A weird story i heard


sarNie Adult
i heard a story from my aunts husband that there was three old hmong ladies middle aged upin georgia....their husbands always work and they live near each other....so they do everything together...go to the store casino etc... becuz of it they fell in love wit each other....

laide # 1 and 2 liked each other but they didnt want 3 to be in with them...but 3 knew thats why she always was the third wheel...so 1 and 2 devised a plan..they drove in a car and pulled over...1 and 2 said they needed to pee..(cuz girls need to pee altogether)...3 didnt know so she went too and she really peed ....1 went from the back wit a bat and killed her.....the police found her bodi later and 1 and 2 went to prison....


sarNie Adult
This story seems a bit farfetched and since there are not credentials to it, but mouth to mouth words, I'll probably say it isn't true, BUT nonetheless it's interesting how a little dislike/hate can turn to a crime. It's true in that sense.