[A Royal Series] Jao Ying Tasanee: A Royal Selection (Ch 3.1 Up! 6/25/14)


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[A Royal Series] 
Jao Ying Tasanee: A Royal Selection [Part 1]​
Written by:
candylover32 [aka pinkdisney32]​
*Author's Note/Comment: The following material
is fictional based. All names and places are made up and/or are actual Thai
names. This fanfiction was inspired by "The Selection" written
by Kiera Cass. No copyright intended. Since I'm
hyped up for Kwan's lakorn "Jao Sao Salatan" and Toomtam's lakorn
"Sud Sai Paan",I decided to write a series fanfiction. It's a 3 part
series starring Kwan, Mew Nittha (from Khun Chai Ruj) and lastly, cutie Toomtam.
Storyline for the two other stories will come later.​
Genre: Historical/Modern Fiction | Romance​
Cast/Description: Link <---Click here​
            In today's modern era, Thailand is
ruled by a monarchy. With the country ruled by a King or Queen, there is a
tradition for the heir of the throne to select ten highly capable men or women
to accompany the ruler in the future. This tradition is to stabilize the
country's diversity and unity. Any citizens of Thailand are allowed to enter
this selection no matter what ranking they are in. King Siriporn Vaithayanon the
current ruler of Thailand is honored to start this tradition for his next heir.
His wife Queen Soriya helped him built the country into a beautiful land and
helped raised their three children. His oldest child is Jao Ying Tasanee (age
20), his second child is Jao Ying Rasamee (age 16), and his third child is Jao
Chai Chanok (age 12).​
            Jao Ying Tasanee is the next heir to
the throne. Her father will be selecting ten compatible men from all over
Thailand, but Jao Ying Tasanee isn't too excited for this selection. She had
just come back from abroad and now her father is forcing her to participate in
this event. Living in the modern era, she believes that this tradition should
be abolished. When studying abroad, she lived the life where people had the
freedom to choose their destiny and dreams. She may look tough and strong on
the outside, but inside she feels so helpless and weak. Since her father is the
ruler of everyone, she eventually has to give in and find her prince. As the
selection begins, she discovers the true meaning of honesty, compassion, and
most importantly, what it takes to be a princess.​


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A wallpaper of the cast

Kwan Usamanee as Jao Ying Tasanee

Mew Nittha as Jao Ying Rasamee [pairs w/Nadech]

Tootam Yuthanan as Jao Chai Chanok [pairs w/View]

Aof as Khun Chai Phet

Kan as Khun Chai Khemkhaeng

Om as Khun Chai Chanarong

Pong as Khun Chai Decha

Pope as Khun Chai Akkarat

Porshe as Khun Chai Anurak

Son as Khun Chai Kiet

Tik as Khun Chai Chatri

Tye as Khun Chai Jaidee

Wier as Khun Chai Artit



- Marina ♥
The casts are so amazing -- so much hotties, oh goshh! Who to choose?
Toomtam's in here, too? Even better! Girl, I'm so so so hyped for this! So interesting! I'm really liking the whole concept!
Can't wait to read more!


- Marina ♥
^ @thatsouthernasianchick: I know right!! XD ^
ALSO, loving the poster you made :) Kwan's so gorgeous & I love how you fit all the guys in there. The coloring's beautiful </3
I forgot to mention all of my fav guys are in here. Eh, except Weir. Plus, his character seems like an A-hole in here. Lol. That pic of Tye made me melt! Omg! I hope Kwan chooses either Om, Tik, or Tye! Whoot!


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@ [thatsouthernasianchick] I'm glad that you're loving it already! ^_^
@ [huajaikaungtur] Thanks!
Here's a very short teaser!
It was a dark and rainy night. Tasanee was waiting at the front door steps for her future princes to arrive at the palace. When they finally arrived, every one of them were a blur to her. She couldn't see their faces, but could only differentiate their height. Suddenly, she saw riots approaching behind the men with their burning torches. They were shouting, "Stop this mess and save your people! We want our food! Not our future king! Stop right now!" Gun shots were heard and Tasanee started to scream.​

"Help! Father, mother! Where are you?!"​

As she looked to the men in front of her she saw that they were carrying weapons. She panicked and tried to open the doors to the palace, but it was locked. She banged on the door and screamed for help, but no one was there to help her. She looked to the crowd that was approaching her.​

"Anyone, help! Where are all of the guards?"​

"Princess, don't be scared. If you just give us what we want, no harm will be done," said one of the men in the crowd. He then starts to laugh in a deep voice.​

"Please, don't hurt me. I didn't want any of this to happen, please, I beg you all. I will talk to the King, please don't hurt me...please, please..."​
^ Mane, how you gone stop right there?!
  I wonder if she's gonna meet my Tikker first. Hmm...
  Lol. Or, maybe it's a dream. Oh, why am I guessing?!
  Keep writing woman! Lol!


