Airplane Carry ons


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i was just wondering if anyone went on a trip lately...i was wondering if the security check point gave anyone a hard time on what u can bring in as carryons...cuz i wanted to pack all my makeups into my carryon bag...did anyone get any hard time with the makeup things such as compac, liquid eye liners, mascaqura, etc..


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It shouldn't be a problem with makeup.. you just need to put it in little ziploc bags

they say liquid items could only be around 3 oz ~~ maybe ( think small mouthwash bottle)

i mean for carry on they don't do an extensive search unless something weird shows up on the xray machine... hope this helps :)


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I just came back from SE Asia and my sister and mother ran into alot of problems.

Here's my tip.

Don't take any liquids in your carry on. PERIOD. Some people might be picky while others may not be.

Just don't take the risk.

For me I didn't take any liquid so no issues.


sarNie Adult
i fly out from bkk to UK alot and they are terrible about liquids being put on the planes. its like i was dying fo a drink!!


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I heard they were going to lift the ban on liquids sometime soon. IDK when though. But yea for now put all the liquid stuff in the suitcase you plan on checking. Last time I went to Vegas wtih my friend and her cousin had to throw out a lot of her make up because it was a little bit more than 3 ounces...that did not make her happy!


I went to Kali just this summer...i brought everything with meeh...I brought all my make up...even my face wash and bottles of lotion. One of those victoria secret sqeeze ones...It was actually pretty big...but i had it in my suit case and no one said anything..just don't bring nuffin really big...Also your make up just put it in a zip lock bag like everyone says and you should be fine.


uhmm i think the limit is one bag per person and in a clear ziplock bag the liquid content cant be over one liter and inside each small bottles cant be over 3.oz if im not mistaken i travel alot but i dont bring liquids with me just food the liquids i store in the luggage


lol last time i flew, they told me to put my chapstick in a ziplock bag, man and it's like chapstick not liquidy... but yeah, ppl can be strict. but i'm sure that if ur mascara isn't the size of a can of soda u should be just fine lol...

i was however allowed to bring in my drinks, coffee or soda whatever... in the plane. as long as it was bought in the gate areas... when they first had the rule... they were REALLY a pain in the ass, but they've been a little laxed... but it might be different again... who knows, i haven't flew in a while.


sarNie Adult
Usually I put all the liquid stuff like makeup in my check-in bag so I don't have to mess with it but now AA charges you for check-ins so I'm like eff that I'll just pack lightly and do carry-ons. I'll fly Southwest from now on I think.