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Official Se7en Thread

Real Name: Choi Dong Wook
Nickname: Se7en
Birthday: November 9, 1984
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Bloodtype: B
Religion: Christian
Favourite Color: White and Black
Favourite Singers: Usher , Justin Timberlake , Alicia Keys
Hobbies: Desserts , Performing , Traveling
Talents: Singing , Dancing
Success: To make fans happy with his music !


Official Site
Se7en Heaven Forums
2005 Se7en Japan Tour

Music Videos

Se7en - I Will Do Well MV
Se7en - La La La MV (Japanese Version)
Se7en - La La La MV
Se7en - I wanna MV
Se7en - I know MV
Se7en - Wajoh Part 2 MV
Se7en - Style MV
Se7en - Tatto MV
Se7en - Baby I like you like that MV
Se7en - Come back to me MV
Se7en - Come back to me MV (English Version)
Se7en - Crazy MV
Se7en - Chiri Boshi MV
Se7en - Hikari MV
Se7en - I just wanna be MV
Se7en - One more time MV
Se7en - Passion MV
Se7en - Star Line MV


Se7eN - I Wanna TV Tokyo Perf
Se7en - "Taipei Pop Music Festival 2005" Perf (Come Back to Me)
Se7en ft 1TYM - HOT
Se7eN ft 1tym - Passion Remix PERF
Se7en - Music Core (Incomplete, Bamsaedorok, Nan Arayo)
Se7en - Music Wave (Wajoh, Yuljung, Nan Arayo, Interview, Chaenyum, Bamsaedorok)
Part One/Part Two
Se7en - Comeback performance on M.NET countdown


Vol.1 Just Listen (Click here)

1. Intro
2. I Just wanna be
3. Wa chweo (Come back to me)
4. One more time
5. One to Ten
6. Ah shee-woon ee-byul (featuring Wheesung)
7. Interlude
8. Oo yon hi neol pwa doh
9. Lose Control (featuring Wheesung, Lexy)
10. Baby I Like You Like That
11. Gojt suel deul ko seo (Holding Flowers)
12. Ahnnyong
13. Toh mol ri doh na yo (Go farther away)
14. Neo ee gil pa rae

Vol. 2 Must Listen (Click here)

01. Yeol Jeong (Passion)
02. Yokshim (Greed)
03. Honey I Know
04. 2 Night
05. Du-go-leum (2 steps)
06. Munshin
07. Se7en's Love
08. I Just Know (interlude)
09. Al rah (I Know)
10. O-gee
11. Wishy Washy
12. Christmas With You
13. Deud-go ship-ji a-neun mal (Words I don't want to listen to)
14. You're My Everything
15. Real Love Story

Vol. 3 24/7 (Click Here)

01. Intro - 247
02. I Know
03. Love Story
04. Come Back To Me Part2
05. Oh-No!
06. Heaven
07. All night
08. Because I want to live
09. The One
10. Worm (feat. Jinu)
11. Close My Mouth (feat.Perry)
12. Follow Me
13. Baby U
14. Run
15. Cold Night
16. Just like that man
17. Outro - 7 Virus

First Se7en (Japanese Album) (Click Here)

01. Puzzle
02. Entrance
03. Startline
04. Shinkiro
05. Rainbow
06. Last of Diary
07. Red Voice
08. Sono Mama De
09. Style
10. Forever Mind
11. Key of love
12. Hikari
13. Forever

Vol.4 - Se7olution (Click Here)

01. Se7olution (Intro)
02. Girl Friend
03. ë?¼ ë?¼ ë?¼
04. 잘할게
05. Last of Diary
06. Again
07. Can You Feel Me
08. 닮� 사랑
09. I'm Sorry (Interlude)
10. Oh~ Ma Girl
11. Get Up and Dance
12. 허�해줘
13. ë?…ë°±
14. Promise


Aitai (Click Here)

I wanna (Click Here)

Hikari (Click Here)

Style(Click Here)

Starline (Click Here)

NOTE: If the links are dead, be sure to reply the link you want for a reupload.



thanks so much for starting a 7 thread.
i've been thinking about starting one, but i guess you beat me to it LOL!


1TYM hwaiting!
Se7en is one fine guy!!! He's so innocent looking but at the same time, trying to be all hardcore lol, it's so cute! <33


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Posted October 24, 2005

Seven Releases Japanese Song Containing Korean Vocals

Singer Seven, 21, has recently drawn attention for including Korean vocals in his song “Forever� from his third single, which was produced specifically for Japanese audiences and released on Oct. 19. The Korean vocals include the words “thanks,� “sorry� and “forever.�

"I think my Japanese fans will take particular interest in that song when they hear Korean words. I just wanted to give them an opportunity to learn Korean. Now that I am staying in Japan, I think more about my home country," said Seven.

Seven even wrote the Japanese versions of the three Korean words in his album’s jacket.

Another of Seven’s songs entitled “Puzzle� from his first full-length album to be released in Japan next year also contains a Korean sentence: “I will be waiting for you forever.� The singer unveiled that song at his first solo concert in Japan that was held on Oct. 22 at the Yokohama Arena.

"That was my idea. I want my songs to feature something Korean because I am a Korean singer. I will continue to present songs that feature Korean elements," said Seven.

Every time Seven performs in Japan, his fans show their extraordinary devotion to him by singing his popular Korean songs, such as “Passion� and “Come To Me,� along with him. While Seven’s Japanese speaking skills are getting better by the day, his Japanese fans in turn are honing their Korean language skills.

Seven’s Japanese record company, the Unlimited Group, said they decided to include Korean lyrics in the singer’s songs written specifically for the Japanese market because only two of Seven’s songs that were released in Japan so far include Korean lyrics.

Seven’s solo concert that was held in Yokohama will be shown on a one-hour special documentary via TV Tokyo.�

credits: KBS Global News


sarNie Hatchling
awww.....i love se7en!! im listening to his song rite now at skewl. guess what song it is??!! COME BAK TO ME!! heheh...se7en is so cute...love him in taebin self cam. he was on the computer n taebin asked him what u doing se7en he was like nothing..so cute...u should hear his voice wen he speak english!! so cute...hehe...mann i wish i still have taebin self cam to share but my sis delected out of the computer already. sry guys...mann i wish u guys could see it tho. does anybody have it?? mayb they'll upload.....well im just hoping cuz i wanna c it again...wait b4 i go i just want to say..." you gotta have se7en in ur live to be right..se7en...cuz i can give u what u need..se7en...se7en...oh yeah..." heheheh.....


JaM said:
hey, i have a question...is Seven half japanese or does he just speak it?
He's full Korean but he can speak Japanese, kind of like BoA :)


XXxredromeoxXX said:
o_O guess its taken by you ?
- . - thats weird , no one didnt even tell me
I didnt beat you , now you did by cheating for makeing the se7en thread yours now
jp - . -
:shocked: sorry
:( i didn't know this was going to happen...
hey wasn't my thread suppose to be his pic thread?...
omg i didn't even notice that they changed this into his official thread :sweat: ...
i was just hoping to post pic of him that's all...
i was hoping we could get a pic and an official thread on him going....
well... let just say it's OUR thread then ^^