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Chapter 1

          There was a bang on the door.
"Jao Ying, what's the matter? Why are you screaming?" asked Noon
(Tasanee's personal maid). Tasanee opened her eyes and realized that she was
having a nightmare.
           "Oye, nightmare again. Father is killing
me! Noon, it's nothing."
          She gets up from her bed and unlocked
the door. "Jao Ying, you frightened me. I thought that you were attacked."
          "Don't worry, I had a nightmare,
that's all," answered Tasanee.
          "Nightmare again? Are you nervous
about the selection?"
          She rolled her eyes, "Don't talk
about it Noon. Just thinking about it hurts my head so much right now. Father
is making me crazy! I just came back from my studies not so long ago and now
he's forcing me to find my husband. I'm not even ready to find my true love
yet. Guys these days are so hard to read."
          Queen Soriya walks into her daughter's
room. "Princess, how come you're not ready yet? Your father wants to speak
to you about next week's selection."
          "Don't worry, I'll be there in 20
minutes." Her mother shakes her head, "Girls, these days."
          When her mother walked out of her
room, she sighed deeply. "Even my mother is taking his side, doesn't she
understand me at all?"
          "Jao Ying, remember that your
mother was part of the selection too."
           "I know, but doesn't she know how I feel
about this? Whatever, I need to get ready or else I'll get scolded."
          When Tasanee entered her father's private
room, she saw that he was looking at a slideshow of men on the projector with
his advisor, Mr. Joe. Without glancing at the pictures, she walked up to her
father who was sitting quietly as he scrolls through the pictures with a
clicker. "Father, what do you want to talk to me about?"
          "It's good that you're here, look
at these handsome young men. Aren't they just the best match for you!"
said her father happily. Tasanee put on a fake smile and answered
"yes" with a slight nod without looking at the slideshow. She sits
down next to her father and stares down at her folded hands on her lap. She
debates to herself whether if she should tell her father of her feelings
towards the upcoming event. At last, she finally forced herself to tell him.
          "Father, about the selection, I
don't think it is necessary," she stutters a bit, trying to hold back her
nervousness. "What I'm trying to say is that, I just came back from
overseas and my heart isn't fully put into this event. I know that you and
mother want the best for me, but can you just wait for a couple more years? Or
just let me find my own mate without going through this process."
          Her father, eyes still hooked onto the
slideshow, signaled Mr. Joe to leave the room for a private moment with
Tasanee. "Princess, don't act like this toward me. How can I cancel it
when we already have this event all set? Don't worry, child. I know that you
are just nervous for this grand event, but when it ends, you will realize how
amazing it is. Besides, I've already picked out ten suitable candidates that will
be revealed tomorrow. Do you want to take a peek at them?"
          "Um...no thanks," answered
Tasanee. She is still frustrated with her father, since he still doesn't
understand her. She then bursts out with anger and confusion, "Have you
ever asked for my opinion? What if these men aren't to my liking? What if...what
if those men already have a lover? What if---"
          "Stop it, Tasanee!" shouted
her father, "I'm your father and the king of this country. No one will go
against my orders." He calmed himself down as he recognized his own anger.
"Now, look here, I didn't want to upset you. You must understand that this
is an old tradition that has been going on for generations and generations.
Just look at your ancestors and how successful they ruled the country."
          "I know, father, but what I'm
trying to tell you is my feelings about this. I'm not ready to give out my
heart to some---some strangers," she struggled to finish her sentence as she
is still enraged with anger. She stands up from where she was sitting and ran
out of her father's room.
          "Tasanee! Come back here right
now! We still have some business about the event to talk about," he
