Any other mommies here?


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Was just wondering, how does your SO/husband/bf or whatever feel about your kid's mess? Lol. I think it is funny because my husband constantly asks me,

"Why do you leave his toys sprawled everywhere? I know you're busy, but you have major OCD, you would normally pick it up right away."

I'm like, wait until you're home alone with him. He thought I was exaggerating a bit. One day I had to leave him home with our son while I run errands and get things done. I was gone like 9 hours. I came home and husband was practically crying (not literally), said, "I love our son, but I'm glad I'm not the parent that stays home lol. I know now why you wait til the end of the day to pick everything up."



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I don't have a kid yet in my 30s. But I would not be overly protective. Clean everything at the end too it's just get dirty anyway