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Writer's note:
hey guys so this is my first FF, excuse my bad grammar and punctuation.. hehe
so this is going to be another yadech story, like pretty much yadech fanfic there is out there.. i hope you like it and tell me what you think.. ideas of story line.. and i might take it into consideration

might take a while for the story to come because i have exams but during christmas i can write as much as i want! so be patient.. heres a little ... taster.. and the first chapter, enjoy naka

Ukepearl ^_^


RGC - college (changed from high school to first/second year of college..

sorry for introducing pretty much all the characters now. it helps me clear my thoughts and remember my characters.


'The four guys '
Barry/Nadech Kulwanich : 18, Best friend is mario, Boy. Loves music- plays every instrument you can think of.
Siblings: mark (twin), Aff (older sister) .

Mark Kulwanich : Nadech's smart twin brother- they don't look alike and they're unalike too.. (has same characteristics as 'din' in 4 Hua jai)

Boy 19, best friend and the 'ladies' man in the gang. flirts alot, breaks lots of hearts but never really has a girlfriend. Met Margie at a young age because of parents.. and boy teased her so she teases him back.. rivals and argues everytime they see each other.

Mario 19, sweet boy, plays football for the school. girlfriend: Taew.
exchanging schools made him repeat a grade but it's ok cause he has great friends. childhood friends with mark and Nadech.

The guys are somewhat a 'gang' at school and have are a rivalry to the 'girls' and due to boy's and margie's past rivalry.

'The girls'
Urassaya 'Yaya' Nawarak : The 'new' girl (typical, i know - sorry!) lived in America. Cousin is Mint. childhood friend is Margie. Loves listening to all types of music, can't play anything but has the voice of an angel.

Mint ( C ) Nawarak : Yaya's cousin that goes to RGC. sweet, gentle girl that loves animals.

Margie : Rough, out going, energetic girl. Bestfriend with mint and yaya. Met boy at a young age because of parents.. and boy teased her so she teases him back.. rivals and argues every time they see each other.

Kimberly 'Kim' s : Margie's younger sis, quiet and fun (not might not be in the story as much- hopefully she will!)

all the girls go to or will go to RGC.. kim starts first year of college when this story begins.. making nadech, O, Boy, mark, mint, margie - AND YAYA in 2nd year college (yaya transfer)
support: (i've named these support because they might be in the story, they might not. some i will have a backed story for, but some won't - so bare with me!)

Aff - Sweet girl. 25. Nadech and Mark's sister. Married to Aum.

Aum A- Aff's husband

Taew: Mario's girlfriend (doesn't appear much, just remember she's there.)


there will probably be more characters ..
now lets begin Chapter one...


sarNie Hatchling
Writer's note:
since my live thai tv didn't work today.. :teary: i'm gonna write this instead.. and watch GRGR later
so here we are... chapter one :) enjoy.
OH!! one .. reminder.. or.. heads up.. my tenses and grammar is really bad.. and the fact that i can't write in 3rd person makes it worse so i think for character's thoughts are going to be in italics and well if it changes from 3rd to 1st person i'm sorry!!

Chapter one:

The beginning.

Her beautiful eyes, the shape of her lips, her soft brown hair and warm brown eyes Flying back on the plane, all Nadech can think about was that girl he met on his school trip to america. Even if it was such a short time he met her, she felt special. He never felt about anyone like this before- even if he just met her two or three times.. and barely knows anything about her.... "when will i get to meet you again? Yaya".

*** *** *** ***​
It was the first trip overseas he ever went on without his brother, Mark. It was an 11 day tour in america that was quite a boring trip, just going to museums and galleries... until the second day of the trip Nadech missed the wake up call and the tour was going to another state. They ended up leaving without him and realized this 4 hours into the bus ride. The trip advisor had to call the hotel to make sure nadech was ok and that he had to miss the rest of the trip and meet up at the end of the week at the airport to fly back home. All this he found perfectly fine, the more time to do anything he wanted.

... 6 days till home​
Five days renting movies and exploring the town had passed by..
It was noon by the time he woke up. What shall i do today? He took a shower and got dressed. put the rest of the money he had in his wallet.. how am i going to survive on this for a week?? he put on his hoodie and went out. Today's weather was nice, a little sunshine and a little breeze. He went to buy himself a sandwich and sat in the quiet, serene park. Taking a huge breath... Nadech gave a huge sigh he wondered what his family are up to right now.

*SCCCREEEECHHHHH* interupting his train of thought... what is that horrible noise... he got up and looked around and saw a girl looking about his age sitting down playing guitar.. but badly. He walked over.
Couldn't be that hard to play the guitar Yaya thought to herself what is that.. chord C.. first finger.. fret.. what's a fret??
"do you even know how to play that?" Nadech asked,
She startled, and looked up at him. She didn't realize that there was someone listening
"maybe.." she replied, pouting a little.
When she looked up, Nadech heart beated a little faster, he could feel his ears turning red. She was beautiful. Her eyes, her cute nose, perfect lips.. what are you thinking Nadech snap out of it
"aren't you supposed to be in school?"
"no, aren't you?"
The thing was she had to miss her last semester of college year1. her parents have decided it's better if she moved back to thailand to live with them cause she was literally living by herself for the past 3 years so she was transferring to another college after the summer... but of course she didn't need to tell it to this stranger so she kept that information to herself.
"No, i don't live here"
"Oh" No wonder i couldn't recognize him, but he's cute.. ish no, stop thinking like that yaya! you promised yourself no guys until 19 or 20.. AND focus on your studies
"..so what are you doing here? not meaning to be rude or anything" asked yaya
Nadech sat down next to her..
"just visiting... how old are you?"
"18, where you from?"
"same... Bangkok"
"really? same half my family lives there! whats your name?"
"seriously? Nadech, and yours?" curious as he was.. he wanted to get to know this girl, he could tell just by her voice that she was gentle and caring..
"i'm not telling you!" hahah yeah right, i just met him i'm not going to give my name to some random stranger, a guy like him probably asks for girls names every time he meets one!!pfftt
"why not??!?" his brows furrowed and he made a confused look
"i don't even know you"
"well get to know me then, then you'll find out that i'm actually a really nice guy" he then gave a charming dimpled boyish grin, which totally melted her heart - not that she'd ever admit it.
Nadech took the guitar out of his hand... she protested a little with a scowl on her face "this is how you play guitar"...

He was surprised she joined in mid song, her voice was.. he couldn't help smiling...
"you know this song?"
"of course i do! i love that movie! ... you're.. good" she smiled back
"thank you, you have nice voice" just nice voice? that was like an angel singing he thought.
that was so.. uhhh.. why do you have to be so.. ughhh
"soo... name?"
"still not telling you!" she grinned.
"fine, well i'm nadech" he extended out a hand "friends?"
*beep beep, beep beep* it was her phone
"shoot! i have to go!! sorry i have to meet up with my brother!" she quickly packed up her guitar
"no wait! don't go! .. agree first! friends?"
she quickly shook his hand... there was something about he she couldn't quite decide yet what it is but she definitely had to meet this stranger again.
"friends! .. hey meet me here tomorrow! same time kay?? byee!!"
she quickly ran out of the park slightly blushing..
there's something about her.. until tomorrow we meet again.. can't wait!
and He got up and walked back to the hotel, thinking about the girl with brown hair.. brown eyes.. he never let himself fall asleep thinking about a girl.. but she was special. she was special.

writer's note:
sorry it's quite short.. i found it quite hard to write.. with all the formatting and stuff..
hope its readable.. pleasee comments on how i can improve with the text and anything .. i have a story planned out!! gonna be good :) i hope! hahaha
stay tuned charles angels ;) and yadechers ^_^

Ukepearl :)


sarNie Hatchling
continue of chapter one...
5 days till home...​
As it struck noon, Nadech ran to the park, hoping to find the sweet girl he talked to yesterday. He found the same tree they sat under yesterday.. but yet the girl was not there.. He then noticed a card under the tree addressed to him:

Nadech, Sorry i couldn't make it today. Something came up. Although i had to put this note here cause you might be waiting and.. yea. Hope you get this..i'll be here same time on friday. hope to see you! -- -- :)

A little disappointed, Nadech then left the park. great, now what am i going to do for the rest of the day? He walked around the town and got some ice cream.
Today's weather isn't as nice as yesterday's but it might not be as nice because his mood was quite down as well. What can cheer him up from a sad mood like this? and remembered. Music. he asked around for a music store and found one exactly like he wanted. He went into the quiet shop and sat at a grand piano that was in the corner of the shop. which song.. hmm.. but instead of thinking which song to play he thought of the girl. Her warm smile, beautiful harmonizing voice, her sweet brown eyes.
His fingers then glided along the piano playing a song he never heard before, but it seemed so fond of it. The whole shop turned quiet, except for the beautiful piece by Nadech. The shop keeper stopped whatever he was doing and listened. Each note he played, it told a story.. the girl.. sweet, gentle.. beautiful- like a rose, or a fairytale?
He ended the piece to a quiet music shop.
"Did you compose that yourself?" the old man asked
"I think so..." at the moment he was proud, and confused. He could never finished any of his composed pieces.. why?
"What do you mean you think so?" the man asked chuckling to himself.
"That boy, sounded like it came from the heart, that type of music doesn't just randomly play itself. A lucky girl, you got there i believe"
what girl? what does he mean?? the girl?? no i only.. but.. ?? i don't..
"music comes from the heart son, play what it desires".
and the man disappeared to the back of the shop and left nadech standing there confused but with a grin on his face... now he can't wait till friday! hoping the girl would like his song.

