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Chapter 10

"Hey, I'm so glad you girls came." I said, while opening the huge door for the crew.

"We wouldn't miss it for the world." Sunny said pushing pass Adam. "This place is crazy huge, and I'm not just talking about the house. Adam told us that, from the gate all the way to the mountain belongs to your family, right Darian?" She said in amazement.

"Yeah, it's nothing big. My Dad he likes to invest in real estate." He sounded bored.

"Nothing big! This place is huge, and G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S!" She exclaimed.

"Yep that was also my first impression of it. It's huge." I said nodding my head up and down.

"Gosh Sunny, stop acting like you don't own a home like this back in Korea." Tiffany said rolling her eyes.

"Well, yeah but this place have such a great feel to it, and the view! Its beautiful, and so so wow!" Sunny's face filled with joy. I was not the only one who was suprised by Sunny's reaction.

"Sunny I didn't know you liked beautiful scenery like this," Adam said happily. "I'm glad to learn something new about you." He was smiling brightly at her, her face redden. For the first time, I understood what Darian ment when he said Adam only smiled at Sunny lovingly. When he smiles at her, his smiles are bright, and his eyes are dreamy. This thought got me excited, and my match making mind started to process. I smile widely.

"If you want to really see the view, Sunny, you HAVE to take a look around." Then I turned to look at Adam, and winked at him. "Adam, can you show Sunny around, please. I know that you know this place VERY well." Then I winked at him once again with a huge smile across my face.

He smiled. "That's a great idea Dara." He walked pass me to grab Sunny's arm, but before he approach Sunny, he whispered a thank you and winked back at me. Sunny's expression was in shock, but she seemed happy. That's all that counts.

They went through the glass door that led to the swimming pool area. "Take care of her Adam!" I yelled after them. I turned around to see two pairs of confused eyes staring at me. "What? Oh please, like you guys didn't know those two liked eachother."

Darian bursted out laughing. "That was great Dara, way to be subtle about that one, Miss Match Maker."

"That's not funny Darian, I tried, and it worked. Plus it made them happy, I hope." Now I was pouting because he was making fun of me. He walked towards me and gave me a big hug, my heart was pounding fiercely.

"I know, but you seem so happy and your face brighten so much, and I've never seen you like this, so it made me happy too." He said still hugging me. I felt him kiss the top of my head, and my heart flutter. What is this warm feeling? Is it because I'm getting more comfortable with him now? Why is he acting this way? Isn't he embarrass? Or does he My mind was spinning at a quick rate. Then Jordan broke my train of thought.

"God! Can you guys not do that in front of us please, it's quite disgusting. Have your couple skinship somewhere else." Jordan snickered.

"We are not a couple Jordan." I said trying to push Darian away from me, but his grasp was strong, and I couldn't break through. He didn't even move an inch, his embrace was still strong. Even though I wanted to break away, but part of me wanted us to stay like that. Why? Maybe I'm the one who likes...him. Do I? What's wrong with me!

"If you're feeling jealous then find yourself someone to cuddle with as much as you like." With one of his hand he lifted my face, and kissed my cheeks, my face burned with embarrassment. I was startle, and for some reason happy. "See, you can do that, or possibly alot more." He looked at me with his alluring eyes.

"Don't even think about it Darian Harper!" I hissed at him, and he smiled brightly knowing that he won. I kept peeking at his face from the corner of my eyes, he was so beautiful, and his smiles is a symbol of who he is to me. Someone who maybe very special to me.

"Sorry, couldn't help it. You were so adorable, and I wanted to show Jordan what he could do with Tiffany, honestly I doubt Tiffany would mind Jordan cuddling with her, right Tiff?" He turned his head quickly ro give her a wink. She blushed. She couldn't say a word to Darian, her head was down looking at the floor.

I knew that it was time for me and Darian to step aside. I finally broke free from his embrace by stepping on his foot and elbowed him at the same time. "Oh gosh Dare, we still need to finish dinner for our guests...umm...come on." I grabbed Darian's hand and headed towards the kitchen.

"Dara, I finish.." Darian started to say.

"Oh! You finished making the gravies, okay okay. Good." I dragged him away from the two people sitting on the couch opposite from eachother.

"Dara, do you need my help." Tiffany said getting up from her seat, and Jordan's eyes followed her movements.

"No no...umm...Aunt Keira told us not to let anyone touch She treasures her silverware stuff...alot...umm..Have with Jordan. We'll be done soon." I said studdering, I hate that I'm not a very good liar when I'm excited.

"Oh, okay." She said softly sitting down once again.

When we were far enough, so that they couldn't hear, then I let go of Darian's hand.

"Yep, way to be subtle. You are so good at lying. Honestly you should be an actress." Darian said mockingly. Releasing those annoying smiles that he always used when making fun of me.

"Shut up. Atleast I know when to leave when I need to. Those two seriously needs some alone time together." I said smiling at my own success.

"Yeah, you're right. No one can be as happy as us. We ALWAYS have alone time together here. Those guys must be jealous of us." His crooked smiled was mocking, but they were beautiful none the less.

"Keep dreaming." I rolled me eyes.

