Aamir Khan: Ghajini


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Anyone anticipating this movie? .. i'm a big fan of SRK and AAMIR .. so can't wait to see this new flick of AAMIR --- the OST KICKBUTT too ..

Sneak peek of my favorite song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFXhIlsJj0w
mp3: http://sound12.mp3pk.com/indian/ghajini/gh...w.songs.pk).mp3
translation: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_BK1UUIu3ulI/SR9h.../s1600-h/01.jpg
Website: http://www.rememberghajini.com/

Synopsis: It has borrowed heavily from Christopher Nolan’s classic Memento, but as per the Tamil version it will be appropriately Indianized. It is a story about a big businessman (Aamir) who falls in love with a model (Debutante Asin). Both the protagonists work for the cause of poor but end up in trouble when Asin exposes the women trafficking racket in Mumbai. In a retaliatory attack by the pimps Asin gets killed.

Aamir tries to rescue but he gets real bad head injuries that he suffers a heavy memory loss. So bad that he remembers things only for a short span. Aamir is determined to seek revenge and is assisted by a medical student (Jiah Khan) in his endeavors.

It would be really amazing to see Aamir perform the role of a amnesiac who is determined to take revenge and stop female trafficking. Aamir is the kind of actor who will pay attention to even the minutest expression of his character.
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I don't pay attention to Bollywood films much but this sounds promising. =)


His last film I saw was Faana and then I saw his film that he made wit this nephew Jaane tu ya jaane na and I liked that I guess I might give this one a try.


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I fell in love with this movie when I watched a week ago! I can't believe that I didn't watch it when it first came out but better late then never. I love the music!

Aamir Khan was just amazing in this movie. I have been his fan for a long time but haven't been watching Bollywood movies for awhile. After watching this movie I like Aamir more and more. And I just have to talk about his hot bod! Man after watching OSO with SRK I didn't think anyone could have a better bod but Aamir came along and changed my mind. He's got a nice bod! And all the clothes that he wore were just perfect!

Asin was beautiful. Of course this was her first Hindi movie so thats why I've never seen her before. I thought that she did wonderful in this movie. She was beautiful, kind, and thoughtful. Her character was just hilarious.

The music was beautiful. Kaise Muhje was a sad yet beautiful song. Guzarish was a nice song to show how he wanted her to be in his life. Bekha was a fun song. I just loved his dance and there were multiple Aamirs!

This was a wonderful movie and deserve to be the highest grossing movie in India in 2008. The incomplete romance was also a powerful element in making the movie great. ( I just couldn't help myself from posting pictures.


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^ I know. It's sad! But i'm glad that he didn't end up with that sonita girl. Gosh she was really annoying. I really liked the ending though, much better then the Tamil version.


i totally recommend this movie...it's a great movie...it start off weird and i thought it's gonna be borring but it only gets better and better....


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Amir is a great actor n cute, but never anticipated to his movies. Ghajini, I thought it was hyped, but saw da movie a year after it released I looved it so much. Amir's acting was awesome n Asin acting was very good. Love Asin's role, funny, nice, bubbly ,wild, yet generous. Movie deserves all the success it had. :)


Aamir Khan is so HOT!! The way he acted in this movie made me fell in love with him! :D
It's so funny and cute when they first met. Gave me some good laughs! He's so sweet, too. :)


The first movie I saw him in was "Tum Mere Ho" and he was such a cutie!!! :D He made a great couple with Juhi Chawla!


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