Actors and Actresses Dating Issues


sarNie Egg
I have noticed that most actors and actressed in the industry is dating someone who is not quite good looking at all. I guess they're just base on the wealth, or maybe personality(I doubt it). Most celebs are dating someone who is rich, well-known, come from a good family. For example:

Noon and Tod(heritage to the beer company)
Ann T. and (??)- he came from a wealthy family
Yard and Tacksin's son (??)- rich and well-known
Poo and Anoun- rich and well-known also

The only celebs that does look good together(r together right now):

Nok Chatchai and wife(the lady from Taley Risaya)
Johnny Efone and (???) producer, actress from Ch.3
Cee and Amy
Au and Prae
Kob and Brook
Stefan and Namfon
Vee and Nok
Oil and Fang


hmm i think they just date people who are as wealthy as them cus its hard to tell if someone just wants you for your money and whatever..and yehh people got dif tastes.


sarNie Granny
it could be cuz of their status as actress/actor ONLy the ppl dat have money and wealth have more access to meet them on a daily base cuz fan or normal ppl like us don't see star every day . Those normal ppl dat happen to date star it will be a fairy tale come true how they meet but yeah i believe it cus of their environment


sarNie Juvenile
it is a lot about their environment and who they interact with

Noon and Todd know each other because they are both close and work with Doo Sunya

Ann T and her guy A (while i admit he is not cute and i would much rather see Ann with someone else they do fit) know each other because of the educational environment... both are involved in schooling

its not only stars where one is pretty and the other is ugly.... i see it everyday with normal people where i think what the hell are you thinking??


sarNie Egg
Same here, I've noticed this for a while now how actresses and actors are dating only rich and well known families in Thailand and they lack the looks. So I asked my mom why do they do that. She said "it's because they have too" LOL. Because the actors and actresses can't get offers for lakorn or movies anymore when they hit a certain age, like for example in their thirties. If they do hit that age, they only get roles playing as mothers, fathers or naung rai. They have to find someone rich because being actors, they don't make alot of money themselves, just average like normal works and thats why alot of them try to save as much money from the acting gig and being hosts and open up a restaurant or some kind of business. Also if they marry someone in the political fields, they get to be "kon ying." Also marrying foreigners are "In" right now, having "look klung" is a must have.