Anne & Ken:Unicef Ambassador for Thailand


sarNie Coma
credit to noiki @ spicy/

love the professional look. its different from their last shoot. dont they look like a sophisticated couple ^_^ big congrats to them again for being the ambassador of unicef

heres more but too bad you cant post up the the rest


sarNie Adult
OMG I so super duper love Ann in this shoot more so than the other one.
Gawd she's so naturally pretty that she doesnt need all that extra make-up!
Wooo Ken is looking mighty fine himself lol
:drool: :loool:


sarNie Juvenile
ANN looks really really pretty in these pictures..I LOVE THEM ALL..thank you!!...


sarNie Oldmaid
anne looks really pretty n these photos.. especaillly wit ken.. man they both r my also favorite couple..


sarNie Oldmaid
thanks for sharing. Ken and Anne are so cute. looks professional. miss them on screen together. wanna see a new la korn of them again.


sarNie Fansubber
I agree mintwix...the bow tie look makes Ken look like a clown. Now the necktie and sports jacket makes him HOT!!! Ann looks great in the dresses...while the suit made her too overpowering over Ken and the other guy.


Mama Noy ♥️
omg.. gasps... ken looks hott in a suit. but the bow does not suit ken.. makes him look dorky. lol. he's better off with a tie ^_^

ann looks goregous! love the suit she's wearing.. makes her look like she's gonna fight some crime! haha.

sophisticated funk! i love it! ^_^


sarNie Egg
Anne looks absolutely beautiful in here. It is like what they always say - less is more. :) Very subtle make up and the clothes are well cut with no low-necklines. :) Ken likewise do not fare any worse. He is very charming in here especially in the cream suit. Smart and charming in a subtle way too - not arrogant Kawee. Lol.

Ken and Anne look very professional in here and they projected themselves in another angle to the public. I so especially like how they join hands together for a worthy cause and lift the profile of Unicef. Being ambassadors for Unicef is going to be big shoes for them to fill. But they do not appear daunted or out of their zone. They use their popularity for a such a worthy charity. Good on you, Anne and Ken!

What can I say? Ken and Anne ... Power couple ... albeit on screen couple only. :)