angrily shouts at her as she walks out. He sighs and shakes his head in
frustration, "No matter what, this event will still continue."
          Tasanee ran past her maid and right
into her bedroom. She locked the door and lay on her bed shouting. "Why?
Why does it have to be me?"
          "Jao Ying, what is the
matter?" asked Noon.
          "Go away, I don't want to see
anyone right now!" shouts Tasanee.
          Noon silently talks to herself as she
pities Tasanee. "My princess, how pitiful of you. If you're not so stubborn,
you wouldn't be like this." As Noon turns to walk to the kitchen, Jao Ying
Rasamee walks passed her.
          "Noon, where is my sister?"
asked Rasamee.
          "Princess is upset and she is in
her room. You should try to calm her down while I bring her some
          "Okay," she quickly runs to
her sister's bedroom and found the secret key under the statue right next to
the door. "Tasanee, I'm coming in." As she unlocks the door, she saw
that her sister's eyes were all red and puffy. "I'm here now, tell me
          "Go away!"
          "I'm your sister, don't send me
away. Please tell me what's wrong? It's about the selection, right? Well, don't
worry about it because I saw some pictures of the men and they are so
HANDSOME!" she sighs with a dreamy face.
          "Huh...really?" asked
Tasanee. She starts to calm herself down as she listens to her goofy little
sister talking. "When did father allowed you to peek at them? Anyways, I'm
not interested." She realized how foolish she was for her anger over such
a nonsense event.
          Rasamee starts to giggle as she
realizes her sister's sudden happy face, "Shhh...don't tell him. I was so
curious who was going to be my sister's beloved husband that I sneaked into his
room and peeked at the pictures. I'm already having some crushes on the men.
Some of them are famous celebrities that I read from my magazines. Tasanee, you
know that you are so lucky to be meeting these men! Besides, if you think this
is some kind of arranged marriage or whatever, it's not. Don't think too much
about it okay, I want my sister to be the happiest right now." She lay
next to her sister and talked on and on about the event.
          Tasanee shakes her head and smiled at
her little sister. "Hey, when did you become my mother? You're younger
than I am, but yet so smart. No wonder, you are father's favorite."
          "Liar, you're the favorite.
You're pretty, tough, and so kind-hearted," protested Rasamee, "And
you're the reason why dad is hosting this event."
          She pinches her little sister's nose
and laughs along with her. "What can I do without you, little bird?"
          Just then, Noon walks in with her
plate of breakfast. "Jao Ying, eat up. Your father wants to talk to you
after you're done."
          After she finished her breakfast, she
took Rasamee and they both went into her father's private room. When she
entered, her mother was also in there chatting away about the event. "Sit
down, girls. Your father needs to talk to you, Tasanee." Tasanee
obediently sat down next to her mother as Rasamee sat next to their father.
          "Your behavior before was
unacceptable for a princess of this country. A princess should never show her anger
and impatience in that form of way. A behavior like this will be easily used
against you. You must show great pride in your country and show the people your
strength and your courage. This event will eventually gain the diplomat's trust
and liking in you as a leader." As Tasanee listens to her father's words,
she regrets what she had said before.
          "I'm sorry, father. I was too nervous
and afraid about everything."
          "Now that you understand, I want
you to prepare for tomorrow. Mr. Joe will be announcing the candidates and you
will be asked a couple of questions from the reporters. Understand?" asked
her father.
          "Yes," she tried to fake a
smile and hope for the best tomorrow. After tomorrow and then on, her life will
be completely different. She no longer will have the freedom to do what she
wants. She remembered the times when she was just a little girl and had all the
fun and freedom to roam around freely. That little girl that she once knew is now
grown up, preparing to lead the country. Born into royalty was not her choice,
but it showed her the good and the flaws of being of royal blood.


