29yrs old virgin


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I recently broke up with my boyfriend because he lied to me. He was my first boy friend ever. Our friend introduced us to each other... we message each other through myspace 3 year ago but i never add him, somehow we found each other on myspace again then we exchange number and started to talk on the phone. We talked for 3 months and he asked me out, we dated for only 2 months i found out some nasty truth about him, that his ex-girlfriend was 7 months pregnant even though they're not together anymore. We were at a party and his buddy(the buddy has a wife, no he did not try to hit on me) came up to me and start to talking and i guess he was little bit drunk and start telling me that someone is pregnant with his baby. When we first talked i made it clear that i dont want to be with someone that already had kids because i dont want the dramas. What makes me mad is i gave up my virginity to him thinking he is the one because i never had relationship with anyone before i really love him. But i didnt give it to him the first time he ask. we are 3 hours away from each other, but we sees each other every weekend when were together.
I like to know if anyone would tell me...am i too easy for him because i gave up what i have been saving for. OR i just fall head over heel for him. Now that i got a chance to know a relationship, i wanted to talk to someone, but i'm scare that what if all the guys are jerk like him. i'm afraid to open up now. Is 29 too old?


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I think you made the right decision in breaking up with him...if he can't take responsibility for something that big and hid it from you, just imagine what he would do in the relationship...It's better to get out before you get hurt. It's your virginity, no one can tell you what to do with it, and I admire you for waiting so long...if you did feel that he was the one, then you were only doing what you felt was right for you, that you felt was right...it's not your fault he's a liar. I don't think age matters when it comes to something like that, I'm 26 and I'm still a virgin, even though the people around me keep pushing me to get it over with. I'm old-fashioned, and even if I can't wait til marriage, I would at least like to wait for the right guy...We never can predict our future, we can only do what we feel is best in the present...Don't worry about it. It's your life and your decision, it's up to you. You shouldn't try to get your actions validated by anyone...as long as you feel that you did what was right, and your conscience is clear, then that's all that matters. Guys are jerks, but not all guys are, so don't let that one ruin it for the rest of them...I mean, I haven't had a relationship either, only because I haven't met the right guy that I feel would treat me the way I deserve to be treated...Never settle...because trust me, there is someone out there that will be the person you deserve to be with...as woman, or just people, we should never settle. We should know what we are worth and never settle for less just because we have a fear we might never find someone...the right person will come along when you're not looking...


Nope 29 is not too old. I have friends that are single and loving it at this age. Seriously live your life up before settling down and don't settle for something less because you're afraid that time is running out (biological clock is ticking lol). Freeze your eggs :) lol i heard it was a painful process though so hmmmmmmm.

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When its time its time. I'm sure giving your virginity to someone you love must mean something. No, 29 isn't too old, its great that you waited until the right time, as for me i'm an old fashion asian no sex until marriage.


i have a couple of friends in their 30s (OMG, nooo i'm not outing my age :p) and they are still single and never been in a relationship and never had sex. so it's never too old to still be a virgin. and it's never too old to look for a relationship. however, i feel that the closer they get to 40 and not married, they panic and i'm awfully afraid they'd pick someone out of impulse/desperation and forget to remember that this is a life partner they're deciding on...

age shouldn't play a big role for people but for females it does. it sucks, but you also shouldn't allow it to make you pick the wrong person... you don't want to end up stuck in a situation you think you need someone just for the sake of needing them... having an empty placeholder is just that--useless... :thumbdown:

i'm not that young and not that old :ghehe: but i'm also not ready for a relationship because the commitment is too much for me. i don't have the time to deal with the drama and aggravation, i rather be alone and not have to worry about someone else beside my parents, sister and me. it's hard to find someone with common interest and morals as you get older... the community you're in, the networking gets limited, it's hard to find that right one...that's also why it takes time. ;)


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Guyz guyz (most of time) always want the same thing... and sooner or later, girls have to give that pleasure to him or both if well burnt of desire.
Why blaming, judging, or feel regret of what you have done ??? see the good side of your choice: you broke up & FREE ! and should be thankful to know the truth about him... @ least,,, it's not too late...

As for your age, for me it's just half of 58 lol,,, from now to your 58, leave your past mistakes behind as life lesson (without regret nor blaming urself) and start enjoy your present & life now...
Open ur mind to everything, to everybody, and Avoid "Jerks" in the future,,, and Choose Gentlemen :p

i like the following quote, just want to share with our members who are still virgin or not in this Love section.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth, it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. [Corinthians 13:4-8 NIV]


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Well I think age doensn't matter. I mean better not being in a relationship than being in a bad relationship.... No1 else can actually say if you make right or wrong decisions, only you can decide that and btw: "Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience." Everyone makes choices they regret later, but it's better just to learn from them. Mistakes make you a wiser & stronger person. Next time you'll probably make other (the right) choices.


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Hmm That could not possibly be old there could be many people out there.
Good choice about the break up (but i am in my own situation.)


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no, it's not too old. i'm still virgin but i'm dating and my fiancé is ok for wait and make "it" after the marriage (sometimes it's hard to wait :lol: ) you're not easy because you love him when you did it. an easy girl (in my mind) is one who does it when she's not in love with the guy.


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If it is true that he got his gf pregnant, wat the heck?! if he's not responsible now, don't think he can take full responsibility when it comes to you, if ever. and no you are not easy. if you did it out of love then no. ;)