AIYAJA Random Artwork


sarNie OldFart
Hello, everyone. Please enjoy. I started a new Instagram account for random artwork that isn't just for one koojin or pair. Please check me out if you have free time @ohosarang. Thank you. I'm having issues with Instagram right now. I can't seem to tag people. Ugh, the struggle is real. Lol
I'm really into Lek Teeradetch right now. Perhaps he's so funny and charming offscreen.

I totally adore both Pooklook and Preem, so yeah, I so wish they would be paired up with Lek one day.

Happy Birthday ja, Rodmay. I've always liked Rodmay. And I love this movie, btw.


You're Average Person :)
I really love your textures! Keep them coming aiyaja!
Oh regarding the tagging, thats how it was for me when I started my account. I think it's a common thing for people just barely starting an account


sarNie Adult
Beautiful artwork!!! What program/app do you use? Haven't found one that's really good yet, I have all the crappy photo editing apps lol.


sarNie OldFart
Thank you for the compliment. I still use CS6. The key to photoshop is to have fun, take your time, and explore.

The majority of programs can do exactly the same thing now, it's not like how it was before. A person asked me what program I used and I told them CS6. She was like I have a better and more recent version than you but I somehow still can't make good artwork.

What I learned is, textures, extra features, and recent neat updates that make it easier to do artwork can only do so much if the photos you chose, how you laid them out, and the manual work you put in isn't up to par. Textures and all of the other stuff are like makeup, they are there to enhance the artwork but the bulk of it is arranging everything. I don't know if that made sense. So I avoid programs and apps that have nothing but filters. Sometimes you have to get down and do the dirty work hands on. Lol


sarNie Adult
Omg !!!
I  :heart: Lek as well. :thumbsup:
He's my #2 after my #1 Pope. #3 have to be Ken P(I've just discover about him a month ago :coverlaf: ) yea, I'm not too fond of Ch.3 actors although I do have to say that Ch3 sure do have some pretty "cute"  looking guys. :coverlaf:  :coverlaf:
I need Lek as p'ek with Mew.N in a lakorn. Sai See Plerng 2013 was not enough, although I did love Mew with Chakrit as well. 
As for artwork, I love looking at your artwork aiyaja ,I've been wanting to do my own art work editing but I'm having trouble with understand this high tech. etc...  everything. I'ts so BAD when it comes to computer.  


sarNie Adult
You need to make an art work of our  beL :heart: ved PopeMew and SO much more of SonVill :clap:
                                                  :ghehe:  :ghehe:  :ghehe:  :ghehe:  :ghehe:  :ghehe: