t even know you exist.”

Vill shook her head, smiled, and took the book to the cashier anyway.

------------Bangkok, Thailand------------

“Miss Nalin, what are you doing? Here let me get that. You’re not supposed to work hard in this condition.”

A woman in her mid-twenties turned around from the counter and smiled at her nanny. “It’s alright auntie. It’s only cooking.” She grabbed the large pot filled with water and lifted it onto the stove.

“But miss, the doctor told you not to lift anything heavy. You’re pregnant, remember? Okay, just let me do the cooking and you get back to cutting those vegetables. Besides, I'm the cook.”

Nalin sighed. “Auntie, I’m only one month. You’re overreacting. And besides, I want to surprise Nat with dinner tonight. It’s our first anniversary. Even though I didn't cook the food, at least I can feel like I contributed by helping you cook.”

Smiling, the elder woman came to stand next to her mistress. “You’re helping to make him dinner, I’m sure Khun Nat would love it anyhow.” Her nanny helped her prepare the food and the two shared a lively conversation. It wasn’t until they were talking about the food when she realized that she had forgotten something.

“Uh oh. Auntie, I forgot to buy champagne. This event call for it.” Nalin hit her forehead. “I’m ridiculous, always forgetting this and that.”

Her nanny frowned. “Miss, why champagne? You’re pregnant.”

Nalin smiled. “Not for me. For Nat. He always likes champagne for celebration. If I arrange dinner without champagne, he will say something for sure. Okay. I’ll go out and buy it. I’ll be back in a moment.”

“Well, well, well. Who do we have here?”

Busily looking a champagne labels, Nalin didn’t noticed that a woman had walked up to her. After hearing her spoken, Nalin frowned at the voice and looked up. “Patcha.” She said as she recognized the woman. A big smile broke on her face. “Patcha! Is this you? You’re beautiful.”

“Really? I didn’t know,” Patcha teased. “Look at you. Married life suits you. I heard you’re pregnant.”

Nalin nodded. “Yes, I am. But let’s not talk about that here. Let’s find somewhere to talk.”

Thirty minutes later, the two friends were sitting across from one another, catching up to old times. Nalin and Patcha were friend since high school. Though they are not best friend, they were pretty close and called each other occasionally until Patcha had to move away a few months back.

“Congratulation on your first year anniversary,” Patcha said. “So you’re helping to make him dinner? Does he know?”

Nalin laughed. “If he knows, it wouldn’t be a surprise would it?”

Her friend laughed too. “You’re right. I forgot for a moment.” As they ate, Nalin failed to notice that her friend frowned as she looked her over. It wasn’t until Patcha spoke again that Nalin realized. “Nalin, tell me, how is Nat toward you lately?”

Nalin frowned. It wasn’t a secret that Nat Theppussadin, the renowned playboy, hadn’t been faithful to her since their marriage. In fact, many had predicted that their marriage will fail from the start. All her friends and family had warned her against the marriage from day one.

Nalin too had doubts. Nat and she had been friends since growing up. Although Nat was a playboy, he never acted inappropriately toward her. In fact, they were best friend, and they still are. They go to one another in times of need and never failed one another. Therefore, he suddenly came out and asked her hand for marriage, Nalin agreed.

They didn’t love each other. That fact was made clear even before marriage. If anything the marriage was a beneficial one, although she hoped to make it work. Nat needed to marry in order to gain his inheritance and Nalin for the fact that she doesn’t want to make her stepmother and brother worry over her. She had been a burden to them for twenty years and had no desire to continue so.

Granted, they all love her and she never lack for anything. Her stepmother loved her with all her heart, and her half-brother cared for her more than anyone. Their disappointment was made clear when she told them that she was marrying Nat. At the end, they agreed to the nuptial because of their love for her. Of course, it didn’t exactly come clean. Nat had been threatened by her brother that if he makes her cry, he will pay with his life. The gun he pointed to Nat’s head made it clear enough.

“Just like always,” she answered. “Why?”

Patcha looked down, her lips pressed together into a grim line. “It’s just that I’m worried about you. You know his reputation, everyone does.”

Nalin sighed. “You don’t have to worry. Nat and I trust one another. Even if our marriage don’t stem from love, we have an understanding of one another. Don’t forget that Nat and I are best friend since childhood.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you on your anniversary,” Patcha grabbed her friend’s hand. “Nalin, I’m very sorry. I’m just worried about you. Ever since that time when Nat was caught with another woman, I’ve been worried.”

Nalin looked away. She doesn’t like to remember that day. Four months ago, Nalin had visited Nat at work to surprise him and take him out to lunch. It was one of her effort to strengthen their marriage. But instead, she found her husband with another woman in his arms. The events that happened after that were predictable. But Nalin remembered that she locked herself in their bedrooms for days. Nat had apologized, begged, and did everything she can to make her come out. Eventually, Nat broke the door down and brought her to the hospital when he realized that she was sick.

When she came to, Nat was by her side, upset and worried over her. He then begged her and asked her to forgive him. At first, Nalin was reluctant, but then she decides to give him one more change. After all, they didn’t marry on the basis of love. Therefore, she hoped that afterward, they would come to at least be faithful to one another. So she forgave him, but not before she told him that if he wants to be with another woman, they have to get divorce first.

Looking back at her friend, Nalin smiled and squeezed her hand. “Patcha, I know that you still worried. But I am alright.” She reached down and touched her stomach. “Right now, everything that had passed doesn’t matter anymore. Nat and I will be having a baby. He was ecstatic when he heard about it. This dinner will be to celebrate our anniversary and our first baby.”

Patcha smiled and congrats her again. Nalin thanked her and the two continued to eat again.


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^.^ I totally admire your writing style. I haven't read fics for a few months and I'm glad I picked one of yours to start off with. keep up the g/work!


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^^thank you so much. i'm glad you like it. :)

anyway, here's the next chapter. i'm don't know why i'm updating this one when i should be working on the other one, but i suddenly have this compulsion to get alot of this one done. enjoy! :lol:

Oh yeah, we have two guess stars in here. i think you'll love 'em. ;)

Chapter 3: The Final Straw​

“Auntie, is Nat home yet?” She asked the moment she entered the house. While with Patca, she was so happy about catching up that she almost forgotten to return home in time. Luckily, she had set her alarm in her cellphone.

Nalin took off her shoes and walked into the house. It was almost time for the surprise. She had called earlier and was told that the dinner table was set up and her husband hasn’t come home yet. She wasn’t surprise since he told her that he would be working late tonight.

Her nanny walked up to her and helped take her purse. “Miss Nalin, Khun Nat is home.”

“Really,” she asked. “He’s back? And where is he? Did he saw the dinner table yet?” She hoped not, she wants this to be a surprise.

“He’s upstairs.”

Nalin looked up the stair and thanked her nanny. “Auntie may go the rest now. I will be alright with Nat.” She started up and stair, not even noticing that something was troubling her nanny.


Nalin turned around halfway up the stair. “Do you need anything, auntie?”

“I-I don’t think you should go upstairs yet.”

Nalin furrowed her brow. “Why? Nat is not upstair?”

“No, he is. But—”

Nalin smiled. “Then it’s alright, auntie, I’ll be okay. Auntie can go to rest now.” With that, Nalin turned and hurried up the stair. Since their bedroom door was never locked, Nalin entered without knocking.

“Nat. Nat—I have someth—” Nalin stopped in mid sentence. She doesn’t think her husband had even heard her anyway.

At the moment, he was wrapped around a woman’s arms and limbs, and both ware completely nude. Both are so enthralled in one another that they failed to see her standing at the door.

It took them a full minute before they realized that she was in the room. Nat was the first one to react. “Lyn!” He quickly pulled from the woman and started toward her when he realized that he was completely naked. He grabbed a white sheet and wrapped them around his waist. “It’s not what you think.” He came to her and grabbed her arms.

The woman also grabbed her a sheet and wrapped them around herself. She sat up in the bed and look up. “Nalin!”

Nalin blinked the moment her eyes came to rest on the woman’s face. “Sai.” Her heart suddenly became grip in a whirlpool and anger started to consume her. She whipped around to face Nat.

He was quick to try to explain himself. “Lyn. Lyn—this—this is—Lyn! Come back! Lyn!”

She didn’t want to listen to anything. She wanted to get out of here. Her chest felts as if someone had taken a gun and shot right at it. Nalin blinked away a start of tears and, taking a deep breath, determined that she wouldn’t cry. Not at this moment. She hurried down the stair and was walking to the door. Suddenly, she felt someone grabbed her arm and swung her around.

“Lyn, listen to me. This is—this is nothing.” She glared at him. “I—I this is a mistake. Sai—Sai and I just each other today. We went to get a couple of drink and—and one thing lead to another. Lyn, please listen to m—”

“Listen? Listen to what?” she cried. She glanced back at the woman standing ashamed by the the
bottom of the stair. “That you decided to bring another woman home? That you were sleeping with her on our bed, on the night of our first anniversary? Is that it? And not just any woman—it’s Sai. Sai! The same Sai who is my best friend! The same Sai who comforted me when you cheated on me four months ago!” Tear blurred her visions. She saw her nanny coming to stand by the hallway, her eyes distressed.


“Don’t’ touch me!” she screeched, feeling suffocated by the chaos. Why? Why this? She tried. She tried for many months. She tried with all her willpower to make this marriage work. They were going to have a baby soon. Why? Why with her? Why her two best friends? Why? She looked up at her husband’s grim face. “I—I tried to make this marriage work. From the beginning I did! Why? Why are you doing this? Didn’t we agree that we’ll tell each other everything? You know that I will gladly give you a divorce if you want one. You know that all I want is for you to be faithful! Why! Why!”

“Lyn…” Nat came closer and grabbed her arms. She shoved them away, her chest heaving and her breathing deep. “Lyn—I’m sorry. I know you’re hurt, but I—I—”

“I—I can’t take this anymore. If—if you want to go around fooling with other woman, it’s fine. But I will no longer tolerate it,” Quickly, she forced her wedding rings for her finger and threw it in his face. “We’re over. I—I want a divorce!”

She turned to run out of the house, but she tripped over her feet and stumbled to the ground. She frantically tried to get up. As she struggled, tears blurred her visions ever more, making it more difficult. Then she felt someone putting his arms around her and pulled her up. It was her husband.

“I said—” she pushed his arms away. “Don’t touch me!” But he wouldn’t relent. His grip was hard around her as he pulled her into his arms. Usually, this was the arms that she had found so much comfort in. Now, she felt disgusted by it and wanted to be as for from it as possible. She continued to struggle. Suddenly she felt someone come up to them and a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“Nalin…” came a teary voice. Nalin stiffened at the voice of her x-best friend. “I’m sorry. I—I—”

Feeling her stiffness, Nat thought she had stopped struggling so he dropped his arms. Nalin turned around to face Sai. Sai was staring at her, tears in her eyes. Nalin didn’t waste a second, and in a moment a sound of flesh connecting on flesh broke into the silence. Nalin felt the sting on her palm, but she gripped her hand into a fist and looked at her former friend. Without saying a word, she ran out of the house.

For the next two hours, Nalin wandered the streets, having nowhere to go. It’s didn’t even mattered to her at the moment. Determined that she would stop crying, she continued to walk until she found herself sitting at the bus station. People stared at her, but she didn’t care.

How many times had her friends warned her? How many times had her stepmother and brother warned her? Why didn’t she listen? Her blink away tears that started to come again.

“Miss.” Startled, Nalin looked up to see a driver peering at her from his seat. “Are you getting on?”

Nalin looked around and realized that there was no one around. Also, some people on the bus were staring at her so she got up and got on the bus.

