A Token of Remembrance [Mini FanFic] (COMPLETE)



Kim Bum as Han Min Jae
Chanidapa Pongsilpipat as Sung Soo Ha

Part 1:

“Here Mr. Han, she left this for you.” His apprentice gave him an envelope.
“Thanks,” he replied as he took the envelope. He settled down a on a stone bench under the peach blossom trees. It’s about mid March when the spring’s fragrance was circulating the air again with its new blooms and blossoms. Min Jae stared at the envelope as he slowly opened it. He revealed a piece of paper and unfolds it as a peach blossom fell out of it. Min Jae looked up at the peach tree as he whispered… “A token”…

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(A years ago…)

“Mr. Choi, you can leave me here, I want to be alone for a while.” Mr. Choi stopped the wheel chair under a peach tree as he pulled down the breaks and left Min Jae alone. Min Jae reached up and touched his eyes as they were bandaged; he quickly had a flash back of how it happened.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It was about ten o’clock at night as Min Jae was returning home from a friend’s birthday party. Outside was pouring like crazy and the roads were very slippery. Min Jae was still on the phone with his apprentice, Mr. Choi.

“I want everything done soon. The sooner the better…I’ll be home in a little while, it’s pouring like crazy outside…we’ll discuss more when I get home, bye.” Min Jae hung up on his apprentice as all he could remember was someone crossing before him and then everything became a blur…

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back to reality, Min Jae couldn’t still believe that he’s now blind. The doctors had told him that he will soon be able to see again, but he’ll have to wait for a pair of donors. Min Jae sat quietly under the peach tree just soaking in the early spring days.

“Hello, are you Mr. Han?”

“Who’s there?” Min Jae asked.

“My name is Sung Soo Ha; I’m your personal nurse.”

“Thanks, but I’m better off alone for now.”

Soo Ha walked closer to him. “Don’t you love the smell of early spring days, when the flowers are barely blooming and the fragrances are filling up the air…”

Min Jae turns towards her. “How is it important when I can’t even see anything? Right now, I feel like I’m lost somewhere within darkness.”

“Don’t look to it in such a negative way Mr. Han. Stay positive because there is still determination somewhere in your soul that is waiting for that day. Don’t give up hope just yet.” Soo Ha reached for a peach blossom and picked it off the branch. She open Min Jae’s palm and placed it there, “Here, this is a little token of determination Mr. Han.”

Min Jae smiled and touched the little petals of the peach blossom. “Thanks, Nurse Sung.”

Min Jae couldn’t see how this nurse looked like, but she was generous and so that made her beautiful in his mind. He was quite happy that such people were willing to help a blind person like him.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(Three Months Passed By…)

Soo Ha took Min Jae out into the court yard of the hospital again as they stopped by the peach tree. The petals had fallen and were blown through; it’s only a few more months until the little peaches are ripened. The bandaged that covered Min Jae’s eyes were taken off; now his eyes were exposing to the fresh air.

“Let’s settle here first, I know you like to be alone for half the time and since I still got some errands to run, I’ll be right back,” Soo Ha said.

“Okay.” Soo Ha left as Min Jae settled there alone and again he was just soaking in the mid summer days of June.

After quite a long time, Min Jae began to worry about Soo Ha. “It’s been an hour; Soo Ha should be back by now. What’s taking her so long?” Min Jae sat still as he heard some foots steps coming closer.

“Happy birthday to you…happy birthday to you…happy birthday…happy birthday…hap….py….birth….day……to……you…” Soo Ha sung as she walked over with the cake held in her palms, “Happy birthday Min Jae.”

Min Jae smiled. “Thanks Soo Ha, no one ever done something this special for me before.”

“Okay, make a wish and blow out the candles.”

Min Jae closed his eyes as he made a wish and blew out the candles.

“Yea….,” Soo Ha cheered as she sat the cake aside, “so what did you wish for Min Jae?”

“If I tell you then it won’t come true anymore.” Soo Ha looked away as Min Jae added, “but there is a way.”