"I don't have to, because reality is better then a dream." He said, and his image quickly appeared in front of me. He startled me. "In a dream, I can't come this close to you, and can't hold your hands, and feel the warmth of your body. For in my dream, I could only see you run away from me." His eyes sadden, I couldn't bare seeing him like this. Without thinking I embraced him, we stood there in silent.

"Why would I run away from you? Your my childhood friend, and someone who had been so helpful through hard times. You have some good merits, I don't think I would run from you. Maybe run after you trying to kick you in the butt, but I doubt I'd run away." I said trying to lift the gloomy atmosphere. I lifted my head to look at his face.

He smiled again, the sad expression on his face gone. "I have good merits? Then shouldn't I get a reward."

"What are you? A child? Whatever. So what do you want?"

He then suddenly grabbed my face, lifted it up, and smacked his cool lips on mine, I stayed still. We were kissing for awhile, because when he finally release my lips, I was breathing very hard. I was staring at him my mouth open because once again, he had suprised me. He had a huge smirk on, and then lifted me up to sit on the counter. He put his arms arm my waist, and rested his head on my lap.

"I can have whatever I wanted right? Then all I ask for is your love, Dara." He said quietly, but I could hear every word he said. I was still stun. Darian just asked me for my love. How am I suppose to respond to that?

He lifted his head staring straight into my eyes. "You can detect someone else's love for eachother, but you can't detect mine, and your own." It was not a question, but a statement. He grabbed my hands, and clamp them together into a fist, and put his over mine. "I'm protecting you not just because I have to, but because I want to. I really honestly like you, and care for you more then anyone ever...I can't believe you never notice that I liked you this much. Why do you think I did what I did? Always hugging you, try to make you blush, make you laugh, argue with you, make you smile, be close to you. You really didn't catch on? Oh come on!" He threw his hands in the air dramatically. I was still stun but restrain myself from laughing because he was getting frustrated because of me. He looks really cute when he's mad.

"I just thought, you did all that because that's just your personality, you know, you being obnoxious." I said bitting my lips, trying not to laugh.

"Great! I just confessed my feelings to you, and you call me obnoxious. This was not what I planned it to be like."

"You planned to confess your love for me in the kitchen of your house? Very romantic Darian, you could do better." I said smiling now.

"No, I planned to confess you romantically, later, but I couldn't hold back my feelings. When I look at you so happy from helping other with their love lives, I wanted to see how you would react to your own." His eyes are shinning.

"So this was an experiment to see how I would act?" i eyed him.

"No no no..ofcourse not! Dara, I honestly cherish you. This is no experiment. This is my true feelings, this is me as a man confessing to you a woman whom I care for." He took both my hands back, and kissed it. "So what do you say."

I got myself down from the counter, and walked away from him towards the garden door.


I was quiet. Still walking slowing towards the door.

"Dara please consid...I understand..I'm sorry." He sounded so sad.

I couldn't help but smiled and turn abruptly to face him. I ran for him, and put my arms around his neck and kissed him. He lifted me up and spun me gloriously.

"I say ofcourse I except your confession." I said happily.

"This is the best day of my life!" He said, and kissed me again. "So you know, I'm never going to let you go."

"I don't mind that at all." I kissed him again. "Oh! I have to go check on Adam and Sunny." I said releasing my lips from his.

"What? Now? Oh come on, we're busy." He put me back on the counter again, and kissed tenderly. I pulled my lips away from him again.

"Darian we have all the time in the world...Hello..We live together." I said smiling. I wanted him to feel anxious. This is good for him, since he is always teasing me, now it's my turn.

He sigh. "Fine. You win."

"I'm thinking of winning every arguements we have from now on. What do you think?" I said giving him a peck on the lips again.

"Hmm. Yeah I think you will. Anything you want you get. I'm your life now." He tried to kiss me again, but I put my hand up blocking his kiss. He sigh again. He lifted me off the counter, and walked with me towards the garden door. "Wait when you say you wanted to check on Adam and Sunny, do you mean..Spying on them?"

"Ofcourse. You go 'check' on Tiffany and Jordan while I 'check' on Adam and Sunny." I said pointing towards the living room door and winking.

"But I want to go with you.."

"No, go over there." I said again.

"Okay." He walked towards the door, then turned around. "But when I come back we're going to get back at where we just left off." He said with a smirk, and disappear through the door. I blushed, as I was walking quietly to find Adam and Sunny.

Great how was I suppose to find them around here? I stood there listening impatiently to identify any sound that could be them, then I heard it. I heard sounds of breathing coming from the moutain, hard breathing. Someone was breathing very hard, and then I couldn't hear anything, then I heard somone breath again.

What's going on? Maybe those creatures came back, and Adam and Tiffany are fighting them now...Oh god! What if those things were trying to kill them?! Please don't let anything happen to them. I was racing towards the mountain as fast as I could. I kept hearing the breathing and increase, and then disappear. When I reached there, I saw something that shocked me. Something that could've brought tears to my eyes, but I couldn't cry. I couldn't be crying now.


So what do guys think so far? This is going to be a very long Fanfic. haha! Since I only post once a week. The new characters will be added nin my next post, I'm still waiting for YGChix1177 to do it for me, she is also busy, so it takes awhile.

