Aerin and View


sarNie Egg
Is this real...seems like it.

Can Aerin speak English?

Does anyone know more information about Aerin and View? Please, in English.
The information posted on their wiki sarnworld is little.
How tall is View?

I think the profile is wrong, Aerin is way taller than View.
It says for Aerin: 165. View 167.
They are both 5ft 4 in, but Aerin is the taller 5 "4".


sarNie Juvenile
could be her... i think she has a twitter account too... if it is her than her english is reallly good


sarNie Egg
Aerin can speak english...She went to an international school...and she is even friend with Poo Priya...Also she dance too.


sarNie Adult
There are pics of Vill and Aerin standing together, see who's look taller, I think the reason Aerin seems taller is because she is slimmer than Vill and Vill has a bigger built that is why she seems shorter;

just my opinion that's all and I think Vill can speak English and Japanese as it says in her profile;