America's Next Top Model


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Anyone watching cycle 10? LOL I normally don't watch shows like these, but the cat fight's caught my eye on one episode. There's so much hostility on this show lol and it's so weird how some of the girls are so weird.....


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haven't .. there's rerun in cwtv .. when i'm bore.maybe i'll watch it. but yeah. antm is getting boring for me now .. :(


Expired Sarnie
yep seen all season... and yep watching this season... i am not really into it but there is always reruns... so when there is nothing else on tv... would watch it over...


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muahah im into the drama that that one fattima chick has with the other chick I forgot her name >.O the short haired african american girl from cycle 9 who came back.
i don't watch that... but last weekend i had went to tryout for america's next top model.... but i didn't make the call back cause i was half an inch too short of 5'7... but eh nothing to do with the drama of top model... just wanted to


I haven't watched this show since season 7 it's not as exciting and Tyra annoys me lol. But that new show, Make Me a Supermodel is much better I must say...however nothing beats Project Runway!


sarNie Egg
This season Cycle is kind of lame.....and it here and then...i never liked ANTM but after seeing Heather from the last season got me interested......TV right now is sooooooo boring...... -_- -_- -_- -_- -_- -_-