The sky deepened along with her gloom. Soon rain started pouring and the dark clouds started to roil overhead. Nalin stared at the raindrops until she started to pour herself. As much as she tried to halt them, they soon erupted into harsh sobs that caused the other passengers to look at her. But she didn’t even notice. She continued to cry until the lure of the bus ride and the rhythm of the rain on the windowpane lured her to sleep.

“Miss. Miss.”

Nalin opened her eyes to find the driver hovering over her. Startled, she pushed him away. “What are you doing?”

The man, seeming to understand her predicament, smiled. “It’s okay miss. Uncle was just walking you up. You fell asleep on the bus.”

“What?” Nalin sat up and looked around. He was right. She looked at him. “Sorry, uncle.”

“It’s okay, miss,” he assured her. “But you have to get off. This is my last stop. I have to return the bus.”

“Oh. Okay. I’m sorry for troubling you.” She started to get off the seat when she remembered that she got to pay the fee. “How much is the fee?”

He told her and she reached for her purse when she find that she didn’t have her purse with her. Her nanny had taken it before the incident occurred.

Seeming to read her thought, the driver told her that it’s okay and then let her off the bus. Nalin thanked him and continued on her way.

The rain had stopped and the moon was up. It wasn’t until the bus left when she found herself not knowing where she was or what time it was. She then remembered that she had left her purse and cellphone at home.

For a moment, she considered going home, but she quickly abandoned that. She will not be returning to that house. Then she thought about her stepmother and brother. She knew that they would take her in with open arms, but she didn’t want to further burden them. She knew that she had disappointed them by not listening to them. If she goes back now, she will disappoint them further.

After walking for another two hours, Nalin came across a noodle peddler that lay their shop on the streets. Her stomach rumbled at the smell of food. Touching her stomach, Nalin stared at the peddler. She went up her and asked how much was a bowl of noodle. She then searched her pocket for money and find that she doesn’t have any. She apologized to the lady and then walked away, her stomach growling as if in protest. She paused and touched her stomach. “I’m sorry. Mommy didn’t bring any money with me. But don’t worry. It’ll only be for tonight. I promise.”

---------London, England--------

The constant ringing of the cellphone interrupted the slumber of a sleeping couple. Too tired to pick it up, the owner of the cell grabbed a pillowed and covered his ears with it. After a few more ring, his wife got up and grabbed the phone. She peered at the number through sleepy eyes and pressed the talk button. “Hello?”

“Hello?” Came the reply. “Fang, this is mom. Is Bie there? I have something to tell him.”

Fang looked at her side and saw her husband falling back into slumber. She smiled. “Wait a moment, mom.” She leaned over her husband form and pulled the pillow aside. “Bie. Bie. It’s your mom. She wants to speak to you.”

“Huh? Mom?” he mumbled. “Tell her to call back in the morning. I’m sleeping.”

Fang looked out the window and then back. “But honey, it’s morning already. Come. Get up. No, don’t hide under the cover. Come on. Mom is still on the phone. Talk to her.” Digging him out from under the sheets, she grabbed his hand and placed the cell in his grip.

Bie opened his eyes and saw his wife giving him a shaming glance. He smiled and stole a quick kiss before sitting up. His wife smiled, pinched his arm, and cuddled next to him as he spoke on the phone. “Mom, what is it that’s so important that you have to wake me up so early in the morning.” He yawned loudly onto the phone, earning him another pinch from his wife. He gave her a grin and kissed her forehead.

“Lyn is missing.”

Only three words, but it was enough to wake Bie instantly from sleep. “What? Lyn is missing? What happened?”

Startle, Fang gave him a worried glance. Bie pulled the blanket off him and walk out into the porch, where the sun was just starting to rise. Fang got up and followed, her eyes full of questions.

“I don’t know. But Palai (Nalin’s nanny) called me twenty minutes ago. She said that Lyn caught Nat sleeping with her best friend and ran out of the house,” she informed in panic. “Bie, please help Lyn. She ran away without money and her cell. She hadn’t even call home. Bie, come home. Your sister’s in trouble. I’m so worried about her. Bie, mom—mom don’t know what to do.”

Bie felt an instant rush of anger and hatred toward Nat. But worries were quick to take over as his thoughts came to rest on the whereabouts of his younger sister. Deciding to put his anger aside, Bie started to ask his mother necessary questions as he tried to calm her down.

Nalin was the only blood relative besides his mother that he loved and cared about. When he was five, he remembered wanting a little sister or brother because he was an only child. But then his mother got sick and a nurse was hired to take care of her. In the few months that followed, his father somehow came to love the nurse and before long, she was pregnant. At first, Bie was angry that his father loved another woman other than his mother. But after seeing that his mother accepted Nalin’s mother and care for her, Bie also started to accept her.

He was at the birth of his younger sister and when his father placed her into his arm, he instantly knew that he would love his younger sister forever. After the death of his father and stepmother in a car accident ten years later, Bie was left to take care of his only surviving family, his younger sister and mother. So ever since, anyone who tries to hurt his little sister, he would make sure that person pays dearly.

“Okay. Then I’ll see you back home. No, don’t cry mom. I’ll take care of everything. For now, why don’t you call all Lyn’s friends? Maybe she had contact them. Okay. Yes, I’ll hurry. Bye mom.”

“Bie, what happened? Lyn. What happened to Lyn?” Fang grabbed his hand. “Tell me. I’m worried.”

Bie started at his wife for a moment. “Fang, we have to return to Bangkok. Lyn’s missing.” He pulled his wife into his arms. “I’m very worried. Mom says Lyn is pregnant with that bastard’s kid. Fang, watched. When I get back to Bangkok, that bastard will be paying dearly for what he’d done.”

Watching his eyes as he say that, Fang felt an instant cold chill running up her spine. For as long as she remembered, Bie had made it clear that he doesn’t like Nat, but he tolerated it only for Lyn, who considered Nat to be her best friend. She reached for his hand. “Bie, what are you doing to do?”

“I’m going to find my sister,” he replied. “And then I’m sending the bastard to hell.”


Nalin had been wandering for hours. Now the streets are empty and she found herself out and alone. The wind had picked up also, so Nalin had been shivering from the cold. After all the walking, her feat starts to become sore.

Cold, tired, and hungry, Nalin decides to see if she can find a place to stay for the night. After looking around for another ten minutes, she found house that looked well kept and is at a safe part of the neighborhood. She walked up the steps and knocked on the door. She waited but no one opened. After a few more tries, Nalin decided that the owner was probably asleep so she decides to pick another house.

Unfortunately, before she can take a step down the steps, she became lightheaded for an instant before everything turned black.


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Another update for you reader. :) i hope this one will be enjoyable. hmm...i'm having this feelign that i will be completing this one before all my other FFs. Not that i won't be finishing them, mind you. But i think my memories of this one is so fresh and new in my mind that i have to write them down before i get lazy and forget the storylines. so bear with me for the other ones, k? ^_^

Chapter 4: An Inconvenient Night

“Don’t even think of mentioning that, Chai. I’m still angry with you.”

“Hey, buddy, it’s not that bad,” Chai replied. “You just happened to have a bad day. I’m sorry I skipped out on you. It was all my fault.”

“You got that right,” Gun said. “Put that right into your head. Because of you, I ended up chasing that idiot of a criminal all over town, get scold by the sheriff, and now I didn’t even have dinner.”

“Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to leave you alone,” his friend replied. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Oh Gun, I have to go.”

“Fine. Bye,” Gun said and then shut his cell. Damn. Sometimes, he just wants to punch his best friend in the face. Fortunately, he knew the guy since they were children and they are best friends.
He sighed. Lately, he felt as if everything been going against him, as if a case of bad luck been after him. Today was no exception.

At first, the day was going great until he spotted a guy trying to rob an old lady. He and Chai chased the guy until they ended splitting up with Chai agreeing to get reinforcement. He didn’t expect that mid-way, Chai got sidetracked and left Gun to chase the villain alone. And that wasn’t all that was bad. After the villain was caught, Gun was taken in by the sheriff and was scolded for damaging public property. At the end, Gun was blamed for everything while Chai got off easily because Gun was the superior of the two and was responsible even when it’s not his fault.