Stefan as Matt Sila (Dara's Ex)

Sara Paxton as Nikki Jackson (She HATES Dara, and likes Darian)

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Chapter 11

I put my hands over my mouth in shock. I quietly took slow steps backwards. Then I heard a cracking sound, I had step on an old tree branch on the ground. Sunny turned to look at me with a face that was filled with suprises.

"Oh my gosh! Dara." Sunny said, her face turning bright red. She abruptly stood up from sitting on Adam's lap.

"Umm..Sorry to..umm disturb you guys, but I was just...umm going to tell you guys that dinner was umm..carry on if you wish." I said trying to muffle a smile. I was so happy for them, I wanted to scream out loud! Yayy! Finally!

Adam turn to look at me with a face of satisfaction. "Thanks Dara, We'll be there soon after we are done here." He smiled, grab Sunny's hand, and pulled her back down to sit on his lap. He pulled her face to his and kissed her, but she suddenly push him away.

Her face was bright red. "That's enough Adam, Dara, is watching." I whisper.

"Dara doesn't care, since she was doing the same thing just a couple of minutes ago." He said eyeing my direction. I blushed.

Then something clicked in my head. "You knew that I was approaching you guys? Then why didn't you say anything, I thought you guys were in trouble. Gosh!" I yelled at Adam.

"Sorry I couldn't help myself, you have to understand that I was holding it in for a long time, and I couldn't control myself with Sunny." He said smiling at Sunny.

"Why don't we go back inside the house then. I'm hungry anyways." Sunny said quietly, and shyly.

"Oh sure you're hungry." I said rolling my eyes. "Don't you want to stay here and proceed with what you were doing?" I started to laugh.

"Shut up Dara." She said softly. I could tell she was embarrassed.

"Alright. Let's go back then." Adam said brushing the dirt of his pants, and walk to Sunny to wrap his arm around Sunny's waist. This image made me smile. He whispered quietly to her, something that I wasn't suppose to hear but since I have a very good hearing, I head everything. "Don't be embarrass...but we ARE going continuing this after dinner." He said smiling sweetly at her. I had a huge smile across my face as we walk towards the house.

"Dara, why are you smiling so much?" I heard Sunny ask.

"Because Darian never mind." I said, and started to blush.

"Wait you can't do that. Now, you have to spill out everything." She grabbed my arms, but I broke free and ran into the house.

"No way!" I ran without looking and ended up tripping on the chair in the kitchen. I thought I would be on the floor by now, but it never happened. I felt warm arms wrapped around my waist, and I realize it was Darian.

He sigh and shaked his head as he lift me up. "Are you okay?"

"Yep, just fine." I said a bit embarrass. "I'm going to set the table, would you like to help?"

"Anything you want, Love."

I was so happy when he called me 'Love'. It sounded so sweet and different.

"Thank you, Hotshot." I said smiling at him, he return with a crooked smile that I love so much. "So how is Tiffany and Jordan doing? Are they getting along, and did they start to make out like Sunny and Adam?" I was laughing at that point.

"Adam and Sunny made out? Haha! I figured. When it comes to Sunny, Adam can sometimes be out of control. His cool image will disappear."

"I know. I saw. He was like a totally different person, and so was Sunny. She seem more gentle and cute. In another word, girly."

"Yes, I have to agree with you there."

"So how was Tiffany and Jordan? This is my second time asking you already."

"They're okay, but I think Tiffany is really conservative, she won't get close to him, but they talked alot, well mostly Jordan was talking." He was almost done with setting the table.

"Okay..well...Did you push them into doing something? I mean start a different conversation for them, and then walk away?" I said.

He looked at me with his eye brows raised. "Why would I do that? I think they should move at their own paste, it's the best solution for someone like Tiffany." He said laying the last plate on the table, and walking towards me. "Let's just let them be, okay?"

I pouted. "But I want all of us to be happy, and be together. Well atleast both of them are progressing, one more then the other, but it's still a progress." I sigh. "Fine, you're right. I'll leave them alone."

He kissed me. We've been doing alot of that today. "That's my Princess." Then kissed my forehead.

"Ahem Ahem" Jordan was in front of the dining room door. He had a huge smirk across his face.

I rolled my eyes. "Save it Jordan." I said acidly.

"Save what? My congrats to you both, but next time restrain yourself from doing something like that in front of people." He said smiling.

"Shut up." I said rolling my eyes again.

"Don't get mad Dara, Jordan is just jealous of us that's all." Darian said eyeing the annoyed Jordan.

"Oh yeah I'm so jealous of you two." He said sarcastically. "By the way, the girls don't know that you guys are living together alone right? I think that's going to be a problem with Tiffany, you know she is a bit..concern when it comes to Dara."

"That's true." I said quietly. "But it wasn't our choice, this was all a suprise to the both of us."

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it. Plus Tiffany isn't unreasonable. She will understand, and she will learn to trust us all in time." Darian assured me.

"I think you guys should go and explain it to Tiffany and Sunny now." Jordan said.

"No. Let's do it after dinner." Darian said.

Jordan nodded in agreement.

My cellphone that was place on the counter started to ring, and I rush to pick it up while Darian and Jordan spoke. The name on the phone said it was Chris. I picked up the phone and head out the door towards the garden.

"Hey Chris what's going on?"

"Nothing much, I'm just checking on you, since I heard that you're living alone with this Darian guy."

