9 Day Ritual Without Food, Water or Sleep


.: Lady Huo :.
Every Sunday I am on strict vegetarian diet, no meats, no seafood, no eggs/egg whites, no garlics, no onions, no chives, basically no plants or vegetables that have odors. And twice a month I also have strict vegetarian diet.

Every since my chemistry professor said eating hot dogs with soft drinks increase one's chance of having cancer, I rarely eat hot dogs & if I eat them I will not drink soft drinks.

Do you know that the top 5 cancer causing foods are delicious foods? Must control my cravings starting from now on :girlmad:, not an easy task  at all :lol:
1. Sweetened Beverages - this is like a walk in the park for me because I could live without them, I prefer water over them :dance2:
2. Fried Potatoes (french fries, tater tots, potato chips and hash browns)- this will be tough for me because I like mostly everything that has to do with potatoes :lol:
3. Donuts - this will be the toughest one to control my cravings. I like sweet foods period :loool:
4. Hot Dogs - this will be a little tough because I have cravings for them sometimes :drool:
5. Burned Meats - this is easy sometimes but sometimes I just get lazy & don't want to dirty my hands to take the burned parts of the meats off :coverlaf: