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Continuation of my problem that should have ended smoothly
If you haven't read it yet here it is Click Me

Ok so i'm back in school and my ex-friend decides since her dearest boyfriend ain't around she's gonna befriend me like nothing happened. So here i am eating lunch with my friends and here she is coming out of nowhere and starts to wave, usually i'm a friendly and cheerful person and i wave back but not this time, i looked at her and did nothing. Her reaction was priceless, shocked that little quiet me didn't respond to her act of "friendliness". So now she can't even look me in the eye and is like a scared rabbit when she's within 2 feet from me. So now people that used to talk to me hate me cause i did this simple act. So now my ex-friend is the victim and i'm the bitch, i wasn't the one who sent a hate message to me cause her boyfriend said so, so i don't see how she's the angel here. So this girl called me stupid in a cunning way so people would think that's she's joking but really she's not, she gives me the look of hate. It's not my fault i can't forgive my ex-friend, i was taught that i should remember the pain.

So the girl that called me stupid is a suck up, a little miss perfect type of girl that only befriends someone cause they are useful and can benefit her. She kisses up to her teachers and is known as the favorite. She's friends with the popular people so she can be too. Her marks are high cause she hangs out with the teachers after school and helps out. She gets special privileges that none of the other kids get. She bonded and sucked up with the art teacher so much that the teacher and her visited each other's houses and the teacher made her daughter become friends with her and got an expensive Adidas sweater. And yet she copied the homework from me and only befriended me cause i was useful, i'm not in her class this year and she treats me like shit cause i'm not useful anymore. I don't get life anymore............


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^ just forget about that friend of yours.. it's her fault for choosing those kind of decisions..

even if the other people in your surroundings view you like that, they don't know the real you so it won't matter, and i don't know why your other friends will look at you like that.. how awkwardly weird.. ehh.. don't let that incident bother you.. maybe someone's plotting this whole thing..

just ignore everything and live your life like you always do.. it's not your fault that this all happened.. the girl chose to do it upon herself and make it seem like it's your doing..

bleh.. i dont know if i'll be useful >_<..


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People like that, don't even be friends with them. They only want to be friends
when you can benefit them and when you can't. They don't know you.
That's messed up and you shouldn't forgive people like that unless one day
they come to you and ask for forgiveness. So let her talk do her own thing.
You, just be yourself. :)