An Empress and the Warriors(2008)


sarNie Adult
Have u peeps see this new release yet..if not, then you should check it out..the one I have doesn't have subtitles yet becuz it's still on production of subbings, so I just bought the original version first..I get the plot and all, but just couldn't really understand what they were saying...


sarNie Egg
is it just me or are there so many ancient war movies coming out lately.

like warlords, battle of red cliff, three kingdoms, now this.


yep...a lot of ancient war movies are coming out lately......but it's really kool...i really like the battle scene.....

this movie is alright....donnie was the best....


this is a great movie. i actually love the song they put in here.


sarNie Hatchling
i haven't really pay attention to all those new movie lately since i've been watch more drama now...but this is one of the new movie that i really want to watch since donnie yen is in there.....i also heard that it is good so i can't wait.....