Aff Taksaorn, Aum Atichart, Tah Warit


sarNie Coma
wowers, aff is hot usually these type of shoots they would be wearing a bikini lol but yea, the place look like where they filmed jam luey ruk. tah got really fit. he actually doesnt look bad and did he just get that tatoo on the back..didnt see it when he had his shirt off in yok lai mek


Staff member
I really like this spread -- ATEAM ARE BURNING HOT-T!!! i love how she didn't expose much and still looks sexy (though, as fan of ATEAM, won't mind seeing her with less clothes next to AUM too LOl) .. Aside from this, i do respect her decision and trust that she will ALWAYS bring the best out of any kind of shoot .. REALLY TEMPTING AND SEXY -- thanks Tinah ^^


sarNie OldFart
2nd pic is hot!! Aum unbuttoning his jeans!! TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF! :p
and Aff is hot as well :wub:
I can't get enough of this shoot... I've been looking at it since I woke up lol


sarNie Juvenile
it would be better if Tah stood on the other side of Aff because standing by Aum looks awkward

other than that.. the mag is HOT HOT HOT!!

woOo.. look at dem abs!! 555


sarNie Adult
ahhhhhhhhh! the first pic just KILLLLS me. why can't aff be in the middle!

other than that, dangggg Aum is fiiiiine! him and aff are so hot together.


HOTTTT SHOOTTTT! Everyone looks great. Aum and Aff look sizzling hott together. Both are hot. Aff looks so SEXY without showing much. :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: Three words...HOTT AND SEXY!!!


sarNie Egg
I'll agree with you guys! THEY are on FIRE! :)
Dang, Aff is hot and i was not too happy. I think they should have put
Aff in the middle too. But I think Aff is made to be with Aum so
she is next to be with Aum.
Anywhoz...LOVE IT!


sarNie Adult
Can't help but noticed that my ATEAM is getting hotter and closer in another photoshoot. I love every all the pictures in here