“How?” Soo Ha asked as she lean closer to him.

“Hmm…” Min Jae turned his cheek towards her, “a kiss on the cheek can reveal that wish.”

“I don’t want to know what your wish is anymore. Rather it is kept a secret only.”

“Come on…I know you wanna know too.” Min Jae grabbed her hand as he was boasting like a little kid to her.

“No…no…” she kept repeating.

“Come on…how about giving it as a birthday gift instead?” Min Jae asked, but still she didn’t answer him. “Okay, I give up. This birthday isn’t too happy after all.”

Soo Ha smiled as she saw Min Jae’s reaction. She giggled a little.

“It’s not funny.”

“But, you’re boasting like a little kid who wants candy.” Soo Ha looked at him as he turns away. “Come here my big baby…” She leaned over and gave him a kissed on the cheek, “Happy Birthday, Min Jae...” She smiled as he smiled back to her too.

2BC Part 2


Glamorous Diamond
OMG, Jeeja, I love all your FF so far...don't make me cry cuz I already knew it's gonna be sad. :(

Share part 2 soon please, I can't wait to read more....forgot to mention something here, your poster is really cute and I love it...


- Marina ♥
wow, token of rememberance.
i loved the title and especially the poster.
jeeja, lovee your fanfics, && i believe im gonna love this one, too.
awww.., he got blind. :(
seems like a cute short fic. :)


Part 1 is fully up and maybe I'll put part 2 up tonight.

Thanks for the comments. i'm glad you all liked it.


- Marina ♥
liked it?
i Loved it, haha.
im sick today, gotta stay home from school.
&& im reading your fanfics over :)
back to where Toey and Bie met in DBH.
awww.. :)


sarNie Oldmaid
Can't wait to read more....The poster look kool.

I just want to comment on your banner of Bie & punch. Wow.

kab hnub

sarNie Hatchling
that was so good. i love the poster too, by the way. Nice trend and style, you're always coming up with new ideas. Best & Bum makes a BTeam, that's cute. their puppy love is so adorable. they actually would make a cute couple together. can't wait for the update tonight! can't believe this is a mini one, your last mini one was so MINI :p


Part 2

(Three Months Passed By…)

It was back again to those raining seasons around September. Min Jae has been waiting all day for Soo Ha, he even asked the nurses where she went too, but yet they replied she’ll be in late that day. It was five o’clock pm when Soo Ha arrived.

“Good evening Min Jae.”

He was so happy to hear her voice that he was overwhelmed with joy. “I thought you wouldn’t be able to make it today.”

“I can’t leave my patient to do things on his own.” Soo Ha walked over and sat her bag on the counter. “Have you eaten yet?”

“No, I was still waitin…”

Soo Ha began to cough a little.

“Soo Ha, are you okay?” Min Jae was worried.

“I’m fine.”

Min Jae quickly reached for her hands as he touched them. “Your hands are cold, you’re even shivering.” He could touch her sleeves and they were damped. “You’ve must been in the rain all day.”

“Don’t worry Min Jae, I’ll be fine in a bit,” Soo Ha replied, but yet she continues to cough.

“I’ll press the button for some nurses to come in. I’m worried about you.”

“I’m fine Min Jae, don’t think too much.”

“But, your coughing seems endless and for the past few months you’ve been coughing a lot and your hands are always cold.”

“Don’t worry, I just need to stay warm that’s all.”

“Here, I’ll help you keep warm.” Min Jae took her hands as he rubbed his against hers and blew some warm air to her palms. “I’ll help keep your hands warm.”

Soo Ha smiled as Min Jae smiled too. “Thanks Min Jae.” Then she began to cough again as Min Jae took her hand. He felt something damped and he scented the smell of blood.

“Soo Ha, are you alright? What’s on your palm?”

“Don’t worry Min Jae; those were just the droplets left on my face and hair. Now give me your hand so I can wipe it.”