"Oh. yeah. How did you know?" I asked confused. They left only a couple of ours ago, did news travel that fast? And across the continent?!

"Well...umm..yeah you know...the usual..your grandma." He said stuttering.

"Chris. Is everything okay?" I asked.

"Yep. Everything is fine."

"Are you sure, because I haven't gotten a call from my grandmother, only emails." I said hurt by the thought. I love my grandmother dearly, but she didn't call at all. I tried calling the house, but the maid always tells me that she is not there.

"You know that your grandma doesn't like to talk on the phone, she said she is just wasting her breathe, it's good that she is taking time to email you." He said laughing. He was right. Grandma really hated to use the phone. I told her to purchase a cell phone but she refused to do so. Her excuse was that, she did not want people to find her.

"Dara, come on already!" I heard Jordan call from the kitchen. "We are waiting for you! Now Dara!"

"Who is that Dara? He sounds really rude." Chris said through the phone.

"Oh. That's just Jordan. Sorry I have to go." I said sadly.

"Is okay, I'll call you later then."

"Bye Chris."

"Bye Hun."

I clicked on the 'end' button and slipped the phone in my pocket. I walked back to the house slowly feeling exhausted. I just realized that everything was happening so fast. I'm glad I have people who I can count on here, people who I must protect if anything was to go wrong. I don't think I can bare to see any of them hurt because of me. I've desided, I WILL be the one to protect these people, not the other way around. Then again, how will I do that? I don't even know who or what these creatures really are. I have to do something, I have to find out what these things are. At times like this a wish I had grandma's books of Magic, I wonder if Tiffany or Sunny had one. I have to research this farther.

"Let's go slow pock!" I heard Jordan yell once again. Can he be anymore annoying! Gosh!

"I'm coming! Don't have to yell." I screamed back, but I was only 3 feet away from him.

"Who's yelling? I think it was you." Jordan said with hands over his ears. I stuck my tongue out at him.

I walked pass Jordan to the kitchen, and went directly to Darian in the dinning room. He extended his hand for mine, I quickly grabbed it. There it was again, the warmth from his touch, it was very soothing. It made me happy, and safe being near him. I was so absorb in the world of us that I didn't notice that we weren't the only people in the room, until Darian spoke.

"Everyone, meaning Tiffany, and Sunny. We have something to tell you guys." Darian said in a voice with extreme excitement. Me in the other hand was blaring with embarrassment.

"Don't tell me that Dara is pregnant!" Sunny said with a devious smile.

"Shut up Sunny." I said pouting at her joke. "Wait a sec, Sunny you already knew about me and Darian?" I asked with some confusion.

"Durrrr. It's not hard to tell that Darian is head over heels for you Dara." She said rolling her eyes. "It was only a matter of time, that he was going to come out with it, and I guess today was the special day." She said smiling.

"Not just for us, but for you and Adam too, am I correct?" Darian said smiling. Sunny blushed.

"That's right my brother." Adam said throwing a pouch into the air, and Darian did the same.

We all turn to look at Tiffany, who was sitting on the chair on the end of the dining table. She was quiet, and her face was stoic.

She look up to face us. "Why are you guys staring at me?"

"Tiffany I thought you might be the one who would be difficult about this. I mean I didn't think you trusted the guys..and..well.."

"Hold up." She said holding her hand to stop me from speaking any farther. "You think that I was going to be angry with you just because you and Darian are together? That's silly. I wouldn't act rudely like that. If you're happy that's all that matters." She said smiling, then turned to look at Sunny. "And that includes you missy. Though I have to say, if you gentlement do not take extreme care of my girls, there will be harsh consequences." She said eyeing Darian and Adam. "Got that!"

"Don't worry. We will take great care of them, and you ofcourse." Adam said smiling.

"Alright alright let's eat, I'm famish." Jordan said rubbing his stomach. But I bet he just felt jealous that Adam was able to say such things to Tiffany. If Adam was not his bestfriend I was sure Jordan would have punch Adam a long time ago.

I rolled my eyes. "Pig." I said quietly, but I knew he heard me.

As we dine together, I almost forgot to tell the girls something else. I forgot to tell them that me, and Darian were living together alone. So I might as well take the chance now, when everyone is happy eating.

"Oh I forgot to mention that me and Darian are living together...alone because his parents are away in an argent trip, and won't be back for awhile." I said quickly, and then silent fell over the once loud dining room.

Tiffany was the first to speak. "What! You guys are living together alone?! That's nuts! What if that thing attacks here, who is going to protect you?"

"Tiffany, calm down. I can handle them, and I doubt they are able to enter my property. We have charms all around the primeter. So you shouldn't worry about that." Darian explained.

"Yes, but Dariam, charms are easily broken, I can break a charm anytime I wish. I don't think it will be enough to keep them out." Sunny said in a calm voice. I almost got scare because I felt like Tiffany and Sunny switched bodies, or in this case, personalities.

"I don't think so. The charms that were put around the property were charms that were created by combining the powers of sorcerers and vampires. It's quite powerful, and it was recently added." Adam clarify.

"Either way, I'm still worry." Tiffany sigh.

"Don't worry Tiffany, they have us. This place is not that far away. If you want we can come here everyday. The only place we have to worry about is the outside because we don't know when they will attack." Jordan conclude.

"I doubt they will attack in a place where there are people around because they know our existance is a secret to the humans." Darian said quietly.

Our dinner was turning gloomy, and I did not like the atmosphere. I had to change the subject.

"Everyone please don't stress over it. If they do attack, I can defend myself. I'm not disabled. I have everything they have, maybe even more. If I'm not afraid, then you shouldn't be either." I said eyeing my friends. "Now lets have dinner in peace." Though it was my fault that it turned out this way, but I had to come out with it soon. What lye's ahead none of us in this room knew about. We can only prepare for what is to come, and I felt like things were going to happen soon enough.

After everything was settle the crew all left, and it was alomost midnight when they did. The Girls promised to come back in the morning (Though I'm sure they won't wake up in time) , so I won't feel lonely, but ofcourse Darian assured them that I would never be lonely with him around. I had to agree with that one.

When I shut the door, Darian lifted me up quickly without any warning.

"Dar.." I started to call his name. "...rian!" Before I finished saying his name we were already on the couch. He sat me on his lap, and I snuggle onto his chest. His heart was beating fast, and so was mine. Hey, we have something in common.

"Do you hear my heart beating?" Darian ask in a soft voice.

"Mmm." I responded, not wanting to say anything at this moment. I want to stay like this for awhile.

He pushed me away from his chest, and lock his sparkling eyes on mine. "My heart is beating for you, and only you." Then he smiled sweetly, grab my face lightly and kissed me. My head was spinning, he is really good at this kind of stuff. Are all vampires this good at making a girl's heart race at the speed of light, or was it just this guy? When he finally released my lips, I blushed fiercely.

He smiled that uneven smiled that made me want to faint at the sight. "Your body is really warm, are you hot? Or was it...something else?" He said staring at me wickedly.

I hit him on his arm softly. "You know why my body is hot..duh. The A.C is not even on. I better go turn it on." I said embarrassed, getting up, but Darian pulled me back down lightly, and wrap his arm tightly around me.

"Don't be embarrass. If my body could react to my emotions, I would be on fire right please stay where you are, and that's right here in my arms." He kissed the top of my head, and I snuggled closer to him. I didn't realize I was tire until my head settle comfortably on top of his chest once again. I didn't feel anxious anymore. My fear were wiped away, and my sorrows gone. I felt protected in these arms, in his arms. Darian rocked me back and forth, and humming a song I didn't recognized. My eyes started to droop, I felt my energy draining from my body, and then everything went dark.

**** ** ***** ** ***** ** ***** ** *****

Everything around me was dark, and I couldn't see anything, but two large hands stretching out from behind me. It sent shivers down my spines. I wanted to get away from it. It frighten me. I ran, and ran, and ran, but there were no way out. The hands were still chasing after me, and it's getting closer. Oh god, it's coming. AH!

"Dara!" I heard a beautiful voice calling my name. "Wake up Love." Someone is shaking my shoulders softly. I opened my eyes slowly to find a face of an angel. He was so beautiful, there were no one else who can compare to him. "Are you alright?" He asked, his face concern.

"I'm fine." I answered still not yet awake.

"Are you sure? You were just screaming 'it's coming' really loud. Did you have a bad dream?" Then I realized that this angel was none other then Darian, my dreamy vampire boyfriend.

"Yeah, but I'm okay." I was in my room, Darian must have carried me up here after I fell asleep. I yawned, and I heard Darian chuckle. "What are you laughing at?" I asked still dazed.

"You're really adorable when you're confuse." He said kissing my cheeks.

"Thanks." I groan, and yawn again.

"Do you still want to sleep?" He said holding on to my hand now.

I smile. "Yes, but I better get up, the girls are probably coming soon." I said sitting up on my bed, and resting my head on his shoulder.

"No, they won't be coming today, it's a Saturday so I thought we go on a date, just the two of us." He said softly.

"How did you get them not to go with us?" I question, suprised.

"Jordan is taking Tiffany to the spa, I gave him that idea. Adam is taking Sunny to the skating rink. So basically I beg the guys to take the girls out for the day so I can spend some more alone time with my girlfriend, even though we get enough of that at home, but you know me, I can't get enough of you." He said lifting me up off of the bed, like I was a child.

"Wow. You must really like me, if you went through that much trouble." I said smiling and heading towards my private bathroom. Darian settle himself on my fluffy pink chair.

"Truly. I just told you, I could never get enough of you." He said playing with my teddy bear.

"So what are we going to do today." I said from the bathroom, I kept the door open while brushing my teeth.

"Anything you like. How about a nice picnic, and a movie?" He asked politely.

I poke my head through the door. "Yes to the movie, but the picnic I want to do one at our house, AND I'll make the food." I said heading for the shower, and closing the door after me.

I usually don't take long in the shower. When I step out of the bathroom, Darian was still seated on the chair staring out the window. I noticed that he laid my clothes our on my bed for me. I smiled at the choice he made. He chose a normal brown A&F teeshirt, and skinny jeans. I did not smile only because he knew what I liked, but because he was wearing the same color. How cute, he wanted us to wear a couple outfit for today.

