amika's banners


sarNie Hatchling
this is some kinda pics i used to make these banners... and i wunna give a big thanks to ma swt heart p'tangmoe fo da tutorials.. cob coon kah! :) :wub:
wells here ja go...

and hope u guys like it! :D


Siwon & Donghae =
awwwwies nong amika.. those banners are sooo cute.. i love dan!! woooo.. awwies.. i didnt do anything.. its was all in you already!! great job! :D

Muddie Murda

great great great!

Great works w/ the pattern and the fonts!!!!


sarNie Juvenile
well how about if i said i don't like it? well i don't like any of your artworks at all ,but i love it! you did a very nice job on all of them! they look very cute! and keep up the excellent work! :D