Gun sighed. Sometimes, he had wished that he had taken a major in business instead of law enforcement. Some career it turned out to be, he thought. It’s so unfortunate that he still love it even after this.

Spotting his house, he parked his car in front of the gate and then got out to open the gate. So annoying. Why didn’t he install the automated remote controlled gate like he had always planned to? It’s getting to be such a bother having to get out and open it for himself every night and then closing them afterward. It didn’t make it much better when he usually comes home late and tired from work. He unlocked the chain and pushed the gate open.

As he pushed the gate to the side, he became aware of a figure on his door steps.

“I must be going crazy,” Gun mumbled. He stopped in front of his gate and stared at his front porch for a moment. He cursed under his breath as he realized what the figure was.

Great. Just his luck.

First, he had to chase a criminal all over the damn county and then his boss exploded into rampage about the public properties and how he, as cop, has a duty to keep it safe and not destroying it. Then he found that he is starving from missing his lunch and then his dinner. Damn it to hell, he’s so tired and hungry he can’t even properly think straight. And now this?
Oh for Buddha’s sake, he has a bum sleeping on his front porch!

How bad can this day get? And the sun hasn’t even risen yet!

He strode over to the sleeping from of the women and leaned over her. “Miss. Miss. Get up. This is not a place to sleep.” She didn’t stir. He gave a desperate sigh and crouched down before her. Her back was facing him so he reached out to shake her. “Hey. Get up.”

Gun stumbled to his feet as the woman’s lifelessly fell back against the pavement. Startled, Gun stared at her for a speechless moment before his instinct took over him. He quickly got on his knees and checked her pulse. After feeling some life pulses from her, he relaxed; glad that is alive at the least. He tried to wake her up a few more times but was disappointed to realize that she was just passing out. In frustration, he cursed and tried to contemplate his next move. Unfortunately, his lack of nutrient and sleep took toll and his mind is blank.

“Gun.” At the sound of his name, Gun turned looked behind him to find his good friend and neighbor walked up to him. “I saw your car running outside and is worried something happened?” she informed and then her gazed went to rest on the unconscious form before him. “What happened? Who is she?”

Looking back at the women on the step, he sighed. “I don’t know. I just discovered her here. Vill, why are up at this time? It’s almost morning.”

“Like I said, I saw your car outside and came to check,” she replied, though her gaze is on the woman. “You better take her inside. It’s not good to leave her like that. She may get sick.”


“There’s no but, Gun,” Vill cut him off. “She is woman. You can’t just leave her.

Feeling aggravated and annoyed, he tried to get out of it. “I don’t know her Vill. She can be a thief for all we know. I can’t just take a stranger into the house.”

Vill frowned at him. “Gun, you are a cop. It’s your duty to help those in need. And in this case, she is in need. Needless to say, it is what any Good Samaritan would do.”

Gun rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you take her in then?” he countered.

She gave him a reproachful look. “You know why I can’t.” She frowned at him and crossed her arms. Gun looked away. She was right.

Vill has a big family. She lives with her parent and three younger siblings. Their house is also pretty crammed to the point that she had to share her room with her baby sister. Besides, this is his problem. He would be a cad if he tries to throw it on her, even knowing that she would help the woman anyway if he refuses. Kindness is what she is made of.

“Fine,” he grumbled. “But don’t expect me to be nice to her. I have a hard day.”

Smiling, Vill helped him take the unconscious woman into his house and laid her on the couch. After feeling her forehead, Vill gave a sigh of relief. “She is lucky. No temperature. But her skin is ice. She must have been out all night.” She looked up at him and smiled. “Thank you for bringing her in. I’m sure she’ll thank you when she wakes up.”

He rolled his eyes and looked away, crossing his arms. “I only did it because you brought up a good point. But don’t expect me to be nice. She better leave my house as soon as possible. I don’t feel like running a shelter.” With that, he strode up and stair to his bedroom and slammed the door behind him, never seeing the knowing smile that spreads on her lips as she watched him going up.