Friday 12 noon... 3 days till home...​
Nadech was waiting by the tree, the tree where they agreed to meet.
is she going to come.. hopefully she does
is he even going to be there? he probably forgot me by now..
and there he was sitting by the tree.. waiting for her.
"Nadech!! you came!"
Nadech looked up, happy that she came he jumped up and ran to her.
"Of course i did!, by the way thanks for ditching me the other day"
she then gave a sad guilty face..
"hey hey.. i was only joking.. don't worry about it! you're here now!! - c'mon let's go!"
"where are you taking me??!"
"hey you owe me! come on!!"
... ... ...

a few hours passed by all they did was talk and talk.. sometimes he talked, she listened. sometimes she talked he listened. He told her about him and She told him about her.
He had a sister.. a sister that he loves so much. And a smart twin brother that doesn't look like him at all apparently.. i wonder how warm it must be in their family... yaya thought jealously.

She lived here with her elder brother, he's not around a lot but gives her shelter and food so its good, her parents are living in Thailand, but she hasn't been back to visit in 3 years- she only talks to them through skype. but everything seems to be going well- her parents still love each other and her father's business is booming. Her mother seems happy, working the job of her dreams. The life of being born to two workaholics that want you to be as successful as them is quite.. pressurizing. When her brother told their parents that he wanted to go and become a successful chef in america, at first they were disappointed. they dreamed of him to be a doctor or something big, but no.. however a few weeks passed and they gave in, and let their son follow their dreams. they also sent her here so she can find her own dreams.. but maybe their choice was too soon.. she missed Bangkok more than ever.

Nadech saw her looking a bit upset when she talked about her family, so he tried changing the subject. They were now sitting in the swings on a playground. He then got up and pushed her on the swings. This made her smile, satisfied he tried to push harder the more higher she got the more she smiled.. that beautiful smile.
"stop! stop.. hahaha what are you gonna do? push me to the moon??" she giggled..
"no.. just trying to get you to smile.. are you ticklish?"
uh oh.. he's going to tickle me.. don't bluff... you are NOT ticklish
"NO.. i am NOT ticklish"
"are you suree?" with a grin on is face he lunged at her tickling her side..
they were now running around the playground like a bunch of 5 year olds tickling one another back and forth with giggles that echoed through half the park.
"OW!!!" yaya was so ticklish she accidentally kicked something and fell to the ground.
"HEY! you ok??" Nadech quickly rushed to her..
"i'm fine i was just being careless" said yaya as she was trying to get up.
as she got up she stumbled back down again.. but luckily nadech caught her.
"you ought to be more careful next time!" he said chuckling..
"this was because of you!!" she protested.
"me?? ok ok i won't fight with you. C'mon" and gestured for her to climb onto his back
"what are you doing?"
"giving you a piggy-back ride haha come on! - or do you want me to carry you?"
"nono i'm fine walking on my own.. let go of me.."
"pick, carry or piggy back?"
... they both stared into each others eyes.. her eyes weren't angry but more of a challenged look and his were a flirty, caring look.
"fine! piggy-back."
"good girl" he said with a satisfied smirk.
she got on.. ... what on earth are you doing yaya?..
"where to miss?"
"i dunno.."
"wanna go get something to eat?? its 5:30 already.. what time do you have to leave?"
"im not sure.. 7?.. sure .. lets go .. umm.. theres a little cafe down the road but it would be weird if you piggy-backed my there.. um.. we can always buy a hotdog and eat it on the bench in the park.."
"perfect. lets go"

They were sitting on the park bench, enjoying their hotdogs.
"you got a little ketchup on your mouth.."
"where?" .. she tried dabbing her mouth but kept on missing that spot
"here let me". He reached out and gently with his thumb dabbed the ketchup stained spot on the corner of her mouth. They both then stared into each others eyes, both heart beats quickening. my face is getting warm.. .. hopefully i'm not blushing!.. Yaya thought.