“It’s okay; I just want to keep your hand warm. Don’t need to dry my hands.” Soo Ha was happy, but she looked worried too.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(Three months later…)

It was Christmas Eve, and yet Min Jae was waiting for Soo Ha again. She was late again and he couldn’t even number the amount of time she’s been late. The only thing he could tell about her coming in was by her foot steps. Just listening and he knows it gotta be her. Earlier that day, the doctors informed him that the pair of donors had arrived and they’ll start the surgery as soon as he wants to. But Min Jae wasn’t willing to do anything until Soo Ha was there with him. It was about ten o’clock into the evening and Soo Ha hasn’t even arrived yet, it was the longest time ever that he waited for her. Mr. Choi, his apprentice was still there with him.

“Mr. Choi, do you think she’s coming?” Min Jae asked.

“She’ll come; probably she’s planning something special to surprise you with, that’s why it’s taking so long.”

“Hopefully, it’s like you said.” Min Jae went back to waiting as it was almost twelve and Christmas was just minutes away. It was late and he didn’t want Mr. Choi to stay with him any longer.

“Mr. Choi, you can go now, I’ll be okay alone.”

“It’s okay sir. I can stay until she arrives.”

“No, go home and spend Christmas with your family.”

“Good night then and have Merry Christmas to you too.”

“You too, Mr. Choi, have a Merry Christmas.”

Mr. Choi left as the clock struck twelve. Min Jae was ready to go to sleep, but instead he took his walking stick and walked out of his room. He passed by the counter desk as he heard two nurses chit chatting.

“I can’t believe the doctors would agree to let such patient do that to other patients,” stated a nurse.

“Well as I heard, she was the one who caused him to lose his vision. She crossed over his car and that’s how he ended up like that,” another nurse added.

“But you guys have heard what’s worst. The worst is that she frames herself of being a nurse so the other patient wouldn’t know who she actually is…”

“I bet she’s only doing it for his money. You know Han Min Jae is the son of a very rich business man.

Min Jae couldn’t believe what he just heard. He couldn’t understand why Soo Ha would do something like that, when she’s so kind to him.

“Min Jae,” Soo Ha called, as Min Jae turns over to wherever the voice was coming from.

The other nurses quickly stopped talking and went back to work.

Soo Ha ignored the nurses as she walked over to Min Jae. “I walked to your room and you weren’t there. What are you doing here for?” She grabbed his arm, “let me help you get back to the room.”

Min Jae quickly pushed her hands aside. “I don’t need your aide. I think I’m better off alone.” Min Jae walked back to his room with his walking stick as Soo Ha followed behind. Min Jae was about to trip over a bench in the way as Soo Ha stopped him.

“Min Jae, watch where you’re going, there’s a…” but it was too late, Min Jae trip over already. “Min Jae, are you okay?” Soo Ha walked over and tries to help him up as he pushed her aside again. “Is there something wrong Min Jae? If you’re mad about me being late, I’m truly sorry.”

“Sorry for what? Sorry that you’ve been lying to me this whole time?!”

“Min Jae…”

“Soo Ha,” Min Jae stated, “I may be blind, but I’m not deaf. Why did you begin in the first place with this lie?”

Soo Ha eye’s began to water with tears, “I…I didn’t mean for it to go this way.”

“Soo Ha, I never want to see or hear your voice again. Please leave before I lost my conscious.”

Soo Ha’s tears rumbles down her cheeks as she was still leaning closer to him. “Here, Min Jae, Merry Christmas and good bye forever.”

“I don’t want your gifts. These are just all your lies.” Min Jae threw her gift away from him. Soo Ha looked back as tears streaked down her cheeks then she dashed away. Min Jae sat there and began shedding a few tears. “Why Soo Ha…WHY?!!!!”

After that argument, she never showed up again. Christmas passed and so came New Year, but Soo Ha was never coming back. He felt guilty for yelling at her, even though he knew she also was in guilt, but he couldn’t do anything. She was gone for a month and Min Jae was alone and as quiet as ever. He waited, but the sounds of those foot steps never seemed to be hers at all. Weeks passed, then came another month. It was after Valentines when Min Jae was informed that the pair donors had arrived.

“The pair of donors had arrived Mr. Han, do you want to start the operation as soon as possible?” his apprentice asked.

“I want to wait for her. I promise her I won’t do the operation unless she’s here.”

“I have a feeling she won’t be coming anymore.”

“Mr. Choi, I did something wrong didn’t I?”

“No sir, you did nothing wrong. It was just probably the right thing that happened at the wrong time. It’s not all your fault.”

“What should I do then, Mr. Choi?”

“Don’t think about it too much sir; just think about getting that operation done. Think of it sir, how much do you want to see her, how much have you longed for to see again? It’ll make her happy too if you can see the world as she sees it.”

Min Jae thought about it then agreed. “Okay, let’s start the operation.”

2BC Part 3


- Marina ♥
Min Jae cares for Soo Ha so much.
he cares for her even though he's blind
&& sensed she had blood. wondered about that...
im wondering why she's always late.
so sad TT_TT
Soo Ha really cares for him,
but he pushed her away.
what a beautiful and sad chapter.


Glamorous Diamond
aww...it's so sad. Min Jae is blind, but still he cares about her lots.
I still don't get why Soo Ha lied to be a nurse, but there must be a good reason.
I'm loving Kim Bum & Best! T_T It's just so sad.


Part 3

(Three days after the operation…)

“Are you ready Mr. Han?” the doctor asked. Min Jae nodded. The lights were turned off as the doctor gently peeled off the tape and eye patch.

“Open your eyes now, Mr. Han.”

Min Jae slowly opened his eyes as he saw the sparks of light again. “I can see again.” Everyone was happy as he looked around to see if she was there. “Did she come?” he asked his apprentice, Mr. Choi.

“No sir, but you received a package.”

His apprentice handed it to him.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After everyone departed from his room, he sat down staring at the package. He opened it and found within the package, a photo of the peach blossom tree. He hesitated, but still wanted to see exactly how everything looks like outside, so he left his room. He walked around until he found that tree that Mr. Choi left him under, where he first met Soo Ha. He walked up to it and found a young lady bounded in a wheel chair sitting under there. She had her eyes bandaged and she was just sitting down soaking in the spring blossoms just like he did about a year ago. He walked up to her as he took a deep breath.

“Hello, who’s there?” she asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry to interrupt you, I was only passing by,” Min Jae apologizes.

“It’s not a problem at all; you can stay as you wish. I’m just waiting for my nurse to come back.”

“Oh.” Min Jae walked closer to her as he looked at her.

“I know you’re staring at me weirdly, but don’t be afraid I don’t bite.”

“Oh no, it’s not like that. I was going to ask you if I can join you too.”

“Sure, you can sit by that stone bench.” She pointed to the stone bench beside the tree.

“You know this place pretty well.”

“Well, I use to take many visits to the hospital. You see, I was diagnosed with an incurable illness, so I spend most of my time here in the hospital.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t…”

“It’s okay, but do you know…I really love this place.”


She nodded, “Since I was little, I was told that the soul of a peach lies within its pit and the little blossoms is a sense of determination.” She quickly bends down and picked up a fallen flower. “Here, I want you to have this.”

Min Jae quickly remembered Soo Ha. “Soo Ha…” He looked to her.

“Who are you calling?” she asked.

“I’m sorry…it’s…it’s just that you reminded me of someone.”

She smiled, “well then you can take this as a token and I hope you’ll find her again.”

“Miss, it’s time for your check up.” The nurse walked over and unhook the breaks on the wheel chair.

“I’m sorry Mr. Han, but I have to go now.” Min Jae looked up to her as the nurse wheeled her away.

“How did she know my name? Hmm…that’s awkward…” Min Jae thought. And still he sat there looking up at the peach tree… “A token…”

(Three days later…)

Min Jae was ready to leave the hospital for good and return home, but before he leaves off, he wanted to thank the girl who gave him that token of determination. Min Jae walked over to the counter and saw the nurse who took care of that girl and quickly walks over to her.

“Excuse me nurse, but which room is the girl I met the other in?”

The nurse looked at him with sadden eyes, “I’m sorry Mr. Han, but you’re too late.”

“What do you mean?” Min Jae asked.

“Mr. Han,” Min Jae looked over and saw Mr. Choi, “I’m sorry to tell you this, but she passed away three days ago.” Min Jae was shocked as the nurse moved on and left Mr. Choi to explained more to Min Jae, “She was a patient with an incurable illness and had only a few more months to live, but before she died, she did the greatest thing of all to the person she loved the most. She donated her own pairs of eyes for you.”

Min Jae froze with shock, “She…so she’s Soo Ha…”

Mr. Choi nodded. “I’m sorry I lied to you from the start, but this was a favor for her too. Can you remember Mr. Han, when you had that accident about a year ago?”

“No, I can’t remember a thing.”

“During about the same time, she discovered she only had a few more months to live on. Sadden and angered she ran off and crossed before you causing you to have that accident. She was the one who took you here. She felt guilty for crossing the road that day and wanted to do something in return to you, she wanted to do something good before she had no more time to do so. So she lied she was your personal nurse and we all knew it too, then her illness worsen and she became very weak. She refuses to attend her check ups and the help from doctors. She was letting fate to decide for her. Until her last breath, she was happy she did something good and she was happy she left behind a token for the person she loves too.”

Min Jae’s tears just ran out like rain fall. “A token…”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A peach blossom petal fell down on his cheeks as he opened his eyes and looked back down at the token Soo Ha left him. Then he looked up again and touched his eyes as his other hand held the little token to his heart, and then he said deeply in his heart, “Soo Ha, a peach blossom was only the token of determination from the peach tree, that even though it’s still little it’ll one day grow to be a peach. And like you said, its soul lies within the pit and that was when I realized that your soul lies within your eyes. Your eyes is the guiding way for a better day, the light that will always bright, the art that is forever in my heart and this will forever be remember. A token of generosity, memory and of course LOVE ……… A TOKEN OF REMEMBRANCE…”

The End!


sarNie Oldmaid
It just seem like I just stared and now it end all ready. Ahww its so sad.. :( reading this story.


- Marina ♥
wow..., im speechless, jeeja.
i lovee Soo Ha :)
she gave him the eyes to see the beautiful world.
aww..., soo sad. i seriously bawled my eyes out.
omgg.., that is soo sad.
he didn't even get to spend more time with her.
omggg.., :(

great job, jeeja. what a great fanfic, sad but verii good.


Thanks for the comments galz.

The second mini fic i finished. i don't know, but i'm loving these short ones. there's gonna b more coming.
This was a sad one, my friend cried to me after she finished reading it, she didn't expect an ending like this.
i cried myself too when i wrote the end lol T_T

kab hnub

sarNie Hatchling
thanks Jeeja, for writing such a sad mini fic. i'm loving your style. keep up the great work. i'll look forward for more and i'm so mad you dropped V, it was good and getting better. i hope you dont mind but i printed out a copy of this fic. it was a good and sad one.


sarNie Granny
OMG this was soooo sad. as they were falling in love, they has to separate. awww she gave her eyes to him <3 <3 <3 i wished he had a chance to tell her that he did not blame her, because that's so sad to have his last encounter with her (when he knew it was her) being him yelling at her :( thanks for this mini FF.


sarNie Adult
awhhhh;this mini fictionis SUPER saddd...Soo Ha is suchh a nice person..it was starting to get suspicious that she had a sickness when she started to come late.damnn;if those stupid nurses weren'tgossiping.OMG.it's good Jeeja! SUCHH a Sad FICTION!lol.lol.i can't imagine kim bum blind in a walking stick.aha.keep up the awesome Work!I lovee it:)