An hour later, Gun came out of his bedroom, drying his hair with a towel. He had just came out of the shower and changed into a comfortable sweat pant and top. After peeking around to make sure that Vill is gone, he walked into the kitchen to grab a carton of milk. But instead, he discovered a blue plastic bento sitting in the middle of the table with a small note. He smiled as he recognized the Vill’s writing. “For a stubborn bull who likes to give attitude,” he read. “Vill.”

He scoffed and shook his head in amusement. It is so like Vill. He smiled and sat down to eat. For a girl who used to be overly shy, she sure has a way to speak her mind.

After dinner, or should he say breakfast, was done, he walked into the living room to watch TV, forgetting for a moment that he have a house guess. After he saw her on the couch, he shook his head. Even now, he’s even deprived of television.

He walked passed her to the opposite side of the room, where there are glass sliding doors that led to the backyards. Opening it, he stuck his head out for a breath of fresh air. The air is cool and the sky is still dark. It would be a few more hours before the sun will rise.

Taking his fill of the morning air, he straightened up and shut the door. Then he sighed and against the wall to look at his sleeping houseguest.

Gun had seen his fair share of women, in and out of work, so it wasn’t hard for him to guess that this one is Hi-So. From the way she dressed down to her delicate features, she had rich written all over her. She is pretty, with soft brown hair and a delicate face. At the moment, she looks like an innocent angel in deep slumber. Who is she? Why is a Hi-So girl doing in this neighborhood and at this time of the night?

Granted, Phom Pre is a coastal town, but it’s not nice enough to attract the wealthy people. So why would a girl like her hang around at this time. She can’t be from around here because he knows everyone in the town. So why is she here?

He frowned. Why did he care anyway? He’s a cop, but out of uniform, it is his private life. He doesn’t want people coming in and going as they please.

And this woman is no exception. Come morning, he’ll get rid of her and it’ll be over with.
His decision made, Gun crossed the room toward the stairs, stifling a yawn. But half-way across the room, he paused as he noticed that the spare blanket Vill had covered her with had slipped down to her waist. Shaking his head, he leaned over her and pulled the blanket up to her neck before making his way upstairs for his long awaited rest.

------------9 AM THE NEXT MORNING----------------

The sun rays shining through the window woke Nalin up from her sleep. She squint her eyes from the bright light, she wondered if auntie Palai had just opened the window. Sitting up, she yawned, stretched, and rubbed her eyes. It was then that she realized that she wasn’t in her room at all. Surprised, she stood up and looked around the room.

The room isn’t that big, about half the size of her bedroom back at home. But it comes complete with a couch, a loveseat, and a television at the other corner of the room. The wall is bare saved for a few old photographs and a calendar pinned up the door. Frankly, it was just a simple, but comfortable room.

But how did she get here? What happened last night? All she can remember was that she ran away, gotten lost, have no idea where is was, and decided to find a place to stay. Then everything went black. Did she pass out?

“So you’re finally awake.”

Startled, she whirled around to find a tall man leaning against the doorway. He was dressed in jeans and a blue t-shirt. He must be the owner of the house, she thought. Her next thought to thank him for letting her stay for the night but the look on his face tells her that he isn’t please to have her here.


“You can leave as soon as you’re ready,” he said, cutting her off. “But you’ll have to answer some questions first.” His eyes scanned her from head to toe, making her feel small under his scrutiny. Something about the way he eyes tells her that he missed nothing. He kept silent and then looked over to the sofa, where half the blanket had slid off. Lyn blushed from embarrassment. What must he think of her, seeing the blanket all twisted and messy? “If it’s not too much to ask, please fold that blanket and leave it there. I don’t have time to take care of homeless people. This is my house, not a homeless shelter.” With that, he left, leaving Lyn stunned at his hostility.