her perfectly shaped lips.. Nadech.. what are you thinking.. why is my face getting warm.. good thing its getting darker.. hopefully my hair is long enough to cover my ears.. hope they aren't red..
"um.. thank you.."
"err.. your welcome" both got so nervous it turned into awkward silent eating.
think nadech think!.. change topic.. OH yeah! music..
"so... you like music?"
"yep!.. i love music.. i love all kinds of music .. classical, jazz... R'nB.... but the one thing i can't do is play any instruments.. i don't know why.. its like its destined for me not to play any instruments.. every time i try to play an instrument .. the book gets lost.. the string breaks.. or i play the right chord but it doesn't come out right!!"
"thats funny.. are you sure its right?" he giggled
"yes!! its not funny!! what about you?? you seemed to be quite pro at guitar.. you like music too?"
"i love music, i want to play every instrument there is out there!"
"heheh thats good"
"you know what?? i want to bring you somewhere tomorrow.. it's going to be my last full day here.. i go back on sunday.. please?"
"sure i'm free tomorrow .. really?? i don't want you to leave!.."
"why are you going to miss me?"
"pfft no!" while she said that she gave her sweet smile that really made him not want to leave too.
".. um well .. its getting late.. see you tomorrow then nadech."
".. night" face getting warmer.. blushing..noo.. .. as they both start to walk away..
"OH hey! i forgot to ask you!!... WHATS YOUR NAME??"
"haha.. i forgot that i didn't tell you... it's Yaya".




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Ukepearl! I can't wait to see how they are going to be reunited, and I'm super excited for the rest of the cast and when they get back to Thailand. I'm sure they are going to have the most fun falling in love ever! The music is simply wonderful, I love music and I'm so glad you brought that into the story and I loved how you described Nadech playing the piano. The shopkeeper was right, he must have truly played from his heart.
Your writing is great, don't worry about it. Hahaha, girl, you don't have bad grammar at all! Keep it up!


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ukepearl, :thanks: so much for the updates!

I love the cast and your writing is great.

Keep up the good work and I will be here to support you!

:dance1: :dance1: :dance1:


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hi everyone.... update coming soon... in no more than 3 days... i almost finished writing chapter 2 today.. but its incomplete!! so bare with me!!! xx

thank you vimalee, jjinxx and huajaikaungter and khmerkid...

hope you guys enjoy ch2 when it comes up!!


sarNie Adult
Omg... another great ff of yadech! And I agree with jjinxx, on how you put the whole music thing in here! Keep up the good work. And let me tell you that your grammar are perfectly fine. Can't wait to read chapter 2. I want to know how they both are going to reunite! Excited..


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 2 - music from the heart

saturday 12 noon...​

Yaya stood there leaning on the tree, with the bright sun shining down on her face. her brow furrowed.. worried that her 'friend' won't show up where is he? or maybe he's not coming.. ugh i knew it, got stood up...knew he was too good to be true at that moment, someone grabbed her hand and started pulling her towards the exit of the park. She didn't get a good glimpse at his face, but she only saw the back of his head "What the... LET GO OF ME!!" she struggled to get out of his tight grip. And then he looked back "No. You promised me that you were going to come with me!" it was Nadech. Yaya stop struggling "oh its you!!" she turned around and saw remembered his perfect face, bushy eyebrows, warm brown eyes and a cute upper lip- currently making a little pout.
"of course its me! why? miss me??" he said smirking,
"no.. so where are you taking me?" she noticed that he was still holding her hand, seeing this she smiled shyly. He noticed the same thing and he could feel his face getting warm, ah, who cares and he squeezed her hand tightly and said "come on! theres somewhere i want to go."
They walked around town, hand in hand, giggling and laughing like a cute couple. He took her to the street fair, that he just found out about last night. They walked past stalls of food, candy, books anything you normally find in a street fair. There were street entertainers, juggles and fortune tellers. There was a flower stall and while she was distracted by the jugglers he went and bought her a rose. "Here, this is for you, Yaya" Nadech gave Yaya the rose with a his signature dimpled smile. uhh that smile. how is it that this world isn't melted yet?
"Thank you" she said nervously, gazing into his eyes smiling, her eyes shining like stars.
They walked the whole fair and it was 4pm by the time they finished, time is almost up.
"I have a surprise for you." He smiled and squeezed her hand one more time. She almost forgot, they've been holding hands for the whole day, it felt so natural that it didn't take any effort at all, the only difference is her hands are warm, warm because this guy, she barely knows makes her warm, and happy.

He guided her into an empty music store, even the shop keeper wasn't there.
He sat by a piano and shuffled a bit to make space for her to sit.
"sit here" he smiled.
As confused as she was, she couldn't wait to hear him play music again.
"You play piano too??"
"and the sax, drums, recorder, flute, clarinet, violin, cello... you get the point. I love music, music is my passion- it just expresses what i'm thinking and its easier for me to explain stuff through music you know?" he looked at her with deep, meaningful eyes.
why did i just say that? stupid. stupid! great, now she'll think i'm weird
"I love the way you talk about music, its so... passionate .. and i understand you- even though i can't play music because of my 'curse' its just i understand it, when i listen to music, i hear the message, the story its expressing.. i'm really good at that you know" she laughed, looking proud of her self for showing off. ahh.. i'm really good at that?? show off much yaya?? why can't you keep your mouth shut?!
"are you?" Nadech replied in a beat, raising his eyebrows, his dimples appearing on each side of his cheek, his boyish charming smile.
"yes." she replied competitively, with a competitive smirk on her face.
"ok, lets see if you can understand what i was thinking" silence ended the conversation.

