A Love Story


sarNie Egg
reading through ff in here it give me the idea of writing my own fiction. Was thinking about naming the title 'A Love Story' until came up with a better title. after reading ' What the devil called love' fiction by Phone0_5, I really love the main girl(cheer) so ima use her as the main girl in my fiction but I need help with the main guy. which guy would be suitable to pair with her??


Staff member
Glad to see that there's more new writers :) Yay!
You're using Cheer?  Nice, I like her :3  as for who to pair her up with...
People like her with Cee Siwat and Kan Kantathavorn ... so maybe one of those two?  Then again, it's your story so feel free to cast whoever :)


sarNie Egg
Yeah them two will will be good too and thinking of adding a second lead couple too. Humm...will will b the second couple?