As she went to fold the blanket, she wondered why he treated her that way. She doesn’t remember ever meeting him or having done anything to him. Is he upset that she stayed the night? But she doesn’t remember seeing him before she seen black. Come to think of it, how did she get in the house? All she can remember is knocking on the door and then everything dissolved into nothing. Had he discovered her at the door and brought her in?

Unable to answer her own questions, she quickly did his biding and the rushed out of the room. It was then that she found herself lost. Where is he? Did he want her to follow him or leave his house? She wasn’t sure.

Suddenly, as if by magic, he appeared from the opposite doorway. “Come in here.” He waved her after him as he went back inside.

Lyn followed him and found herself in a small kitchen. There was a stove, to one side followed by the kitchen counter and a fridge. In the middle of the room was a small table with four matching chairs, one of which he pulled out and sat down. Like the living room, this room was simple, clean, and comfy. Yet, she couldn’t help but wonder that it lacks something.

Not knowing what to do, she continued to stand and look around until he gestured her to the chair across from him. After stumbling into her seat, he gave her a long appraisal, again making her feel small insignificant, as if she was some specimen being examined under the microscope.

“I found you passed out in front of my doorstep this morning,” he informed her, causing her to flinch from the sudden broken silence. When she kept silent, he continued. “Seriously, I don’t take well to strangers passing out in front of my house, but my friend begged me to bring you in. You know, being a good citizen and all. If was left to me, I would have take you to the police station for trespassing private property.”

Silence ensued as he suddenly became quiet and Lyn not knowing what to say. Lyn tried to best to not make eye contact with him, but she constantly found herself staring at him as if she cannot take her eyes of him.

Despite his nasty attitude, Lyn didn’t feel any danger from him at all. Something about him makes her feel safe. She reasoned this feeling from the fact that he had helped her despite not liking it. The fact that instead of calling the police and charge her for trespassing, he brought her in and gave her a place to sleep without knowing who she is or if he should trust her speaks louder than words. This stranger is not the cold person that he is trying to be.

Besides, she had considered herself a good judge of character, if she’s willing to put Nat’s fault aside. He is a good man at heart, despite all his mistakes. Lyn had learned that about him ever since they were kids. Nat may be a playboy, but that fault aside, he is the kindness person anyone will ever know.

But that doesn’t mean that she’ll be forgiving either. He had lied to her, betrayed her trust, and abused her love. There is no way she’ll be giving another chance.

The impact of a fist slamming onto the table snapped Lyn back to the present, making her jump. “Is there something on my face?”

Lyn blushed when she realized that she had been staring and that he caught her. “Uh—no. Sorry. I didn’t mean to—to—”

He rolled his eyes and then sighed. “Women,” he muttered. Then, he pointed to the blue portable bento on the table. “My friend just stopped by. She left these here for you. She was worried that you are hungry.”

Her stomach rumbled at the sight of it, causing her to blush. Why hadn’t she seen it there before? Oh yeah, she had been staring at her host the whole time. That causes her cheeks even more red. “Than—Thank you.”

He shrugged. “Don’t thank me. You should be thanking Vill. I want you out of the house ASAP.”

Lyn bowed her head. If he doesn’t want her here, she will not overstay his welcome. “So—sorry. I—I never mean to bo—bother you. I—I’ll leave now.” Stumbling to her feet, Lyn look around for the door. Spying one that might lead outside, she made her way towards it. Unfortunately, she suddenly feels lightheaded and would have fallen had strong arms not grabbed her in time.

The only arms that she was accustomed to were the ones that belonged to her husband and even his did not feel as strong and hard as this stranger. She almost gasped as she felt his arms wrapped around her waist and knees. Feeling embarrass at her weakness, Lyn kept her head down as he lifted her up into his arms and deposit her back onto her seat.

As soon as she was settled, the stranger leaned his face within an inch of her, making sure keep eye contact with her. “You can leave if you want…but until you answer some of my questions and eat what Vill had left you. I will not ruining my weekend putting bad host on my list of conscience. Vill will make sure of that.” He leaned closer to her, forcing Lyn to back up into her chair until every inch of her head and back pressed to the back of the chair. “Got it?”


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