He played the first few notes... it was the song from the other day.[Fairytale]
His hands glided up and down the octaves, high notes complimented and duetted with the low notes. A beautiful melody echoed throughout the store. Yaya's heart was beating fast.. the emotion in the song was exactly the way she was feeling. The love and passion in the melody, the soft beginning, the story of something new, soft beautiful pitch of innocent in their hearts and the duet of them. She looked at him.. he was so concentrated on the piano, putting his whole soul into the music. As he finished the piece, with the last few notes lingering on his fingertips. He looked next to him to see her perfect face only a few inches away from his. Her perfect, pink, kissable lips, her beautiful warm brown hair and sparkling eyes, she took his breath away. She looked at him in a way she never looked at anyone else. His eyes, his lips, his cute dimples when he smiles. With his face this close to hers, she could feel his breath, her heart is beating fast. He leaned gentle in for their first kiss. Her soft warm pink lips touched his. She closed her eyes. her first kiss, taken by this boy she barely knew, but seems like she's been with him forever. It was a soft and long, passionate kiss. He held her face gently and said "that song was for you, and only you" "I know" she smiled with her eyes as they gazed into each others.
He took his other hand held hers up and bent down to kiss it.
"i composed it the day that you left the note, I felt empty and i was confused, but i realized after what i played is that, i like you, i like you a lot. and even though we just met, i feel like i've known you forever"
" you know its funny, i feel the exact same way. i was confused too, until i heard your song, it's exactly what i've been feeling... um, what i'm trying to say is.. i like you too."
Hand in hand they walked out of the shop, the world is now pink for the both of them.
It was getting dark now, and they walked back the street fair to go back to the park. On the way passing the fair something caught Yaya's eye, she kept looking back at it. Nadech noticed this too, so he took her hand and walked with her towards the stall.
"do you want one? (yaak dai lor?)"
she smiled guiltily and nodded "mmm"
He then remembered something.. "close your eyes then". She looked at him curiously.. what? "Close your eyes or else i will kiss you here, in front of everyone" he said teasingly. she quickly shut her eyes, smiling with her dimples.
Then suddenly a cold little locket touched her warm skin, she startled and opened her eyes to see Nadech putting it around her neck. It was a beautiful heart locket with the letter N inscribed onto the cover, in the back it has a treble clef and a beautiful patter surrounding the treble clef.
<the locket should look something like this.. i'll draw a better version later.. but this is what was in my mind atm>
"Do you like it?" he asked with the sweetest voice in the whole world. "Try opening it"
Yaya opened the locket, it started to play a tune, it was a music locket. But the song was so familiar... it was... his song.
Wide eyed and amazed, "when did you do all this??!!"
"the other day when you ditched me i had nothing to do, so after i finished composing it, i .. turned it into a music box, theres a shop around the corner that helped me with it. And about the locket, i ordered it when you were distracted with the street entertainers, you know.. the rose" and he smiled his beautiful smile while they gazed into each others eyes, yaya swore that that smile of his is so heart warming that it could melt any girl on this earth. but lucky for yaya, she knew that this guy was hers. and he is now hers because of this beautiful locket he gave to her.. but doesn't that make her his?? She quickly looked away, and bit her lip.. "yaya is everything ok?" said a confused Nadech. She caught sight of something just as she wanted.
"No. but its now time for you to close your eyes" she pouted.
"close my.. what..?" and she covered his eyes. "close your eyes!! hehe.. my turn" she got a black string necklace from the stall with a wooden Y charm, and put it into his hand. "here" she said pouting. he opened his eyes, he was onto her. they payed for the souvenirs and walked out of the night market, and back into the park.

it was night, a breeze was blowing, the stars were bright and shining and the moon was smiling bright.
"do you like your locket?" Nadech asked in his sweet gentle voice.
"like it? i love it, thank you", Nadech turned to look at her and took both of her hands into his.
"i'll promise to wear this, if you promise that you'll wear that, and no one else's, so i know, and everyone will know that you have an owner (mee jao kong laew) and that you're mine."
"i promise. but you better! i don't want any other girls near you in thailand got that?" as fierce as she sounded, she couldn't stop laughing.
"I promise. even though i haven't known you for very long, theres something about you.. and i promise i'll be back, i'll come back to visit! i'll ask to come back in the summer- we'll talk every night.. or i'll write you letter.." she covered his mouth with her hand.
"shhh... its ok, we'll see each other again very soon, i'm sure of it, and every time i miss you, i'll open this locket and listen to your beautiful song"
he smiled and kissed her on the cheek and corrected "our song".
"i'm going to miss you so much" pouting, Nadech hugged her.
"me too."
"one last present before i go away??"
"what is it?"
"one last kiss?"
she smiled at him, and he took her into his arms. Their embrace was so loving and sweet. her soft lips touched his but they weren't gentle this time, her hands were wrapped around his neck, ruffling his hair. His arms were holding her tight while his lips crushed onto hers. This kiss was not like their soft first kiss, but more like a longing fierce one. They tried remembering each others face as much as they could, but time was up. He walked her home, and slowly kissed her goodnight and said their goodbyes. He walked back to the hotel, holding the wooden charm on his promise necklace, wondering when will he ever be able to see her again.

Her beautiful eyes, the shape of her lips, her soft brown hair and warm brown eyes Flying back on the plane, all Nadech can think about was that girl he met on his school trip to america. Even if it was such a short time he met her, she felt special. She was his soulmate. He never felt about anyone like this before- even if he just met her two or three times.. and barely knows anything about her.... "when will i get to meet you again? Yaya." holding tight onto his wooden Y on his necklace, he would not be able to love anyone else again. Why did the 11 days go by so fast...
writers note:
i just noticed how short this is... i'm so sorry!! i just.. don't want to drag it so long... i'm sure the "rest" of the story will be longer.. more script like and full of dialogue.. since THERE SO MANY CHARACTERS! hope you liked this bittersweet.. semi-break and if anyone is good at drawing and would be so kind as to draw me a locket.. or a poster :rolleyes1: i'd be super MEGA grateful.. so i hope you like this... a little sweet yadech fix.. see you guys soon!! xx

UPDATE: 16/12/2011
sorry no update this week. out of the country but i'll be back and writing when i get to BKK on my xmas break... and then i'll try update every 2 days :DDD xx
hope you guys have a great xmas! xx



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Oh gosh, this chapter kept making me smile that my jaw hurts! Love love love all the sweet little moment. Joob joob! By it's so sad how it time for him to leave already. I'm like stuck here thinking what will happen next! I'm so excited to read the next chapter! Update soon na ja.


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Awwwww! XD This makes me so warm and melty! You're so creative with the necklace and charms! And their KISS. *faint* There was nothing to doubt there at all, they had an instant connection! Things like this, I can't help but always think that it's the way Yadech are in real life--they belong together! I hope they aren't separated for too long! Thanks for this update!


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 3- Back to life

Back in Thailand..​
At the airport, Aff ran up to her younger brother for a hug.
"NADECH!! KIDTEUNG MAAAK- how are you?? how was america??"
His whole family was there to welcome him. Mark, His twin went up to him and they did their bro handshake..
"missed you bro, can't believe you actually went without me!"
"sawadee krub por, mae (mum, dad) .. P'aff it was good... mark.. hahah nice to see you too bro "
"hope you had fun nadech! you gave me a scare when you called to say you were spending the week alone.. what did you do?" said Supansa (mum)
"oh.. um.. this and that" replied nadech, avoiding eye contact as he thought of his soulmate.. what would she be doing right now?
They walked to the car and when they drove out of the airport Nadech fell fast asleep in the middle of a conversation about this trip.
"must be the time difference, let the boy sleep" said Montree (dad).
P'Aff looked at nadech's resting face, and then noticed the necklace.
"hey mum! look nadech is wearing a necklace with a letter on it.. you don't think?" right away mark understood what she was thinking..
"P'Aff i think you watch too many lakorns, this is nadech, OUR Nadech you're talking about, he's rejected every single girl that likes him, you think a girl in america would make him like her in 1 week??" mark replied laughing at his sister's idea.
Aff's sneaky grin turned into a sour frown, she couldn't wait for the day her brother met someone he loves, he deserves it so much. The car turned quiet until they all heard a tiny murmur from a restless nadech.
"yaya... yaya... promise.. i promise.." and he drifted back into deep slumber.
Their family looked at each other.. confused and curious. A smirking Aff then broke the silence and said "so who's yaya?" Mischievously mark replied back right away
"seems like there is going to be some interrogating at home tonight."
Supansa looked at her son to the necklace with a Y.. and the thought of her youngest sound having is first love warmed her heart, and hope it is true. Because seeing him trying to accomplish something in his music career and seeing it fail because of no inspiration, could this possibility of a girl bring her son more happiness?
That night at dinner it was awkwardly quiet.. except for the sound of fork and spoon and plates..
Aff and Mark noticed that even after changing and showering after they got home Nadech still kept the necklace on. breaking the silence.. mark spoke up
"So bro, what did you do by yourself for the week by yourself?"
"you know.. hung at the park.. went to the music store, just chilling" he said.. unsure if he should've mentioned yaya or not.. he will definitely tell his parents soon, but what if they think it's wrong- that he shouldn't love someone he just met? or what if aff or mark teases him about her? his mum broke his train of thought.
"Oh thats an interesting necklace you have their nadech.. Y? what does Y stand for?"
shoot.. um.. what should i say?
"oh.. i just saw it in shop.. looked pretty cool.. so i bought it"
"ok stop nadech, interrogating time. we're twins you don't have to keep any secrets does that Y stand for... a girl's name?" Mark stood up and walked around the dinner table stared down at Nadech like a real interrogator..
"no.." damn how did he know?
"perhaps a girl name yaya?"
"HEY! how did you know?" impossible, how did his family find out about yaya?? was it the hotel?? how could they?..
"haha don't blame mark nadech.. hey... its not your fault too... its just too bad you talk in your sleep" said P'Aff comforting her brother.
"so nadech, who is yaya lor? can you introduce her to us?" said montree.
taking a deep breath nadech started "mum, dad... this might sound corny.. but do you believe in soulmates and truelove?" supansa and montree looked at each other, and knew straight on that the same thought was running through each other's mind.
Nadech was 18. Nadech's personality was the kind that would save himself for his one and only love. and that the first person he really loves is the person he will stop for forever. Unlike mark, not that he is a playboy (like his best friend boy) but more like he has had a few girlfriends but is still finding his one. Nadech told them the story of what really happened in america quite briefly, but enough for them to understand how much he really loves her.

first half of chap 3.. will continue soon!! sneak peek: can't wait to see a nadech yearning for his soulmate- in pain but showing every bit of love ...
and finally SOME BOY MARGIE MINT AND MARIO appearances finally coming up sooon! STAY TUNED And have a GREAT Christmas everyone! xx


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Their family feels so close, I'm glad that he told them who is in his heart! Oh what will Nadech do with himself now that he is back home?
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That night Nadech lay in his bed, unable to fall asleep. Must be the time difference.. and his brain thinking non-stop of yaya. "I wonder where you are now.. what you're doing.. would you be missing and thinking of mee like i am now?" he gave out a big sigh.. and took held the Y in his hands and kissed it. "goodnight and good morning."

In America...​
Yaya just awoke from her beautiful dream, in which she got to stay with her boyfriend forever. but to find out that it was a dream.. put a frown on her face as she remembered that half her heart is so far from where she is. She opened her locket to listen to the beautiful melody.. yes definitely a fairytale... one she wished would play on forever. "i miss you Nadech.. when will we meet again?".
Her door opened and her brother came in.
"oh good, you're awake"
"P'Om.. what's up? didn't think you'd be staying home today.." yaya glanced up at her older brother who was normally up and in his restaurant by now.
"Mum called, she says you're gonna have to start packing.. your college transfer in thailand has been arranged and you're going to be staying with mint for a few weeks until mum and dad come back from their business trip" said Om.. recalling everything his mum quickly said on the phone as she quickly boarded her plane.
"What?? where's mum and dad going?"
"they're going to germany.. for a month.. or so.. then.. travel tour ... and then back to germany.. something like that.. so they're abroad for 2-3 months... don't worry.. its almost summer holidays.. then your first semester will start and they'll be back.. ahh i'm going to miss you sis.. but luckily i have a holiday coming up soon so i will go visit you in thailand alright?"
"thats good ka.. wait.. P'om.. When am i leaving?"
"1 weeks."

ONE WEEK?! mum and dad expect me to get ALL my stuff and move back... HALF way across the world.. in ONE WEEK? ... Nadech.. shoot! i didn't tell him i was moving back.. how can i be so stupid?! .. and he said he was going to write... but if i move.. now i'm never going to see him again..
Yaya fell back onto her bed, giving a huge sigh.. one week.. she'd be on a plane.. on the way on thailand.. new place, new school. but she'll be with her cousin, and DEFINITELY their childhood friend margie. If love and soul-mates were real and right, yaya and nadech will meet again.. she secretly wished.