I try to look at his face and found that he was smiling to himself, but I was curious to why he was smiling so brightly. "Darian why are you smiling to yourself?" I asked getting dress behind the curtain, it was place in the corner of my room to provide me with a changing room within my room.

"I was thinking about what you said." I could hear him chuckling softly.

"Huh? What did I say?" I asked confused.

"You said 'our house'. Usually you would say 'your house'. It made me happy knowing that you accepted it."

"Your happy about that.." I said pulling the curtain to the side, and facing Darian who was standing right in front of the curtain waiting for me.

He flashed his special crooked smile, leaving me breathless. "You always make me happy, no matter how little it is. By the way you look lovely." He extended his hand for mine. I accepted it.

"You make me happy too." I said smiling at him.

"If you say it like that..I'm deffinitely your's. You can do whatever you like with me." He said laughing. "You're too adorable to resist." He grabbed my face and kissed me.

"So to the movies?"


"Let's do it."


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sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 12

When we left it was already noon. Once again Darian was driving like a maniac on the road, and we end up arguing.

"Darian, I think you are going too fast." I said staring out the window. It wasn't because I was afraid, but I wanted us to be together like this for as long as possible. For some reason I feel our time together is not enough.

He sigh. "I hate driving slow on the high way Dara." He whinned.

"This is slow?! You're over taking every car in front of us, and your going over the speed limit! Slow down or else I'll throw a fit right now." I said gazing at him.

"Come on. What if we don't make it to the movies." He pouted looking at me.

"Don't give me that look. The movie theater is not going anywhere, and the movie doesn't play until another 30 minutes, and let's not forget the previews. So we basically have 40 minutes, which I'm sure you could make it there in normal speed within 15 minutes."

He sigh. " Fine fine." He said rolling his eyes, and slowing down.

"Thank you." I said leaning closer to him, to give him a kiss on the cheek.

He smiled. "No Thank you."

Like always, little things I do for him, he always accept it with pleasure. I wish I could do more for this glorious man.

"By the way Darian, how did Jordan persuade Tiffany to go to the Spa with him? Honestly I can't imagine Jordan in a Spa." I said chuckling.

Darian laughed. "Yeah a Vampire and a Witch going to the Spa. That's definitely a nightmare movie about to be made."

"Hey, That's my bestfriend you're talking about. I hope Jordan doesn't throw a tantrum in front of Tiffany, even though Tiffany is probably used to it."

"Yes, but I think it's part of his charm for her."

"Hmm. Really. I wonder..." I left my thoughts hanging. I wonder what my kind of charm Darian has on me.

"What are you thinking about?" Darian asked.

"I was just thinking how Jordan got Tiffany to go." I lied, too embarrass to expose myself.

"Ah that. I don't know. I did tell him to be extra sweet, and stare into her eyes alot. Just like how I talk to you, though you're a bit more stubborn then Tiffany." He teased.

"You know what. You do gaze into my eyes alot." It made me happy knowing he was always watching me. "And you always take my breath away when you smile at me."

"I take your breath away?!" He said sounding shock. "You got to be kidding me. Whenever you pass me that grin of your's I swear I thought my heart was going to explode." He said embarrassed.

"I do? I thought it was just this Vampire affect you had on people, or in this case, me."

"Maybe that's part of the reason, but I prefer to take only YOUR breath away." He said grinning.

I smiled. "Well I hope so."

"You don't have to hope because in reality your the only person who can move my heart."

I started to laugh again. "Darian where did you hear that line? A movie, or a book?"

He frown. "Dara, I say that from the depth of my heart, and you just brisk it away. Once again when I confess something to you, you laugh."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to laugh." Yes I did mean to laugh. I wiped away the happy tears from my cheeks. "It was cute though. Thank you my love."

He smiled again. "Oh I have more."

Like I predicted, we arrived within 15 mintues. Darian opened the door for me like a true gentlement he was. He went to purchase the tickets while I sat waiting on one of the cafe table.

"Dara is that you?" I heard a voice coming from behind me. I turned around knowing it was Mike.

"Hi Mike, how are you?" I asked, trying my best to smile.

"I'm good. Who are you here with, or are you here alone?" He questioned a bit too excited. Then I saw someone coming from behind him, it was none other then Nikki Jackson.

I especially tried my hardest to smile at Nikki. "Oh Hello Nikki, nice to see you again."

"Yeah." She said, and turned her head to a different direction rolling her eyes. I surpass a grin. She must still hate me for the other day.

"Are you guys here together?" I ask Mike.

Mike nodded unhappily. "Sort of...but who are YOU here with Dara?"

"Oh I'm here with...oh here he comes." I pointed at the direction where Darian was coming from.

"Oh hey guys." Darian greeted Mike and Nikki.

Nikki's face was fill with chagrin. "You guys are here together?!" She alomost screeched the words out.

"Ofcourse, just for a small date." Darian answer handing me a cup of ice latte, and my ticket.

"A date?!" Both Mike and Nikki screeched.

Darian was grinning. He lifted me up by pulling my arm. Then put his arm around my waist. "We are a couple. It's not odd for couples to go on dates once in awhile." He said eyeing them with too much satisification. "Oh look at the time the movie is about to start, we'll see you guys later." We walked pass them without look back, but I could feel their eyes on our back. I look up to see Darian, his face was bright with pleasure.