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wow...so many good looking guys...who will she choose? don't keep us waiting ok? :weee:


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thatsouthernasianchick said:
Well that was a good start! It just shows how stubborn but head-strong she is. I like it!
Thanks, glad that you like it so far :D
MaryLee said:
Hello ! I'm new on here & Enjoying viewing this & Soon to be reading it . Thanks  :woot: 
Welcome! And thanks for reading! ;)
val said:
wow...so many good looking guys...who will she choose? don't keep us waiting ok? :weee:
Sorry for the long wait! Agree with the good looking guys :D Thanks for reading.


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Chapter 2

The sun rays are creeping its sparkling waves toward the open sky while birds are chirping their beautiful tunes. Tasanee felt that she should be happy about today's announcement, instead she feels more nervous than she could ever be. Today, the public will finally get to see the beauty of the princess and the ten suitors. As the princess of the country, she must present herself strong and beautiful. Her father wants her to look the best so others can praise and compliment on how well he raised his daughter.

She wakes up from bed and awaits for the maids, makeup artist, and dresser to beautify her up for today's event. All through this week, she's been given the most attention by the media and even the staff in the palace. The public are excited for this royal event and the princess's future suitor. She wished that she could be excited like everyone, but inside she feels trapped and confused.
She sets her thoughts aside and looks to herself in the mirror. She was amazed by how beautiful she looks. Usually, she would care less about what she wears or how she looks, but today she feels magical and beautiful. Rasamee comes into her room and starts squealing at her sister.
"OMG! P'Nee you look so much like a real princess! Well, duh you are a princess, but oh my...you're so pretty! I've never seen you like this before. Those guys will definitely fall at your feet with just one glance. How can anyone resist you with that glowing face and that lovely dress!" Rasamee couldn't stop talking about how beautiful she looks. Her sister's dress is sparkly and white sewed with floral laces. Little pearls and diamonds were beaded along the edges of the neckline and sleeves. “Oh, I came here just to tell you good luck! I hope you the best my lovely sister!” Rasamee smiled at Tasanee and giggled her way out of her room.
    Tasanee ordered everyone, besides Noon, to leave her room so she can take a rest from all the preparation from this morning.
    “Noon, follow me.” Tasanee wasn’t actually in the mood to rest, what she really wanted was to run away from this chaotic event. She opened her door and checked the hallways for any presence. She saw that the coast was clear and sneaked outside to the stables.
    “Tasanee, I don’t think this is a good idea. Your majesty will be very upset when he finds out about this.”
    “Don’t worry, he won’t know if we don’t tell him. I just want to take Missy (her personal horse) out for a ride.” She takes Missy out from  her cage and stroked her hair with a brush. “I’m going to take you out today, my beautiful.”
    “Tasanee, where will you go? Right now, there’s no palace guards protecting the woods. What if there are bandits out there?” Noon was worried for her princess. All of the guards were summoned to a meeting about securing the palace grounds during the princess’s selection. Only 8-10 guards are on duty in front of the palace doors.
    “You worry too much, I will just go out for a couple of minutes. I need some quiet time to myself. Come on, climb up here with me.”
    “No, I’m just your servant, I’m not allowed to sit beside you. I don’t want to raise my status to be the same as yours.”
    Tasanee sighs, “Just because you are my servant I still respect you as my friend. Just this once, okay?”
    “Don’t force me princess, I really can’t do this.”
    “Fine, if you want it that way. I can just go by myself.” Tasanee was prepared to leave, but the sounds of Noon’s scream startled her.
    “Tasanee, snake!” Tasanee started to panicked. One of her worst fears are snakes. Just the sight of them will make her faint. Missy was also startled by the scream and caused her to take off with Tasanee still on top of her.
    “Aahhhh!!!” Tasanee screamed as loud as she could. She held on to Missy tight. She was in panic and worried about Noon. When Missy finally stopped she found herself lost in the woods. “Noon! Where are you? Noon!” She heard some rustling in the far distance. “Who’s there? Come out now!” She took out her handy little knife from the sash underneath her right leg. She walked up to the noise that she heard and suddenly a hand covered her mouth and grabbed her. She tried to fight back, but struggled to control her aim.
    “Don’t move,” said the stranger. “Who are you? What are you doing here?” Tasanee managed to turn around and face the stranger. As she become faced-to-faced with the stranger she was about to stab the stranger. The stranger stopped her and realized who he was holding, “Princess! I’m sorry!” He bowed to her and apologized.
    Tasanee ignored his apologies and tried to stab him once more again. She feared that he was one of those bandits wandering around the woods. “Get away from me you bandit!” The stranger quickly moved away and grabbed Tasanee’s hand.
    “Princess, let go of the knife! I’m not a bandit!” He put her in a hand locked position where he pinned both of her arms behind her back. “Calm down, princess. I don’t want to hurt you.”
    “Who are you? What do you want? Money? Gold?” Tasanee tried to appear strong and fearless, but on the inside she is scared to death.
    “I am General Chatri, the commander of Phatthaya’s army.” [FYI: It’s Tik]
    Tasanee blushed. Silently, in her head, “Oh crap, I’m in big trouble. If dad knows about this, I’m dead!” Getting back to reality, she clears her throat, “And why are you in the woods alone?”
    “I’m doing a last check around this area.”
    “Alone?” Tasanee curiously asked.
    “Yes. Lets go back to the palace,” Chatri ordered.
    “No, I will go back myself. Don’t bother me.” Tasanee acted like she knew where she was going, but she actually has no clue. All she needed was to be left alone.
    “I can’t do that Princess. My orders are to make sure the royal family and the palace grounds are safe and secure. I wonder...why are you out in the woods alone?” He gives her the “smirk” look.
    “I knew this was coming,” she silently said. “Well, I was taking Missy for a ride that’s all. I was about to go back when I ‘happened’ to stumble upon you. C’mon Missy lets go back.” She gives her horse a pet and climbed back on her. “Show me the way, ‘General Chatri’.”
    “My pleasure, Princess,” he bowed to her.
    On their way back to the palace, Tasanee didn’t want her father to know that she went out in the woods alone. She was more afraid of Chatri telling her father about their encounter in the woods. Her father would just pound on her with a billion of questions and lectures. “Uh...can you not tell my father about this?”
    “Well, you haven’t answer my question before why you were wandering in the forest ‘alone’.”
    “It’s that...well...I have my own reasons. Hey, you are just a general, you have no rights to know my whereabouts and doings. Your duty is to command your army, not me.” Tasanee intelligently answered.
    “Fine, if you want it that way. Good. I don’t know how the King would like to hear about this,” Chatri’s faced glowed with excitement. “Anyways, aren’t you suppose to be preparing for The Selection?”
    Tired of answering Chatri’s question, Tasanee looked for a way to escape from him. “This guy talks too much!” she said in her head. Luckily, they were close to a path that she recognized and galloped off to that direction. “Gotta go, I hope that this will be the last time we see each other.”
    “Wait! You haven’t answer me yet.” It was too late, she was already too far away. “What a stubborn princess, didn’t even gave me a ‘Thank you’ or acknowledgment.” He shrugs it off and quietly laughs to himself. Just then a messenger appeared.
    “Sir, the King needs you right away. There’s some important news about the riots.”
    “Thank you.” He quickly ran to the palace and into the ‘secret’ room.
    “This guy is too much, I hope it will be the last time that I’ll see him.” Tasanee wasn’t expecting her day to get this worse when she remembered about her duty today. “If only I can just run away and live as a normal person.”
    Noon’s voice caught her off guard. “Noon, are you alright?”
    “Don’t worry about me, lets go back before the King asks for you.”
    “What about the snake? Did it hurt you?” Tasanee asked in a worried voice.
    “I’m fine, the sound of Missy’s galloping hooves caused it to run away. Do you know how worried I am. What if you got lost or even disappeared longer than this? How would I live? Promise me that you won’t do this ever again.” Noon demanded.
    “Don’t worry, I hope that I won’t ever encounter a situation like that.” She turned away from Noon and looked out to the woods. Noon was a bit confused.

To be continued......................
Spoiler: Chapter 3 will be
about all the guy’s point-of-view after before have been
they get chosen.
Author’s Note: Sorry for the long wait, I’ve been pretty busy with college stuff. Will definitely try to post as much as I can. Thanks for reading! ^_^ Plus sorry for any mistakes. Any comments, questions, or suggestions about this fanfic, don’t hesitate to PM me or comment below. I would love to read what you readers are thinking or hoping for. Once again, THANK YOU for reading! :D
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I finally got to reading Chapter 2 and I love it.
Really love how Tik and Kwan first met :) I can't wait to read about all the other guys!
Also, really loving Kwan's character -- so strong & mature.
Update soon, girl! :)


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awww finally came back to asianfuse in such a long time!! WOW i totally love this because I love Kwan hahah omgg all the princes are HOT!! haha i am loving it so far haha i can't wait for her to meet all the princes lol im so perverted i want her to end up with weir lol he sounds kinda perverted LOL or she could end up with om ohh or Tik omgg too many hot guys to choose!! please update though because i love it!! :woot2: :heart: :baby-scene-pop-corn: LOL