Amanda Vang


Saw her perform at the MN new year. She's not bad, kinda like a Maiv Xyooj style wannabe. But at least, for someone her age, she's singing in Hmong. More than you can say about a lot of other girls out there...

i agree. nowdays there arent's a lot of young people singing hmong songs, upset those in laos and thailand.


sarNie Adult
the mv isn't even good. If she was just going to do it like that, i think she should never waisted all her american money to fly to thailand to do mv. even the ones here in US is better. It sucks. her voice is average, but her looks is not even good. ugh, doesn't she like sings in clubs all the time. ewww.......waist of money, just go watch her stuff in youtube.
i've seen her on youtube.


sarNie Hatchling
Can't believe she sang a freaking Britney Spears song though! Ugh! The song "txhua txhua zaus" is Britney's "Everytime." I doubt she had permission, either :p Nothing remarkable, maybe a few songs. I don't like the fast ones...I'm not at a club, I wanna know how she sings/sounds like, not looking for a party song.