The week after that : thailand.. at RGC (college)​
"so bro how was america?" boy asked Nadech when they sat down for lunch.
Nadech was deep in thought with their melody playing in his head.. playing with his necklace..
"Nadech? ... did you hear what i asked? dude?" and he threw a bottle cap at his head.
"Oi, whats up with you .. you seem a little off today.. i know its your first day back.. and you've used the excuse for being jet-lagged for missing school last week but come on .. i've ever seen you this.. odd- O help me out here ?" boy looked at mario (or O) and wondered why he had such a grin on his face. "haha boy he's probably thinking of that 'girl' he met" laughed mario.
"girl? what girl? dude you met a girl? was she hot?"
"Who told you O?" nadech said sternly.. he guessed mark, but he had to be sure so he could go and kill him for it. Just as O was about to answer.. the suspect arrived.
"hey guys, ok.. so just now this girl in first year i bumped into said she saw me walking with you nadech, so she asked me to give you this.." and mark handed nadech a piece of paper with a number on it.
"i don't want it" nadech crumpled the paper and left it on the lunch table- boy lunged for the little piece of paper.
"you don't want it but i do!" and he smelled the paper and sighed, first years scented notes.. cute. boy was supposed to be in 3nd year, but since he transferred to RGC he decided to drop a year so he can be with his friends. So that made him the eldest and most experienced out of the guys and compared to a guy like nadech who loves 1 person only (rak deow jai deow), boy was a playboy, that doesn't seem to want to settle with one any time soon.
The bell rings- third period is about to begin. the guys quickly gather their stuff and head to their different classes. Boy got up and turned around and bumped into a petite girl carrying her half eaten lunch. she ended up on the floor, but her lunch ended up on boy's shirt.
"WHAT THE HELL. DUDE watch were you're walking. UGH great- how am i going to go to class now" shouted boy trying to get the bits of food off his formal uniform, not taking notice of the person he bumped into.
"Hey it's not my fault if you were looking you would see that i was carrying food and SHOULD BE MORE CAREFUL! what kind of a guy are you?" Shouted margie, helping herself off the floor. when she got up, she took a glance at the person who knocked her onto the floor. Her eyes opened wide, and she prepared to pounce at the guy as it was the last person she wanted to see on earth.

thankyou vimalee and jinxx and kenann for tuning in and the support :)


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first off... please check out chapter 3 ^ in the end.. i added a bit more... hope everyone is liking my FF... if you have any ideas, comments, feedback.. or criticism PLEASE tell me!.. other than that.. i wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year. Wish everyone good health and Happiness in the coming year of 2012 naka. :)

Chapter 4 - past rivals
"OI!! YOU!" margie shouted, her eyes narrowing at the guy she most hated since childhood
"YOU!" boy returned her hatred glare by pointing at her.
"E TOM!" (tom..)
"i'm not a tom you octopus face!! what's your problem? if i get injured, you're paying my bills!" margie shrieked.
"No way, not my problem you walked into me, you're wrong so you- have to go wash this shirt for me or else" boy said looking down on her.
"or else what?" margie looked up...

*** flashback.. 10 years ago.. ****​

a mud covered boy climbed out of the mud pool and shouted "What is wrong with you! you're gonna pay or else!!"
"Or else what?!" said a 7 year old margie looking up at the tall skinny mean boy who took her favorite stuff toy dinosaur and threw it into the mud during a visit to the zoo with the two families.The 8 year old Boy doing that made margie even angrier after the teases and insults which lead her to pushing him into the mud after her dinosaur..
"OR ELSE i'm going to tell your mom!"

"or else i will kiss you right here"
"EEEW you jerk!! don't come near me!" she started taking slow steps backing away from him.
"and i'm going to tell everyone in the whole school that when we were kids you used to .. " margie clasped her hand over boy's mouth. That was a time before they were enemies.. margie had a puppy crush on boy, but in kindergarten when she saw him holding hands with another girl, she poured orange juice on him and they have been enemies since.
"YOU IDIOT!! don't you dare!! cause i have something of you too!' laughing and running away imitating a past video of boy singing and dancing in front of the camera!

"dude what did you do to your shirt?" mark asked laughing at boy
"it's that stupid tom margie again" boy said trying to clean his shirt again.. it was after school the guys were chilling at the out-door cafe next to the school parking lot.
"be careful na boy.. if you hate each other so much.. careful not to end up liking each other in the end.. " grinned mario with his cute boyish dimples.
"O, i'm going to kill you!!" lunged boy going for a joke strangle.
"HAHA miss me! theres taew! i'll see you guys tomorrow at 7 kay?" mario shouted as he ran to his perfect girlfriend. he kissed her on the forehead and they walked away hand in hand.
Nadech looked at them.. they reminded him about him and yaya, the good times they had. 7? what's going on?
Mark catching on to his brother..
"don't think too much bro, you'll see her again"
"yeah, i've seen you look really down recently.. so listen.. we're having a end of semester party, we've invited.. a few people.." looking at mark, nadech gave a nodded picked up his ice tea and walked to his car. "cya boy.. mark i'll wait in the car" Knowing that Nadech was not the wild party type he decided to refrain on telling him that he invited their whole year, including margie and her friends to boy's disliking. Mark didn't mind margie that much- but he was unsure what they 'the girls' (margie, mint and kim and sometimes taew: name made up by boy, margie is the only one that he fights with) but it was her best friend mint that he found interesting. They met last year in high school, she was always there but each of them had never spoken a word. it was not until the beginning of this year they saw each other in the RGC parking lot.. and he said hi, but all she did was smile and then waked away. He invited them to the party hoping to get to know mint, what kind of person she would be like..



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Thank you so much for another update na ja! And it is getting even more interesting! Can't wait until yaya and nadech meets again.