I shaked my head. "Darian you are mean."

"What? Me? Oh well. Did you see Mike's face? Wow! That made my day." He said excitedly.

I sigh. "Grow up Darian."

"Can't help it. I don't like the way he was talking to you, I don't even like him being near you, I can't even stand him looking at you."

I smiled. "Hun, are you jealous?"

"Me? No way..maybe..a little...okay I was freakin' pissed off because he talked to I guess...YES I AM JEALOUS! jeez!" He said frustrated with the words he said.

"That's all you had to say. But you were jealous just because he was talking to me, I mean he was with Nikki." I said rolling my eyes when I said her name.

"I know. Like I said, I didn't like him looking at you, the way he looks at you I feel like he can attack you anytime."

"Attack me? Oh gosh! Before he could do that I would have levitated his ass to California." I said giggling.

He sigh. "You're taking this situation too lightly Dara."

"Why shouldn't I?"

"Because you don't know when this selfish boyfriend of yours may snap and attack that guy. He just..Argh!" Darian was angry, and his eyes filled with sadness. I didn't like him this way because it hurts me to see the person I care about sad. "I mean, he is human, and I guess because I'm not it angers me."

Darian was angry because he is not a human, but a vampire instead. It's not like he can choose his own birth. I like the Darian I know now, I wouldn't change him for the world. I had to wait to say something to him. I don't want him to keep putting himself down because of what he is.

As we were taking our seats, I place my latte on my right while Darian sat to my left. There were barely any people in the theater, including us, there were 14 people. This movie must not be popular. I looked over to check on Darian, he was still upset, his face stoic. I extended my hands to touch his face. I clamp his face with my hands, and turn his body to face me. "Darian, please don't make that face. Do you even realize that I don't care WHAT you are. I only care about YOU being YOURSELF. Being what you are is who you are, and I trust you because you are YOU. I wouldn't choose anybody else for the world. So don't be upset. Honestly you have no place to say that, look at me. I'm not a normal person either, what normal teenager can levitate objects, and can conjure water and fire? I think in this case, I'm the only one who can do that." I looked into his eyes to see if he was paying attention, and he was. His eyes soften within my touch. "Do you understand Love?" I whispered.

He grabbed my hands with his and pulled my hands down placing it on his lap. "Thank you. You are surely my life. I will protect your trust with everything I have. I'm sorry, I won't let you see this side of me again."

"Darian, don't say that. I like every side of you. If you are trouble with something you must tell me, I will help in everyway I can. So please."

He smiled. "Yes my beloved." He leaned over to kiss my forehead.

Now that we were at the movies, I don't really care to watch it. I knew I was not going to pay attention to the movie. And for Darian, I could feel his sharp stare on my face, he was always watching me, and I could see it from the corner of my eyes.

I sigh.

"What's wrong?" Darian asked in a cool whisper.

"It's just that I don't think I'll be paying attention to the movie when you're sitting next to me. If you know what I mean."

He smiled. "Am I distracting you? Should we leave, and do something else?"

I nodded. "Let's get out of here.

He grabbed my hand, then put his arm around my waist, and lead me out of the movie theater. While we were walking pass all of the small shops within the theater, we spotted Mike, and Nikki sitting in the same cafe we saw them earlier.

"Oh gosh, they are still there Darian." I said quietly, and acting like I have not seen them.

"Yeah, I know, let's just keep walking. Don't look their way, maybe just maybe they won't call us or anything."

I giggled. "This is so dumb, I can't believe we are trying to avoid those two, well I'm trying to avoid Nikki, I don't care about Mike. Nikki is super bitchy, and her voice, yikes, it's so high."

Darian laughed. "Now you know how I feel. Though I'm trying to avoid both because I don't feel like pounding someone right now, or else he might end up dead. On the other hand I don't want a headache from Nikki either."

This is such a contradiction to what Tiffany and Sunny said about Darian being non violent towards Mike. They said Darian would act kind towards Mike, and ignore him. Well, I see the ignore part, but being kind is definitely far from what Darian wants to be.

"Oh Dara, I heard something the other day." Darian broke through my thoughts.

"Like what?"

"I heard that you've never gone to an amusement park before, is it true?"

"Yeah, something like that." I answered carefully.

"How about we go today?" He asked excitely.

"Umm...Well..I guess we can but..." I said not too sure if I really wanted to. I don't like roller coasters, they look too scary.

"Don't be nervous, I'll always be right there next to you." He reassured me.

"Fine, let's go." I grumbled.

Then suddenly I felt a hand grab my arm from the back, and I turned around swiftly.

"Finally caught you." Mike said. "Didn't you hear me call your name?" He eyed Darian rudely.

"No we didn't, sorry." I answered quickly.

"We saw you coming out of the theater quickly, we thought you didn't like the movie or something, so I was just wondering if you guys were gonna leave?" Mike asked. Nikki was standing next to him eyeing me and Darian back and forth, looking at where Darian is putting his arms.

"Yeah we are about you leave, what about it?" Darian said roughly.

"Well what are you guys up to next." Mike press on ignoring Darian's comment.

"We are a bit busy, we have to go somewhere right now, so we'll see you guys later." Darian said quickly and turning me to walk away.

"Wait." Mike called after us, and walking behind us. "Why don't we all have a double date, and go do something."

"Sorry we can't, we have things to do." Darian's voice was still rough.

"Does Dara not have a say in this? What if she wants to go?"

I could see Darian's eyebrow crease. "Dara do you want to go with them?"

I turned to face Mike, and smiled at him and Nikki. "I'm sorry, but we really have to go now, maybe next time, but have fun on YOUR date."

Nikki hissed. "We are NOT on a date, we just came to watch a movie." She rolled her eyes.

"Okay, that's nice." I said rudely. If she was going to give me an attitude, I could do the same.

"Darian I can't believe you chose someone so, well, unfit for youself." Nikki looked me up and down.

"I think you are wrong there Nikki, I'M the one who is 'UNFIT' for her, she is just too perfect." He said smiling at me.

"Aww, Thank you, I think you're even more perfect." I smiled at Darian. From the corner of my eyes, I could see Nikki's face filled with fury.

"Whatever. We are out of here. Let's go Mike!" She screeched at Mike.

He looked at her with his face filled with rage. "Don't act like that towards me, We came together, but I feel like we need to leave separately."

"What!" She screamed.

"Darian I think we should get out of here." I whispered backing away from them.


We walked quickly away from the two people who were still arguing. I couldn't believe they were arguing in front of so many people. They were getting many stares.

"So, to the amusement park?" Darian asked while he was driving away from the theater.

"I don't want to anymore, let's go home and relax." I said in a tire voice.

"Okay, home it is." He was smiling again.

"Why are you smiling?"

"Because there won't be a next time if I'm around." he answered.

I was confused. "Can you not be so cryptic. What are you talking about?"

"You told Mike that 'maybe next', you know for you to hang with him. I was jus thinking there won't ever be a next time, and it made me smile to see his face all pissed off."

I rolled my eyes. "Grown up Darian." I told him again.

"I will say it again Dara, I just can't help being like this. You have to get use to it. You have a jealous vicious vampire as a boyfriend." He said smiling at me.

I laughed. "I can deal with that." I leaned over to give him a kiss, but backed away before I could. Instead I hit him on his arm, softly ofcourse.

"Was that suppose to hurt? Can you just give me that kiss please?"




"Please with cherry on top."

"Ew, I hate cherry, definitely no."

He sigh, them smiled. "I WILL get my kiss, you better watch out Princess."

I looked at him amazed because he was so assertive. "Should I call for a vampire to protect me?" I said.

"Yeah, you should because I'm not going to go easy on you when we get home."

"We'll see who is going to get what."

"Dara, I WILL get the kiss, trust me, your lips are MINE." He laughed that beautiful laugh of his and my heart melted. I was sure he was going to get the kiss, but I couldn't help take down some of that annoying confidence of his towards me.


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sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 13 PART A

Darian pulled into the driveway and came around to open the door for me. I smiled at his irritation. I looked at his serious face and knew he was coming up with a plan to steal away my kisses, that I wouldn't give him. Like he knew I was thinking about him, he looked straight into my eyes and released his crooked smile that I love so much.

"Don't think I've forgotten about the kiss princess. I'm definitely going to get it when you least expected it." He smiled wickedly whispering into my ear. He extended his arms out for me, but I turned abruptly and dash towards the house. He chased after, but within a blink of an eye he caught up with me and grabbed my waist. He hugged me tightly in his cool arms.

"Let go Darian." I said hitting him on his back. He hugged me tighter squishing my face against his hard yet cool chest.

"Never." I felt him kiss the top of my head.

"No kisses!" I tried to breathe. "Let go, I can't breathe you idiot!"

He losen his hug, but still had me in his arms. "I'm sorry. I was being childish again. You can't blame me, Mike was flirting with you right in front of my face, and you were being too nice to that bastard."

"Jealousy is an evil emotion." I sighed.

He smirked. "Yeah, but it's fun at times. I just wish you would get more jealous of me." He pouted. "I feel like a weirdo always getting nervous when I see other guys flashing a smile at you. Honestly, I could easily pound any of them in the face, but I held back considering that you might be angry with me."

"Darian that's really bad. I think you're over thinking about that. Maybe you need a therapist." I teased, looking up to see his glorious face.

"Very funny, but I don't need a therapist when I already have you next to me, my Beloved."

I blushed. "Nice try, no kisses." I pushed him away from the embrace, and walked slowly towards the house. I could hear him chuckling from behind.

"I thought that might have worked." He said catching up to my pace and grabbed my hand.

"Yeah, too bad I know you too well." I pulled my hand back. "Sorry no skinship for awhile, this is your punishment for being ridiculous about the kiss. So it is war Hotshot!" I said giving him my challenging look.

"A challenge? Hmm...interesting. What are the rules?"

"No skinship between us for 3 weeks. No touching eachother or talking at all. Whoever crack first loses..."

"Hold on! 3 WEEKS! NO TOUCHING! NO KISSES! HUGS! HOLDING HANDS! NO KISSES FOR 3 WEEKS! NO TALKING TO EACHOTHER! NO KISSING! 3 WEEKS" He yelled. "That's BS Dara. I can't hold it for that long."

"I guess I'll win this easily then."


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